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By Home Owners

8/25/2012 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is PERSONA NON GRATA in the world of house rentals ... because no home owner is willing to rent their digs to the infamous mom and now she fears becoming homeless ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Octo needs a new house to stash her 14-kid brood because her old house is being foreclosed.

Sources close to Octo tell us she recently found a house in Orange County to rent for $2,700 a month, but the owner rejected her application out-right ... even though she sweetened the pot and offered to pay seven months rent upfront.

We're told Octo's agent asked why the homeowners weren't down with Octo occupying their crib -- and their real estate agent replied on their behalf saying, "They do not want to subject the neighbors to the media involved with the client."

Our sources say this is the third house Octo has been rejected from, all for the same reason.

It's bad news for O-mom ... we're told renting is her only option right now because she doesn't have the dough needed to buy a house. She scared that if the bias continues, she'll have nowhere to live.

We hear Mexico is nice.


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well that is what happens when you don't pay your bills and tear up the property you are squatting at!!

788 days ago


Who wants to be the first to place a bet on how soon her kids are wards of the county?

788 days ago


Umm. How does one afford to pay 7 months rent up front at $2700 per but their house is being foreclosed?

788 days ago


BTW stop sending your unwanted vermin to Mexico. We do NOT want such "things" here, I still remember that these kids have NO education nor manners. If she cannot have a home, then let social services take the kids away

788 days ago


I like Nadya.

My comments here have always reflected such.

-Yet I'm permanently troubled.

By the Bi-Coastal flight where Nadya mouthed-off.

-And to a popular sitcom star and actress I have incredible, incredible, incredible RESPECT for.

"Get a life," was how this star quoted Nadya.

The irony being Nadya didn't RECOGNIZE the Actress that Kristen wasn't in usual-sitcom-drag...

Didn't really MATTER that this was and is a celebrated, famous Actress in my own field.

-What MATTERED, at least to me?

-Was that Nadya just didn't care.

WHO Nadya (and Brood) was upsetting or inconveniencing.

-Bought me back to my own family issue.

Surviving family who-suck-up when they think there's something in it for them.

-Otherwise they're just quietly giving the World - and those People trying to live in it -

-The Finger.

788 days ago


He!! there are more kids in her house alone, then in the entire neighborhood! :)

788 days ago


She need to leave California and go somewhere like Utah or Colorado. Get somewhere in the Mountains or Country setting. Grow a garden and farm. California was ok for the Clampets, but not Octo.

788 days ago


Well Duh!

788 days ago


LOL! Karma! I can't wait till she is homeless, thats what she deserves.

788 days ago


Why the 'eff does she have to live in Orange County?

I'd suggest renting a barn in a remote location.

788 days ago


It's not about who-we-are when people ARE watching.

-i.e. When we're guests on shows giving us things.

-Doing Oprah and Dr. Phil.

-It's about who-we-are when NO ONE'S watching.

-When people AREN'T sitting right there -

-Nadya and my surviving family have one thing in common -

-They've got it exactly backwards and wrong.

"It's about who I PRETEND to be - when I WANT something..."

This is why I've thrown the towel in - and on both.

788 days ago

buzz kill    

She can always try a shoe.

788 days ago


If she can afford 7 mths rent upfront then she can afford a used double wide. She should do that bc her kids will trash any house they live in so a used trailer is the perfect solution. She probably thinks she's too good for that but I think she will be forced to learn otherwise.

788 days ago


Bias??? BIAS?!!! Do ya think that maybe, just *maybe* the homeowner's have seen what Octomom and her kids do to houses? Not to mention not paying her rent and then squatting in the property! I wouldn't rent to her either!

788 days ago


She needs to live in a less expensive state. Buy a house with some property and let the rugrats run wild.

788 days ago
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