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Liberty Ross

Look At What You're Losing

You Idiot!

8/9/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Liberty Ross hit the streets of L.A. yesterday looking good ... damn good ... and her stunning appearance is partly designed to make her cheating bastard husband realize he screwed up ... bad.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Liberty became "emotionally fragile" after learning Rupert Sanders was hookin' up with Kristen Stewart behind her back. We're told she was especially hurt by the fact that her husband cast her as Kristen's mom in "Snow White and the Huntsman."

Liberty -- who on an ordinary day is a gorgeous model -- has upped her hotness since the story broke, and we're told it's partly for self-esteem and partly to give Rupert a searing reminder of what he stands to lose.

Liberty has class, because we're told she's not talking about the obvious -- Kristen was a downgrade.


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KStew is the ultimate downgrade. Rupert could've found a hotter girl by walking to the nearest street corner. At lease not the corners where that skank bucket KStew hangs out.

807 days ago


Meh. While Kristen Stewart's no prize, this Liberty chick isn't either.

807 days ago


Well I guess she's not that hot if he went looking elsewhere.

807 days ago


There is nothing 'hot' about being an overly plastic surgeoned middle aged woman forgiving and taking back her cheating husband. It's pathetic.

807 days ago


Nothing special there. Get over it TMZ (Along with Octomom and K. Kardashian.).

807 days ago


No se porque siento que Liberty esta disfrutando de tanta atención recibida ahora por la cuestión de Rupert y Kristen. Cuando le preguntaron por Kristen ella lo que hizo fue sonrojarse, y al no usar su anillo de compromiso (que no tiene sentido ya que al final ella va a volver con Rupert) Liberty quiere generar como tema de hablar. En el fondo ella le esta sacando provecho a esto, ahora es mas famosa de lo que era antes, ahora los paparazzi le prestan atención cosa que muchos actores aborrecen ella lo esta disfrutando.

807 days ago


Personally, I don't hate on Kristen as much as some are. Granted, she knew he was married and had kids and that is shameful. However, she is 22. A baby. She has a lot of life to live, mistakes to make. This just happens to be a HUGE one that affects many. Not many 22 year old people are level headed thinkers either.. He is 41 and damn well knows better. I don't see Kristen as a seductress, I see this man as more of a seducer.

807 days ago


She looks like a cheap hooker and desperate for attention. She will get her 15 minutes of fame and fade away.

807 days ago


Anyone that says the wife is hotter is old and hates Kristen. The girl is a slut and as dumb as a rock but if u believe that 22 tight and stupid isn't hotter then a middle aged wife. You don't know men.

807 days ago


Cheaters are lame.

807 days ago

Shirley Hawkins    

Liberty, jump start your modeling career back into high gear and start saving your cash. Nothing like having your own money. If Rupert acts up again, you can split.

807 days ago

furious cupcakes    

This is the best thing to happen to her career, are you kidding me? Look at that smile, look at all the coverage. Liberty Ross isn't as meager and fragile as you think. She'll ride this wave to the lucrative top.

807 days ago


She's easy on the eys, but she's not all that. Dump her ass.

807 days ago

BB not bb    

The reason why her busband cheated is that he is an immature little punk who is too overwhelmed to deal with a responsible woman his own age, so he ran off with a flaky young star who only has to look dazed and confused to be considered relevant.

She just has a wannbe child for a husband. You can't try to understand a reason for it, you can only force him to grow up. I don't know if he has enough sense to be ashamed, but that is how he needs to feel, not proud of having sex with the hottest movie star among the young crowd.

I don't think counseling will work with a guy like this. He is some kind of storyteller as it is. He will just say what the therapist wants to hear. I don't think he knows how to be emotionally responsible to someone. I think his corny movies reflect the depth of his character, not that I have watched any of the Twilight series, but that is the impression they give me.

Being pursued by vampires and werewolves is no joke for a woman, it is extremely dangerous and shouldn't be made to look romantic or desirable. These beings seduce women to steal their souls and destroy them, much as this dirty old director did to Kristen Stewart by making her lose her fiancee.

This man has major problems. I think he resally seduced Kristen, rather than that there was a mutally desire to have an affair. I think Kristen is too daffy to even dream of telling the truth about how he humiliated her.

807 days ago


Rupert should totally marry K-stew!! They'd make a great pair! Dumb that bitch liberty fool!

807 days ago
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