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'American Idol' Is Gonna Have to PAY ME!

8/18/2012 9:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0818_diddy_vudeoIf you thought "American Idol" forked over big bucks to land Mariah Carey ... they're going to have to back up a bank truck to Diddy's front door to get him to sign on for next season.

Diddy is the latest superstar rumored to be joining the show since the departure of Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

We spotted Diddy at JFK yesterday and while he professed his love for "Idol," he gave a very telling answer when asked how much it would cost to get him to sign on the line which is dotted.

Your move, Nigel.


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Why do these people think their worth so much money just because they sing.Their not curing cancer or saving the world, all they do is sing big deal!

796 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Some freshly squeeze cambodian milk from Rodeo Dr. will seal the deal A.I.! Get on it.

796 days ago

Throwback kid    

First we have to get Diddy back in school to learn how to speak english, ebonics will not cut it on American idol. This man is in his mid 40's and is unable to put one sentence together that is grammatically correct. It will be just like watching Emmitt Smith on ESPN a few years ago before he was fired, you just cringe as he says "They is and we was"

796 days ago


All of these celebs are overpaid as it is.

796 days ago


"Snoop" takes the place exactly where it needs to go and be -


I'm an expert in that arena and genre -

Studied with the greatest of the the greats.

AI just HAS to go to humor -


(Simon sneering/being sarcastic w/contestants)

HAS to go back to its' roots.

Snoop will take the show there -

And NOT by forcing-humor, TRYING to be funny...

But by bringing Snoop's WORLD - into FOX.

I listen to Snoop's lyrics, MP3's all of the time.

His collab w/Katy Perry was unreal.

This is a rare, rare dude -

So I don't care what Madison Avenue thinks if I'm Nigel -

I don't TELL them "shove it."

But I explain my side/position -

And ASK for their blessings and support.

The show NEEDS controversy.

NEEDS Snoop.

I'd make Snoop Exec Producer -

That's how much I think of the Dogg.

Give him a voice - some creative input - on the Tweak -


Gotz to be Snoop.

796 days ago


Would love to see him survive an audition never mind be a JUDGE. His genre of music is completely different from talent sought in Idol . "U gotta say the n-word more, u gotta say 'bitch' more" ..nah?

796 days ago

buzz kill    

This show used to be about the talent or lack theerof, now it seems to be all about the judges. Who give a rats azz anymore?

796 days ago


That American Idol show is so overrated it's pathetic. Now they are bring in hoodlums. It ceased to be a family show long ago.

796 days ago


I mean what-if Nigel did this?

Bought Finalists in:

Snoop, Diddy, whomever they're considering.

"Give us your professional TAKE on where the show needs to go."

Don't they do this when they go to head coaches like in the NFL and NBA?

"What, in your opinion, do we need?"

then you listen - and listen - and listen:

Why has Bill Parcells been so successful?

Because he studies and decides "need" and comes in PREPARED for the new direction.

SELLS it not because he NEEDS the job/money.

He doesn't - Parcells has more money than he can spend -

Same with Snoop.

Snoop doesn't need the money - doesn't want the job because of the money.

He KNOWS where it needs to go - trust me - this is a STUDENT much like Parcells!

Snoop's the right call!

But even if Nigel said to the Top Three:

"Bring us in your architectural plans for the re-do."

Gave Snoop room to breathe, think, explain.

It'd be SNOOP in a landslide.

I'm saying no one can bring a better plan into such a proposed meeting:

Than The_Dogg.

This dude's a genius, people - capital G.

796 days ago


If we are going to go the rapper route, you gotta get a legend. Someone who has proven they can make stars. Get Dr. Dre.

I highly doubt he would do it though. Oh well.

796 days ago


The show is done. let it die,

796 days ago


So, they have to kiss his ring & pay him a ton of money? Then I say don't get this arrogant little prick. AI can do much better than this egotistical street trash...

796 days ago


Already never going to watch the show with add ****ty forget done over and out

796 days ago


Typical Hollywood egos. Pay me pay me pay me. What ever happened to being a mentor or role model. Thanks for sending the typical Hollywood message P DUD!

796 days ago


Society is going to hell because of 24-7 worthless media that corrupt the brainless sheep. Wasn't things much better 20 years ago? Stop supporting and feeding worthless tv shows and websites.

796 days ago
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