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Gabby Douglas

16-Year-Old Recruited HARD

By Black College

8/9/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

16-year-old Gabby Douglas is officially being recruited by one of the most prestigious black universities in the country ... Spelman College ... and TMZ has learned the school president has even flown to London to get a leg up on the competition.

We've learned ... Spelman -- an all-girl college in Georgia -- wants Gabby in a bad way ... and sources at the University tell us the Team USA gymnastics superstar has become the number 1 recruit ... by far.

In fact, the President of Spelman, Beverly Daniel Tatum (not pictured below), went out to London and made sure Gabby got a Spelman gift bag ... containing a congratulatory note, school t-shirt and a CD containing a song produced by the college.

0808_gaby_spelman_subTatum also released a statement to TMZ ... in which she acknowledges the school would LOVE to get its hands on the gold medal winner:

"A young woman who has demonstrated the drive and discipline needed to achieve world-class excellence is likely to have what it takes to be successful at Spelman, and we would welcome her interest in the college."

Spelman is no joke ... both Martin Luther King Jr. and Bill Cosby have daughters who attended S.C.

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It's because their Gymnastics program is tops in the Nation & not for the publicity.... Am I right??

769 days ago


Gabby if you read any of the Post here, believe this. I know you are an intelligent young woman and know your History. All the racist remakes are forms of Jealousy. They want you to go around like their White female idols, Paris and Kim. Asses hanging out ans screwing any and everything. You are graceful and show great potential. Stay true to yourself and ignore the racism, that is what this Country thrives on

769 days ago


Seriously... How about you do a little research before you make such an ignorant comment? I see many people complaining about TMZ's incorrect headline which labels the Spelman a "black college". HISTORICALLY black colleges were created when African Americans were not allowed to attend mainstream Universities. Yes, they continue to exist today; however, there is no race requirement to gain admittance (in other words you dont have to be black to attend). To suggest that these institutions cease to exist in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement is suggesting that they destroy hundreds of years of history and eliminate the legacy of thousands of successful Alums whom have attended these institutions.

769 days ago


it's not a black college - it's a historically black college. white people can go there; TMZ just mis-lead you.

also: it's a *womens* college, not a girls college. girls go to elementary school and high school; women go to college.

769 days ago


Darn skippy they want her because she's black and that's the way it should be! Huh, don't hate. Becuse she's an olympian EVERYONE wants her to be an American not black. Hell, the President is a black male and you make that relevant and disrespect him and call him Barack! Disrespectful! Yeah it should be a black college where black talented women can be recognized and soar to there highest potential without Heidi and Sally getting recognition they don't deserve getting it only because they are white. Hell ya'll don't want to realize racism is here and very relevant. I tell you what if you don't believe it but on a black costume of some sort and be a black person in this country for 24 hours you will see a difference! I hope she does attend Spellman! And all you who think different rest in Hell!

769 days ago


Ain't going to appen since Spelman does not (I think) have a gymnastics program and even if they do, it's not a powerhouse like LSU, Oklahoma, etc. Gabby has at least two and maybe three more Olympics left in her but she's not going to continue to develop at a place like Spelman

769 days ago


I agree with Scott Levy and I am a "black young woman" I would not dream of going to an all women school...she is limiting her learning right there by going to an all girl black school...but I think it is not condoned that no other race can join. Anyone can go but it was started to educate "black people" because they were unfairly treated in other schools. This school needs to be more diverse. Though the past did not allow, they should also encourage her team mates to go.

769 days ago


A BLACK College? Isn't that racist? Blacks are such hypocrites. They yell racist at everyone else but it's okay if THEY are racist. They have their own Black magazines, Black Beauty Pagents, Black Colleges, etc. Why is this? Why can't whites yell that's racist? Whites have to include all races in all things or we are racists. BUT Blacks can do whatever they want, so can Latinas, they have all their own stuff like Blacks do, but again if us Whites did that we are racist. I would like the blacks to explain this double standard. Whites are just about the minority now in the States anyway, these blacks breed like rabbits then can't take care of themselves or the kids and use the welfare system. They're not minorities anymore they need to stop behaving like one.

769 days ago


Heaven forbid if I were to refer to a college as white, a beauty pageant that was white, a month that was white, etc.

769 days ago


Good for her She suould be a role model for All Women of every Color

769 days ago


As a graduate of a historically Black university (Hampton Univ.), perhaps I can give insight into the concept of a "Black" college. Blackness is not just a COLOR but it is also a CULTURE! I have seen very little criticism being levied toward Yeshivas, parochial institutions, etc. Black schools were created because of past discrimination and segregation and now that legacy is just supposed to disappear? It's also a Black business....every other ethnic Business is encouraged to thrive and survive but NOT a Black institution that does allow White patronage? Come on people, think outside the box...again, there is such a thing as a "Black culture" (with a myriad of cultures within it!!)....White is not the converse of Black and White universities historically obstructed minority student enrollment without having to refer to themselves as "White." Knock it off. Go 2 afronerd radio dot com for conservative and independent reasoning. We do not condone racism OR victimization!

769 days ago


Our college were HISTORICALLY all white but we had to let black in but now they don't. all black award show, schools, words that they can only say, it goes on and on.

769 days ago


I just don't get it, They can have their own College they can make jokes about white people or who ever and if a white person want to start a all white college or was to make jokes about black people we would be the worst people on the face of the world. the things they get away with saying is just unreal.

769 days ago


All Black College's were created when all other colleges such as Harvard,Yale and others were basically all white colleges. Blacks were not allowed to attend these schools, so they created there own.Should they just throw away the history of their school and close down now that this is 2012. Nope. Plus many white students today also attend these Historically Black Colleges. So there are not just for Black People. Please learn about the history of the US before you many stupid comments

769 days ago

That girl    

People please do your research before you make silly comments... HBCUs were founded post-slavery for African Americans to receive equal education without discrimination.. To respect the tradition and history of these institutions, they are still labeled Historically Black Colleges/Universities... What most of you need to understand that because the college is a HBCU, that doesn't mean it's a black college (only for blacks).. People of all races and ethnicities attend HBCU's.. I am a senior at Spelman and my two best friends are neither black, one Hispanic and one Asian.. The valedictorian at Morehouse in 2008 was caucasian.. So before you comment, know what you're talking about..

769 days ago
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