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Salma Hayek

Expert Witness in Halle

Berry Custody Fight

8/16/2012 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry has an ace up her sleeve in her child custody war ... her good friend Salma Hayek ... and Halle believes her sexy friend could help her convince a judge that moving to France is necessary for her and Nahla.

TMZ has learned ... Halle's lawyers just filed a declaration from Salma ... in which the actress says she knows firsthand that France is a much safer place for a celebrity because of tougher paparazzi laws. 

In the declaration, Salma -- who's married to a French billionaire -- tells the court ... she spends a ton of time in France with her young daughter Valentina ... and doesn't have to deal with the kind of paparazzi crushes she gets when she's in the United States.

As we previously reported, Halle wants to move across the pond with her daughter and fiance to escape the constant paparazzi attention and recent intruders at her L.A. home.

Case in point -- Salma and Halle went to dinner together in Hollywood last night ... and walked right into a paparazzi flash storm as they exited the restaurant.

12:50 PM PT -- Court update: they're still doing opening statements. The judge just broke for lunch.

10:00 AM PT
-- It's on. Halle just arrived at court. Gabriel is there too.


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Diamond Goddess!    

Halle is just trying to make her daughter dad-less like she (supposedly!) was.
She has such an amazing resume in film, (snicker), Hollywood will miss her.
How jealous is Halle of how beautiful her daughter is? Well, that's half Gabriel! I'm sure, were her kid ugly, she would NOT be trotting her out for all these (planned!) photo-ops!

734 days ago


I think Halle Berry is not giving a damn about the paparazzi, she's just trying to take Nahla away from her dad just because she truly only wanted to have a baby from him! She tried to have a baby without being
married from Michael Elie a Christian guy and actor, he said no marriage no baby! So she found a lucky guy to donate their sperm. Now she has this new French guy and she's trying to make him her daughters dad instead of Nahla's real dad. She is heartless and she shall reap what she sews! there are many of celebs who deal with Paps, what makes her different? it's one thing if Nahla had a dad that was lame or didn't really care about her, but Gab really cares and loves Nahla. France is very far away for him to see his daughter and grow with her! I pray the judge and mediator says no to Halle! Gab stand strong for his child! And

734 days ago


One thing Halle said all over the media "Gab says to Nahla that she is white and he hates her blackness".
first off! if that was true then, why did he get together with Halle Berry? No matter how mixed a black person is , they will always in human society be labeled an African American! or a mixed African American person. So if me marrying a white man one day and having kids, we will always love our children, but in reality they will be another black human being who's dna is mixed! When any one mixes with an African American/African person, their kids will be mixed black person! I hope Halle was lying! and by the way, every black person is not the stereotypical black person in the news or reality show media. A lot of us are highly educated, classy, well mannored, faithful in Christ, loving, strong, patient and kind. Please don't believe every negative thing you read without proper research!

734 days ago


They gave up their life for money, stop complaining. Just move. Can not have your cake and eat it too. Was it worth it

734 days ago


No longer a fan of these two women....Hayak is no expert witness if she thinks taking a child away from it's father is in their best interest. Halle should be ashamed of herself....I hope this case is settled the proper way.....The child needs both parents....grow up Halle. Your daughter will not be happy you took her away from her father.

Mom of three

733 days ago


ask Justice, benet, Moore an Early to testify

732 days ago

adult lady    

I truly hope that this gets settled. These people are not stupid, they will probably agree to live part of the year in France, if the father will agree. To date, he has refused to even entertain this. But in an agreement, nobody gets everything that they want.

In the end, it is my bet that Mr. Aubry is going to come out on the losing end, if not in this matter in the overall one. I harken back to what the late Sidney Lumet said about LA, it is a company town, which is why he did not want to live there. He was right, and the company is run by the movie business. Those are the folks who buy the $5000 suits and shoes, and your are nieve if you believe that they are happy with what is transpiring regarding this woman. Mr. Aubry was a model, and I would be willing to bet you that there are not many companies like Calvin Klein, Versace, and the like who would go near him after this. Hes going to have a hard time proving it in a legal settiing, but he is done! And he can write a tell-all if he wants to, by the time they get through with him in court, that $20,000 a month won't do him any good. As I said, better to settle this, and let all parties get on with their lives. Because it really looks like the little girl has a lot of people who love her, they just don't loe each other. But that's real familiies do!

731 days ago


Why does Halle need to go out to dinner with Salma Hayek the night before a trial. Sounds like a lawyer set up photo op to help "glamourize" Halles case. look people HALLE is the publicity seeking, micro bikini wearing mom> You can bet she paying lots of money to smear the dad.

730 days ago



725 days ago
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