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Kristen Stewart


She's the Fall Guy

8/16/2012 7:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0815_kristen_stewart_rupert_sanders_fameflynet-DATEKristen Stewart has publicly shown remorse over her affair with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, but privately she is FURIOUS she's taking all the heat ... sources directly connected with Kristen tell TMZ.

Our sources tell us ... Kristen can't believe the public isn't painting Rupert Sanders as the bad guy.  She's grousing that he's 19 years her senior and was "in a position of power over her" ... being a director of a movie she had just shot and presumably someone she was going to work with again.

Kristen is also incensed that she's being called the big cheater. Although she knows she shouldn't have done it because she was in a committed relationship with Robert Pattinson, she feels Rupert is in a totally different and far more culpable situation, being married with 2 kids.

We're told Kristen fears her career may be irreparably damaged -- something she believes she doesn't deserve as a 22-year-old single woman who made a stupid mistake.


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Takes 2 to now she is publically trying to claim sexual harrassment, etc...against him since she is using the phrase "position of power" and all. Translated, her comment means "how the heck am I going to find any more acting jobs when any future big wig isn't gonna want to come within 2 miles of me without raising people's/wives eyebrows..I will never be able to sleep my way onto the big screen anymore". The woman cannot act. She has ONE facial expression that never changes. Ever. Twilight was stuck with her because they would have caught hell for replacing her in the sequel from the movie's rabid followers. Snow White ain't Twilight, the most they could eek out is maybe one sequel and it was announced already that the bigwigs have already kicked him to the curb so they could keep her but after that...who is gonna want her now that she can't use her tail anymore to get in any block busters?

800 days ago


She screwed up. It's not the end of the world. It may be the end of her relationship with Pattinson but it's not the end of the world. And yeah, I think she's getting a lot more blame than Sanders is. They were both in the wrong. You want to have an affair? Go break off your other relationship first.

800 days ago


Give me a break. She's not an impressionable child. She's an adult. It doesn't matter if he's older or younger, she is old enough to know right from wrong. She's not a single woman. Being in a committed relationship is the same as being single and free. there is someone there who trusts you, depends on you and loves you who you have to take into consideration. If you were single, you have no one to answer to or hurt except yourself. She knew he was married, she knew she had a man who loved her in her life. She chose to do the deal anyway. She deserves all the bad publicity she's getting. She needs to put her big girl panties on and own up to it instead of passing blame and playing the age card. If she were 15, I would think about it... but she's 22 and I'm sure she's been around the block. So she can't play the innocent role now. grow up and own up girly.

800 days ago


They're both to blame. Kristen knew he has a family and was married, she even knew the wife. She's 22 years old, she knows better. Even if she wasnt with Pattinson, hooking up with a married man isnt ok. Theres no way she isnt at fault, they both are.

800 days ago


as far as mistakes go @KStew_Private wasnt a world ender it caused drama but she didnt act alone nor make her Hester from The Scarlet Letter. Besides the only one with the right to judge her are @robTomPattinson and the directors wife (who seems to have forgiven her dead beat husband) I give Rob credit for handling his business off stage. and wish them both the best

800 days ago


She's the fall guy because she's the woman and more famous then Rupert. How is she so stupid?

800 days ago


Both of y'all are the one to blame. He is married and you had a boyfriend at the time, is 50/50 not get it Hollywood twisted!!!

800 days ago


This poll is way off 57% say kristen was treated unfairly and 68% say rupert the bad guy so which one is it.

800 days ago


she's such a whiny bitch. this wasn't a Roman Polanski scenario - she's a 22 year old girl and the star of the movie - and she's made a bunch of other movies, whereas this is Rupert's first movie. Yeah, he deserves some flack, too, but he's not as famous, so of course she's going to get most of the heat. She knew exactly what she was doing and knew it was wrong. She's such a slag.

800 days ago


Kristen has been targeted as the 'bad guy' because she is easy to dislike ... constantly running around with that same "i'm bored with everyone' look on her face. People didn't need much of an excuse to dislike her. This just adds to the list.

800 days ago


First off, I'd like to say as a woman that was cheated on, but more importantly a woman w/ morals, I'm totally against cheating...BUT, there is a double standard when it comes to cheating. The WOMEN get all the heat while the men gets a pass! Look at Angelina + Leann Rimes.No matter what great things Angelina does for the world, she is still talked about and will constantly be known as a home wrecker.While Brad Pitt is given a clean pass. I don't blame the woman that my ex husband cheated on me with. She never cheated on me, HE DID.He broke up our home.

800 days ago

truth be told    

If it was just two people cheating on their boyfriend and girlfriend that is one thing. But when the other person is married with kids and you know about it that is another.

800 days ago


Me thinks Rupert is a playa. I bet he's done this a lot. Kristen got used. Hopefully she is a lot wiser now. Rupert's wife should be too. What do these dumb little girls think is going to happen when they are messing with a MARRIED guy with KIDS? And messing with the married boss with kids is way worse. Women always lose in these situations. The guy NEVER gets hurt cause he is a member of the boys club. He will get a high five and the girl will have to look for another job.

800 days ago


Kristen Stewart is now THE highest paid actress in Hollywood. She has PLENTY of power and leverage to get the best movie roles (if she is a good fit for them).

She's hardly little miss innocent who didn't really mean to have an affair with her director. Actresses do NOT have to sleep with their director to get ahead in Hollywood.

These directors know what the laws for sexual harassment are too. Maybe "D list" actresses have to do that but not Kristen.

Kristen just got caught red handed with her hand in the cookie jar and she doesn't like it. She might have been having secret sex liaisons with Rupert for years if she didn't get caught.

She was sneaking around because she KNOWS what she was doing would cause Robert to break up with her. She knew it was wrong.

She's just going to have to accept it, deal with the damage, pick up the pieces and move on. She's single again and free to have sex with whoever she wants.

800 days ago


Yes, Rupert's the real bad guy...BUT, he wasn't a member of the KPat phenom...DUH!!

Kirsten's cheatn ways will never be ok with RP fans but there must be at least a few true KS die hards out there...

As for me, I really don't care. I have a life.

800 days ago
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