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Gabby Douglas

Mom Filed for Bankruptcy

Before Olympic Triumph

8/5/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


8/6 -- Hawkins spoke to reporters about her financial history in London yesterday ... saying, "It's my story, it's part of me. I'm not even embarrassed about it."

She added, "It shows that even though I didn't like to have to do it, I'm glad there was something there for me to be able to protect my home."

Just a few months before Gabby Douglas won her gold medal -- and opened the door to countless opportunities that will undoubtedly score her millions of dollars -- her mother filed for bankruptcy ... TMZ has learned

According to documents filed earlier this year in Virginia, Natalie Hawkins filed for Chapter 13 ... which is far less severe than Chapter 7. The docs state Hawkins has assets totalling $163,706.10 and debt totaling $79,754.14.

Her creditors include:
Capital One -- $1,534
Student loan -- $4,350.23
Sprint -- $158.78
T-Mobile -- $413
Orthodontist in Iowa (where Gabby trained when she was 14) -- $408

With the Chapter 13 filing, Hawkins has agreed to a monthly payment plan. She began making payments of $408/month back in February ... to a trustee who will divvy it up among her creditors.

However, with Gabby’s new found fame and the potential to make a bloody fortune, it's likely her mother will never have to worry about bankruptcy or money problems ever again.


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Way to tarnish Gabby's gold! You have sunk to a new low.

777 days ago


Who wrote this? I have no idea why we need info about her mother, but anyway, they seem very confused on what this girl will be earning from now on... Not much, even if she gets some fame for a while, it's not like she's gonna be extremely rich, a career in her field is extremely short and not financially lucrative. This isn't tennis or golf, for crying out loud. So to say that the mother will never have to worry about money again is pretty ridiculous. Mother needs to get a good job.

777 days ago


Really TMZ? You had to put this woman's itemized finances on display? A woman who is NOT a celebrity. This was just a very bad call. You guys try to be so cool, but this is just pathetic.

777 days ago

Suzanne Benoit    

I sincerely wish you people could be tried for TREASON. Do you not know that this is a 16 year old competing for HER COUNTRY!!!!! What the hell have any of you done??? Got writer's block or carpel syndrome? I'd really like to know, and I'm sure the rest of the country would too! How do you justify distracting this kid as she's about to go before the world and try to do something she's practiced most of her life at? What gives you the ****ing right to do that? The ****ing 1st amendment? What about sticking up for your country? YOU KNOW WHAT- GET THE **** OUT- GO LIVE IN IRAQ.

777 days ago


@Butter, do you suffer from amnesia? You're talking about one event. Komova didn't land on the mat in vault. She did not deserve to win. Also, her crying and bad sportmanship when she received the silver was appalling for a professional athlete.

776 days ago


I don't read or watch TMZ but once in a blue moon. Happened on this article after googling Gabby's name. I'm not quite sure how people can read TMZ & expect anything other than the usual prying stuff. It's what they do. Which is why I rarely bother.

The mom even said she's not ashamed. To me it's really up to them what they do or feel is important. I do however find the reference to Gabby by one of her coaches (or whoever that woman is) as a 'flying squirrel' as very offensive.

But I'm not sure if Gabby wanted to tell her coach to F Off at any point so, I guess she went along w/ it. Actually the woman who says it looks like an OLD CROW to me.

Gabby is a hot young lady not a FS. I change the channel whenever I hear them heading toward that reference. Usually the first stop on the white supremist bus tour is to first dehumanize. Hopefully Gabby will dump that woman off at the first opportunity.

776 days ago


why hate tmz? the facts are that this woman is paying for her daughters dream with other people's money. I respect the fact that the girl has talent, but that is no excuse for her mother to rip off people who afforded her credit. Why is it ok not to pay the orthodontist who fixed the teeth of the girl with the great smile? would her image be worth as much money if her teeth were all ****ed up? Me thinks not.

775 days ago


obama will bail her out like everybody he does.

774 days ago

Joseph Pearl    

This is not a legitimate story.

Joseph S. Pearl, LL.M. - A Professional Law Corporation
1400 Chester Ave.
Suite C
Bakersfield, CA 93301
(661) 281-0253

773 days ago


If you were owed hundreds of dollars from Gabby's Mom, you might have a different point of view.. I read about a previous coach of Gabby who said they owed them $20k. I'm be upset if someone I trained didn't pay me, and then went to win gold.

773 days ago
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