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Jennifer Lopez

Files $20 Million


8/7/2012 4:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0807_jennifer_lopez_articleJennifer Lopez has sued her former driver for extortion, claiming he demanded $2.8 million or else he'd tell the media and authorities about secrets he overheard while driving her here and there.

Jennifer's case is a countersuit to a claim filed by Hakob Manoukian, who claimed he was forced to resign after being publicly berated by JLo's manager, Benny Medina.

In her countersuit, obtained by TMZ, Lopez alleges Manoukian became drunk with power and wanted to control her entire security team and get more money for doing it.  When he was shut down, Jennifer claims he retaliated by threatening to spill confidential information that would be highly embarrassing.

And it gets worse.  JLo says Manoukian threatened that if he wasn't paid $2.8 million he would take his info to authorities and have her criminally prosecuted.

Lopez is suing for damages in excess of $20 million.


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Isn't a counter suit in itself extortion already? He sued Jennifer Lopez for 2.8 million for professional defamation and cause she's scared he's gonna spill all her dirty little secrets she counter sues him for 20 million trying to scare him ... yeah that seems fair. She must have said a lot of things she shouldn't have lol

772 days ago


Secrets? Um fake ass and gay boy toy

772 days ago


This women is just like Kim kardashi**** , rich for fake ass no talent at all she cant even dance well ,,, yawn next!

772 days ago


Wait......Do Jenny from Da Block like mo' den Gay ****? Maybe some non-Diet Coke.....maybe on the rocks....He has names, addresses, faces, dates conversations heard and or taped.....Homeboy needed to extort via Gloria Alread like anyone with a brain does, not this crazy Dateline Producer details typed and left on a limo seat--way. OMG dude. Your lawyer ****ED you hard. You could have been rich but you got the wrong attorney who worded **** WROOOOONNNG in the letter. OMG and that stylist of hers from AI....So glad he and her stopped tweeting every ****ing shoelace and bobby pin she wore each episode. TALENT. Try it. The concept tends to fuel careers Babe.

772 days ago


really...why does it seem like JLo is always suing someone to keep their mouth shut, she must do a lot of things for so many people to get so much dirt on her. She should learn to stop talking so much about private things so people can't dish the dirt..! and by the way really she knows she didn't pay her driver no $ ridiculous; have your staff do a confidentiality agreement in their contract already...Geez.....

772 days ago

Yep I said that    

She should be criminally prosecuted for the way she tries to sing

772 days ago


Go get 'em, Jennifer. Enough is enough with celebs being taken advantage of and attempted extortion.

772 days ago


Boy oh boy this skank thinks she can push people around with her lawyers. Hope she goes broke soon. Filthy uneducated skank.

772 days ago


You know what, it seems extremly STUPID but it is good PUBLICITY, each time they do something just look at it this way; the crazier it is the better it works.

772 days ago


This is a nice picture of "Cellulo" you chose here TMZ.

772 days ago


If I had mega bucks like Jennifer does and didn't want to drive one night, I'd own my own limo and have a big thick slab of sliding glass between the limo driver and the passengers. Only Jennifer would be able to control that sliding glass window. Not the driver. The driver could try to contact Jennifer via intercom but he can't hear ANYTHING unless Jennifer pushs a button or whatever. She could talk to him and hear what he's up to though. If Jennifer was listening to loud music and the driver just had to talk to her then he could just pull the limo over and knock on her window.

772 days ago


I am so sick of this B***H being in the media... Go away please!

772 days ago


j-lo, kimmie k, and gwenyth. gotta be the three most annoying women ever

772 days ago

Joan K    

Real cute picture, yikes!

772 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I fail to understand why these celebrities need to hire strangers to participate in their daily lives. If she did something embarrassing in the presence of a hired stranger, than she has no one to blame. Keep private matter private, period.

772 days ago
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