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Anna Nicole Smith Story

The Roles of a Lifetime

8/25/2012 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's life was surrounded by a huge cast of characters ... and now Lifetime is actually trying to cast those characters for an upcoming movie ... and TMZ has obtained the casting call sheet.

First off, Anna is described as "a pretty, but plain girl growing up in small town Texas" who "transformed herself though sheer willpower" into the famous Playmate she became.

They call Howard K. Stern a "lawyer-guy-friend-weirdo" ... "whose middling law firm is on the way out, so he devotes his entire business career to representing Anna Nicole."

Anna's late son Danny is described as a "wry, very cute and intelligent teenager" ... who "dislikes Howard K. Stern, whom he considers a slow-acting poison." They add, "Danny seems to have picked up his mother's pill popping habit" and "cuts his young life short."

J. Howard Marshall -- Anna's 80-something, billionaire husband -- is listed as "skin going gray, head gone bald and liver spots everywhere" ... a "pointlessness" dulls "the glint that used to be in his eyes." Um, yeah.

They paint Marshall's son E. Pierce as Anna's greatest nemesis ... he "makes it his decision to DESTROY Anna" and "he viciously vows to dedicate all thirteen of his attorneys to making sure Anna never receives a dime."

Finally, Anna's mother Virgie is said to be "a plain-looking deputy living in a hardscrabble Texas town" but according to them, "Virgie claims that men ruined her life" so she is determined they won't do the same to Anna.

For whatever reason, there was no listing for everyone's favorite baby daddy, Larry Birkhead.

No word on when this masterpiece in the making will air.


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Throwback kid    

The most important role in this film is who is going to play Bobby Trendy? This will make or break the film. Too bad Sulu from Star Trek is too old, he would have made a great Bobby Trendy

686 days ago

Throwback kid    

This should be a really deep movie, a talentless gold digging drug addict whose manl talent was blowing kisses at people while out in public in a drug filled haze. Who would waste 5 minutes of their life watching this garbage?

686 days ago


They can hire Heidi Pratt for the part. At least she's as stupid as Anna.

686 days ago


*yawn* same old ****. This sounds like all they did was read Rita Cosby's trash book once or twice- which got her sued and pretty much ruined her career - watched A&E’s biography on her a couple times, then wrote a script. Way to do your homework Lifetime. You should be proud.

Larry Birkhead is probably pist he is not in it.

I lot of people trash Anna’s lawyer but I think he is the only one who hasn’t- as of yet- tried to profit of Anna Nicole Smith’s death

686 days ago


I liked Anna. Sue me.

686 days ago

No comment    

Maybe the should wait until Honey Boo Boo Child grows up, seems to perfect for the role.

686 days ago


Love Nicole!

686 days ago


Can someone please tell me where this crap of Daniel not liking Howard came from?! Do people even bother to do research or do they just pull crap out of their ass?!

686 days ago


This would have been a far better fit for Lindsay Lohan than playing Liz Taylor.

686 days ago


If Lifetime is truly going to make this film, then I don't want to see any announcements about how lindsey BLOWhan is in talks to play ANS.

686 days ago


this could be one of my top ten favorite TMZ photo collages. Somehow it just springs to life. The character buildup is also exciting. Getting the heads up on the casting call sheet...goes beyond the call of duty here, thanks.

686 days ago


And, while they're at it, are they going to show J. Howard Marshall on his deathbed, crying out for his wife ANS, while she was off partying with a boytoy & couldn't be bothered to even visit him the last 6 months of his life? She was a disgusting gold-digging whore; if they're going to do a movie, they should show her as she really was...

686 days ago


God I would love to play Anna

686 days ago

Throwback kid    

Hey TMZ, your i phone case add in the middle of the comments section is really getting to be annoyong

686 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Lifetime should make a TMZ story.

A small piece of old dry leather can play the part of Harvey Levin, 'An old much hated leathery faced dwarf who thinks the world revolves around him and feels the need to expose everyone's private business but his own."

686 days ago
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