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Lance Armstrong

Stripped of ALL

Tour De France Wins

8/24/2012 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Lance Armstrong is no longer a Tour de France champion ... the cyclist has been STRIPPED of his seven titles in the wake of allegations that he used banned performance-enhancers.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency made the announcement this morning ... Armstrong will not only lose his victories, he has also been banned from the sport of cycling for life.

Armstrong has adamantly denied the allegations ... claiming the testing process is "one-sided and unfair."

Lance released a statement responding to a USADA official yesterday saying, "There is zero physical evidence to support his outlandish and heinous claims." 

"The only physical evidence here is the hundreds of controls I have passed with flying colors. I made myself available around the clock and around the world. In-competition. Out of competition. Blood. Urine. Whatever they asked for I provided. What is the point of all this testing if, in the end, USADA will not stand by it?"

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No Avatar


I like Lance as an athlete. Hate to think all his titles we due to substance abuse. Dang

791 days ago


Damn, even IF he did it (which I don't think he did), he still won 7 tour de France's, and you can't deny that

791 days ago

stone cutter    

Let the USADA take as much PED as they like, lets see if they can win one town cycling tournament.

791 days ago


Are we really supposed to believe Armstrong cheated after he won not 1 but 7 tour de france while talking hundred's of routine drug tests and beat cancer... it should be glaringly obvious,and why isn't anyone thinking that maybe there is problems inside the USADA itself? no back handers?

791 days ago


Some of these anti-French sentiments are making me sick. The French have nothing to do with this.

I don't want to stereotype, but some Americans are the epitome of arrogance and ignorance.

791 days ago


Whatever the USADA decided was banned probably was something essential for his survival, so shame on them for killing yet another hero to our children. Think about the bigger picture. Hey, why not go after drug using musicians now, for I think they have been enjoying the advantage far too long. A little sense would be nice from all bureaus acting as 'God' --Sad and disgusted--

791 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Please correct your story. The USADA can only request that the UCI take away his 7 Tour wins but they have not yet given the evidence to any UCI officials.

The Fact that Armstrong has given up defending his case to the USADA only means that he is tired of constantly peeing in cups when a shows up randomly during his vacations or during training. Maybe he's retiring from all that crap. Maybe he doesn't want that guy to show up at his wedding and get a piece of wedding cake and a cup of piss.

791 days ago


If everyone would just live their own lives and stay out of other peoples biz...This wouldnt matter...He accomplished more then I ever coulld. Live your own damn life and leeave him alone! Just cause u AINT famous...GET OVER IT!

790 days ago

Peter Sc    

First the only people who can strip him of anything is UCI and they are all corrupted dopers who are known to have hidden evidence in the past, so why should they?

Second: UCI are even denied access to the evidence in the present investigation and they distrust USADA so why should they?

Third: There are no clean winners of the Tour. There hasn't been one sine 1903, so why make a difference for a winner who won his last victory almost a decade ago?

Forth: You have to look hard for a rider in top 10 who hasn't been caught in all the races he won. Should Ullrich or Beloki be given the victory when they since have been caught doing the same thing?

The only winners in this case are they people who are against using so much money for cancer treatment and riders who have used doping without having achieved the same results.

790 days ago



790 days ago


Tour de france is a private race and still list Armstrong as champion on there site. The french haven't stripped him and since it is their race he is still considered the champ.

790 days ago

Ellen Sweets    

the USADA decision really doesn't make any sense. if illegal substances weren't detected in all these years what is this other than persecution? or maybe USADA needs to justify its existence since it couldn't nail roger clemens...maybe the egos in the organization felt they had to some up with SOMETHING!. never mind. armstrong's legacy will live strong a lot longer than the recorded behavior of USADA officials.

790 days ago

South Beach    

I don't understand how they can do this. 100's of tests and not one dirty. Years and years. What is their end game? I believe him.

790 days ago


Hey TMZ. Um... has Lance been officially stripped of his titles? Other stories I've read say that the USADA doesn't have the authority to do that and that other agencies are waiting to review things before making those decisions.

790 days ago


He has NOT been stripped of any Tour de France victories. It would be like Bosnia declaring our Super Bowl winners are invalid. It will be up to the French officials to decide if they concur with the US ADA decision, and any official vacation of the wins will come later.

I, for one, completely agree with Armstrong on this one. The US courts, where he asked for the case against him to be dismissed, said that there was only a slim chance of him getting a fair hearing at the independent arbitration.

The man was tested more than any other athlete in history.

Did he do some shady stuff? Maybe. That team doctor who was (temporarily) convicted of doping in Italy was a big question mark.

But the bottom line.... Lance competed under the rules (and testing polices) as they existed at the time. There is not a single sample that was taken, and immediately declared to have failed.

The evidence that the USADA used to make their decision is the exact same (literally the exact same) evidence which was considered and rejected by the same US investigators who brought down Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Every person who has testified against him is getting some sort of sweetheart deal out of it. They are each facing their own issues, and they offer up Armstrong as the greater problem.

Seriously... before you decide what really happened, just do a little bit... like, just a wee bit... of reading on the subject.

Armstrong was tested 24 times in the 6 months before his comeback in 09. There was not one cause to stop him from participating. At the time, to the best scientific knowledge available to the participants, Armstrong was clean.

Why do the USADA decide that they can rewrite history? Why even watch the Tour de France if the winners won't actually be known until decades after the fact?

790 days ago
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