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Lindsay Lohan

Rolling in


8/13/2012 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
was flat broke at the time she was sentenced last year in her shoplifting case, but things have changed dramatically, because we've learned she'll rake in more than $2 million this year.

Sources directly involved in Lindsay's finances have given us the breakdown:

-- Playboy (December issue but she was paid in 2012) $1 Million

-- "Liz and Dick" Lifetime movie -- $300,000

-- "The Canyons" -- $6,480 (scale)

-- "Scary Movie" (Lindsay is about to sign on) -- $200,000


In addition, Lindsay was paid for her appearance on "Glee." And she's pulling in money for being the face of Philipp Plein. But wait, there's more. Lindsay is also getting $$$ for endorsing Jag Jeans. And she makes $2,000 -- $10,000 per tweet endorsement for several companies.

Our sources say, all tolled, Lindsay will make north of $2 million this year.

The way we see it, definitely enough to afford a driver.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

> LAINEY GOSSIP, telling it like it is:
" . . . and the best part about that is that Eastwood, C List at best, is playing Lindsay Lohan’s ass. Lindsay Lohan can’t even throw down with the C List anymore. "
> Hey Harv, is the pity sex you're getting from Dina Lohan really worth it?

799 days ago

Ellie G    

So what TMZ is saying is she barely made enough money to cover her drug habit.

799 days ago


Doesn't precious owe a bundle in back taxes?

799 days ago


None of that is sustainable. Playboy was a one off thing and Liz and Dick has been so problematic that it won't be the comeback she thinks. Scary Movie probably has her in as something of a joke. She'll blow through this money and it is unlikely she will make a million per year again.

799 days ago


I still find it apppaling that an uneducated celebrity can make more than his/her fellow citizens. they are not providing a service that is beneficial to anyone. Even more hurtful that this girl was prison-bound last year and now is raking in that kind of dough. I am not proud to be an American because of this. We have to stop idolizing entertainers.

799 days ago


HaTeRs the topic is Lindsay Rolling in Money....please stay on topic or don't comment!.................................Ha Ha Ha Ha ......LMAO ....unemployed Losers!!!

799 days ago


Rollin in money.......not likely!
Rollin in dirty sheets covered with cigarette burns and ashes, dried cvm, piss, sh*t, puke, leftover fast food, empty liquor bottles, pill bottles, empty coke baggies, condoms, spray tan, hair glue, makeup from 2008, 09, 10, 11, 12.....
Bed bugs, Valtrex, Ky Jelly,
Did I forget anything?

799 days ago

help this young woman    

Don't forget.... Linds has a reoccurring income.
Fifty bucks per felch.

799 days ago

Marvin for a hundred stories like this one within twenty four hours online......LMAO....LOSERS!!!!!!!!

799 days ago

help this young woman    

Linds had thirty million bucks
At seven grams an hour
All gone now - hey, that’s show biz

Not all celebs are stupid fvcks
You might check out Matt Lauer
I’ll bet you he still has his

799 days ago

Red Cloud    

Go Lindsay!!!!! Not bad for a celebrity still on the lower rungs of the comeback ladder and climbing up and up and up.... Gotta feel sorry for haters. How many of you were sure she was broke? And why? Because it is something you desperately want to believe, THEREFORE, it must be true. I mean WTF? Haters and non-fans believe all kinds of other BS. AND, BTW, she got her 1M for Playboy in 2012 AFTER the December, 2011 release. Do you really think Playboy would have given Lindsay that $$$ if the mag flopped and had to be returned because of poor sales or if she pizzed off Hef or screewwed them over?? Think!!!!! Can haters think like adults???? The issue was a big hit. Get over it. LIndsay is loaded and will make more and more and more $$$$ this year and next and next and next. Can't wait until she works with Woody Allen.
no more time to annoy......................

799 days ago


Marvin -- you are giving me a case of the unstoppable Ha Ha Has. That kind of income is a f*cking joke compared to her peers and to her own previous career as a child actor. She scrounges hand-to-mouth, sells her flabby ass to soft-core porn, and grabs jobs where her only needed skill is to be willing to be the butt of a joke.


799 days ago


This story reminds me of casino gamblers. "I won 5K today". Ok, but how much did you SPEND to win that 5k? "Well, let me figure it up....I spent $4,999.99, but I am still up one cent"

799 days ago

help this young woman    

Lindsay looked gorgeous on the beach!!! Beautiful!!
TMZ does not know how much she has made. They are guessing. Now she is trying to stop smoking. Good luck with that! Her Beverly Hills house is beautiful as well.

799 days ago


Well it's obvious to me that Dina called in this story, possibly to deflect from the nasty story from last week where Lindsay crashed Clint Eastwood's daughter's birthday party.

799 days ago
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