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Madonna Inspired Me

to Go Topless

8/4/2012 8:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We can all thank Madonna for Octomom's topless album cover ... because the mother of 14 says the pop icon inspired her to bare it all for her music.

As TMZ first reported, Octo is releasing a single with reality TV star Adam Barta -- but they've changed the title of the song from "Get on the Dance Floor" to "Sexy Party."

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ ... the cover art for "Sexy Party" is 100% Madonna inspired. We're told the pop singer's "Like a Virgin" style and need to sing about liberation struck a chord with Octo and she wanted to pay homage to that with her album art.

Sources tell us ... the crosses in the background, the rosary and even Octo baring her boobies (sans nipples) was all in honor of Madge.

Just in case you forgot, the single drops September 4... so there's still plenty of time to uninstall iTunes.


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I wont pose nude. Unless you pay me. I won't do porn, unless thenpaycheck is right. I won't ltouch another's flesh, unless he's wicked gay. The list of what she won't do ( and hasn't done) gets more minniscule by the day. Pretty soon it will be " I won't do BJ's in the back alley, unless you have exact change.". Madonna's Like a virgin era was more than 25 years ago. She wasn't topless back then. The Janet Jackson RS cover was about 15 years ago, back when she was on top. Nothing like cribbing someone's style and the crediting it incorrectly. And finally...Adam, who? I asked my nephew who is a DJ if he would play the song in clubs. His response was "not in a million freaking years." ok, he didn't say freaking, but the TMZ censors would catch me if I type what he really said!

811 days ago


She has sunk about as low as one can go.
And I could care less if she strips down, takes it to the floor, crawls on her hands and knees picking up coins, or sucks a big one or three on film.
But to forsake the Lord for cash says a lot about someones deeply indoctrinated morals and values.
She's doomed. She her sold dirty sole to the highest bidder (about $500)
I think I would be able to explain the porn and stripping to my children long before I could explain this. There is no lower place for her.

By the way is this album legit? I have never seen anything so cheap looking on an album

811 days ago


So, does Octomut realize that TMZ's last line was a HUGE dig against her? Or does she just come and look at the pictures and admire herself?

811 days ago


I'd laugh my head off Majestik if everything was so PLAYFUL AND INNOCENT. Screwing people's lives up in the process isn't. Just make sure you don't get caught and the bitch is to blame :-) ALWAYS.

811 days ago


I think it is hilarious that she now thinks she is a singer and I also feel like I just took a hot, dull butter knife to the eyes. Thanks TMZ!

811 days ago



811 days ago


looks exactly like what she is, a serpent

811 days ago


I thought it said Adam Lambert at 1st. Anyways this is gross but who's the guy hes hot.

811 days ago


That is the most awkward album cover I have ever seen. It's not sexy, not stylish; it just screams "I am so uncomfortable being forced to pose like this..."

811 days ago


So just do the damn porn flicks already. She has lost all credibility on every level, if she would just go ahead and do porn she could feed the brood big time. Why she didn't take it in the beginning is a mystery - certainly ethics aren't involved.

811 days ago


Adam looks like he's thinking "ewwwww, I have to touch boobies!"

811 days ago


comment 92

you know Ocotomaim, It's not whether we don't know if it's you. It's that we DON'T CARE.
And the exact dollar amount of how much we don't care stands at $2489.

So you go put up a beg site saying the money is for the kids, you do interviews saying the money is For Your KIDS, and then guess what folks . She has $2489 from a bunch of the most gullible people on earth. Or at least the part of that tshe didn't fake herself. And where does she go with that money in her hot little gorilla paw while she is squatting in a foreclosed house.

You're right. To the Tacoma Mall. Where she spent yesterday afternoon shopping at, you gotta love the impossible dreams they dream in skank heaven when they are twice that age, Forever 21.

Too bad TMZ didn't report that one.

811 days ago

vanessa bullard    

Please Please Tmz isnt their other stories to report I am so Sick of hearing about her Please Let her story Rip I dont know about anyone else but enough is enough

811 days ago


do they make eye bleach?????

811 days ago


No, the game is called, she is the nasty bitch (Dennis) and everyone ****ing hates the retard and we all love each other and go on with our fruitful lives. KILL THE BITCH and live off her back Get the **** out of my life, you parasite *******s.

811 days ago
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