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Nic Cage


with Vince Neil

8/13/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0813_vince_neil_nic_cage_articleWanna know where Nic Cage is spending his hard earned "Ghost Rider" money??

Hint: It's dark, covered in velvet and smells like daddy issues ... Vince Neil's Las Vegas strip club!!!!

Cage hit up Neil's "Girls, Girls, Girls" gentlemen's establishment this weekend following a Motley Crue concert ... and even posed for a picture with the boss man himself.

For the record -- Cage's wife Alice was with him the entire time ... which made Nic's evening really awesome or really terrible.



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Is Vince Neil wearing stretchy pants? What an old man.

764 days ago


This is a great tonic for all the people who envy celebrities. To quote a line from Vanilla Sky (somebody has to) "I think she's the saddest girl to ever hold a martini."

764 days ago


Vince is as chapped and leathery as an old saddle. Pregnant, it looks, as well. What self-respecting woman would sidle up to that POS?

764 days ago


How about that p.o.s. book that motley crue "wrote" called The Dirt? Got news for you people-3/4 of the book was made up. Only the most gullible people would buy that junk. As for Mr. Neil, this guy has spent his time walking through life in a drunken haze and spent exactly 30 days in jail for killing one person and horribly injuring two others in a drunk driving accident. He continues to get arrested ever couple of years for drunk driving. He seems to rub his victims' faces in his hedonistic lifestyle, showing very little remorse for his actions, naming his most recent "book" Tattoos and Tequila. Motley Crue even released an album titled "Music To Crash Your Car to..." Really classy you s***bags. If there's a Hell. Mr. Neil and the rest of his pathetic band motley crue will be there.

764 days ago


Remember "one of these things just doesn't belong here" from Sesame Street? Dude on the right in the group shot!

764 days ago


wow, you'd think even an old "crew" could get a half way decent looking fake blonde. That THING with him looks like the type that chases after famous person after famous person but shes so ugly and used up and obvious that she has to settle for the "h" list because even the "b" listers dont want ones like that. YUCK

764 days ago


Nic simply went to and enjoyed a concert with his wife. He was probably asked to join the band in a after concert party - like a cast party after a show or play.
He and wife accepted the invite. I do not see any pic of him with employees, grabbing the girls or drooling over them. Sounds like a lot of jealous people opining about their unfulfilled fantasies!

764 days ago


Vince Neil has a small penis!! :)

764 days ago


Is Nice Cage gay????

764 days ago

Charles Martin    

I may have to check this joint out. What night are the specials ?

764 days ago


Nicholas Cage is one really weird, eccentric and off the wall actor. He has gotten so strange that nothing he does surprises anyone anymore. His choice of friends makes it even more obvious. Maybe his wife will kick him in the head. He needs it.

764 days ago


what a pair of useless, irrelevant wastes of skin

764 days ago


Vince buddy longtime friend of mine...those strippers are busted you need to get some that are at least a little attractive..Less blondes, less fake boobs more natural boobs, more brunetts add some color to the place .lol

764 days ago


Just in case you are actually confused about the photo, that is a shadow cast by the flash on the bottom of the champainge flute. If you notice, all the glasses are casting the same shadows.
I think it's od that a celeb would allow anyone to photograph them in a Boobie Bar. Cameras are not allowed. The owner must have requested it, for his wall of shame. LOL!! & then, sent it viral. & Nick obviously doesn't mind the P.R. Photo Op.

764 days ago


I work to hard for my money to throw away on strippers. I have a wife that can do alot more then flash her boobs. She can work and make more money then me. Then she likes to spend it on me.

763 days ago
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