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Steven Spielberg Producers

Some Guy's Threatening

To Kill Us!

8/14/2012 4:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814-frank-marshall-kathleen-kennedy-steven-speilbergTwo producers who have teamed up with Steven Spielberg on films such as the "Indiana Jones" series and "The Color Purple," have just won a permanent restraining order against a man who they say has threatened to kill them.

Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall claim in legal docs Bret McDonnell left 17 phone messages at their offices within a few days last month, warning Frank was going to die. In the messages, he also referenced a "suicide" note for Kathleen Kennedy. And, McDonnell allegedly claimed he was an emergency responder who discovered 17 dead bodies on one of Kathleen's movie sets. According to the docs, McDonnell also threatened the lives of various children.

Kennedy and Marshall got a 3 year restraining order today against McDonnell, prohibiting him from coming within 100 yards of them, their company, Amblin Entertainment, Universal Studios, DreamWorks Studios or Lucas Films.


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So, in paragraph 1 you say the restraining order is permanent and in paragraph 3 you say it is for 3 years only. Which is it? Or are you saying the world is going to end within 3 years?

801 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I love Bob Saget, he's so funny.

801 days ago


? What is this "Restraining-Order-Tuesday?"

New thing here? - third time I visited - 3rd R.O.


To All Stalkers:

First, bullets don't kill movie producers.

Bounce right off of them.

Plus whatever you think they did?

-They didn't do.

They didn't steal your idea, they don't want your idea, and they own seven states apiece.

Dudes, listen, listen up.

-return to your roots.

Start all over.

Figure out where it STARTED to go wrong.

THEN correct things from there.

Don't go blaming people like Kathleen Kennedy -

And Frank Marshall.

Who've helped more people (and writers), including me, than anyone on the face of the Earth.

Find the REAL bad guy(s).

I don't doubt he or she or they EXIST.

But aren't you like looking in the wrong place?

801 days ago


As far as I'm concerned?

As far as a lot of other good people reading this here right now at TMZ are concerned?

-Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall?

-Walk on water.

Don't tread it, tread water.

Don't take dips or plunges in water.

They WALK on H2O.


Steven Spielberg?

IS the water.

At least that's what Frank Daniel told me once -

And over very cold Czech beer.

I said, Frank, what about Steven Spielberg?

Frank: "Uh, Steven Spielberg IS the water."

Frank (cont'd) "But it's much too early to go to him.
Wait - wait until you're ready."

Me: "Frank, I may never be ready."

Frank: "Then never GO to him."

801 days ago


I hope they know that's nothing more than a piece of paper. A nut case like this one doesn't care about restraining orders. I would hire extra security, because it's always better to think into the possibilities of what can happen.

801 days ago


Last of it for "Tuesday-Stalking-Day" here at TMZ:

Dear Stalkers:

Here's the thing - and it's good if you read this as it'll save you a lot of trouble.

You don't go to producers, huge ones (K.K. and F.M.) big ones or small ones, and dictate to them.

-You don't say you sent something you never sent - send it to them after - then say they stole it.

-First of all, do you think they answer the mail?

-Sit by the door, waiting for the scripts to pour in?

-Looking, just looking for an idea to steal?

-Preferably YOURS?!

-See, that's not how it works out here.

-THEY come to you.

-IF you're appropriate.

-IF you do things correctly.

-IF you don't get out of line.

-IF you don't press, corral or bother them.

-Oh,and you have to be good, you know that right?

-You have to write a really good script that wins contests and/or does something to let them know you're ready -

-THEY FIND YOU - that's the RULE out here.


Fifteen years ago a woman-stalker-type takes advantage of a very nice Paul Mazurzsky.

"Venice Beach Homeless Benefit" that he's nice enough to come to - donate money to - he and fams used to show every year back then...

Stalker-Lady runs me up to Paul Maz:

"Oh, Paul, this is so-and-so, he's from whatchamacallit, you gotz to get his azz started out here cuz I might be dating this guy, ye know..."

-Mazurzsky doesn't even look at me.

-Embarrassing me.

But it lets me know she's known and famous for taking advantage of him.

-I *get* it - walk away - never look back -

STAY most of that afternoon - nodding a few times - keeping my distance.

-When I left, trust me Paul Mazursky saw that I understood the-number-and-game SHE was running - and appreciated me NOT playing along.

Understood I had nothing to do with it!

-That she'd PUT me up to it!

...So if I can do it - why can't any of you?!

-If I *get* it, why don't or can't you?

-Look, let me speak plainly.

-shortcuts don't exist.

-Not for you, not for me, not for them.

Frightening movie executives is the quickest path to JAIL out here that I know.

Next time just REPORT to jail.

Ask to be allowed in on such and such a charge.

That you're a stalker-wanna-be but that you wanna go in FIRST and NOT follow through on the idiocy.

This was there's rehab.

Twelve step programs.

You can change, damnit!

Would it KILL you to be going to CHURCH, instead?!

801 days ago


A restraining order for your companies but not for your children?

801 days ago


Wait a minute I kind of thought Spielberg might have been a target because of his clearing or leveling of Bologna Wildlife preserve to put up his Dreamworks Studio. After Mr. One Percent (Obama's ATM) decided to devastate a preserve that Howard Huges left intact for specie preservation, Mr. Moneybags levels the area and then decides he will put his studio elsewhere so they turned it into section 8 or low income housing. Now isn't that just like the rich? They complain about Rommney but really Mr. Spielberg the dripping liberal takes liberties that only his cash can buy and then likes to spout off about how great Obama is. What a pack of losers, they are the stinking 1%. Maybe someone should occupy protest in front of his stinking house.

801 days ago


Well that would scare the hell out of me. BUT... I live in Chicago so its just another day.

801 days ago


Don't worry, Obama has assigned drones to watch over you 1 percenter's.

801 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

restraining order is for people like Alec Baldwin. that doesn't work with full scale insane people.
the US justice system seems oddly intent on treating the insane as just criminals

801 days ago


Really, TMZ?! You deleted my post? Honestly, I expected a little "freedom of speech" here. Obviously, you like to "pick-and-choose" what you think is acceptable...according to your whatever your standards are. Okay, sobeit. But be it known...I no longer respect you and will act accordingly!

801 days ago


Lucky for them they can afford some pipe-hittin' bodyguards.

801 days ago

South Beach    

Dang it is crazy week, hot and cold running stalkers, naked drunks in churches, lying in the street, croc man flips out babbling about whats-her-name who's dating a Kennedy..And it's only Tuesday!

801 days ago


SP'S best movie is still "DUEL"

801 days ago
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