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By Home Owners

8/25/2012 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

is PERSONA NON GRATA in the world of house rentals ... because no home owner is willing to rent their digs to the infamous mom and now she fears becoming homeless ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Octo needs a new house to stash her 14-kid brood because her old house is being foreclosed.

Sources close to Octo tell us she recently found a house in Orange County to rent for $2,700 a month, but the owner rejected her application out-right ... even though she sweetened the pot and offered to pay seven months rent upfront.

We're told Octo's agent asked why the homeowners weren't down with Octo occupying their crib -- and their real estate agent replied on their behalf saying, "They do not want to subject the neighbors to the media involved with the client."

Our sources say this is the third house Octo has been rejected from, all for the same reason.

It's bad news for O-mom ... we're told renting is her only option right now because she doesn't have the dough needed to buy a house. She scared that if the bias continues, she'll have nowhere to live.

We hear Mexico is nice.


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"Octomom Rejected By Home Owners" Of course. Who in their RIGHT MIND would rent to ANYONE with 14 kids, let alone UNRULY, unattended, and undisciplined ones at that? They're claiming its not to bother the neighbors with unwanted media attention but I don't buy that one bit. Its the complete destruction of the house and trying to get her out after she doesn't pay the rent.

699 days ago


And that's why you don't have 14 kids

699 days ago


I don't get why she still lives in the state of California ... it's one of the most expensive states to live in. IMO, she should branch out a bit, think in terms of property. I know damned well that if she can muster up $2700/mo she'd be able to buy property with a house in another state ... she's an idiot for continuing this bs in that particular state. I used to live down there, but I moved more than a decade ago and well ... that's just my opinion.

699 days ago


where at in orange county ? we dont want her here !!!!

699 days ago


CPS just take her kids, please she obviously can't afford take care of them, she is a single mom with no stable job, and currently no place to live. Even her parents don't want her living with them.

699 days ago


LMAO Hopefully she'll be forced to give up the kids. It's the only chance they've ever have for ever having a halfway normal life.

699 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

They will also reject her due to the fact that she will not likely pay her rent past seven months, her kids will thrash the house, she doesn't have stable employment..etc, the list goes on.

699 days ago

the original bellaluna    

A much more likely explanation is that the owners have seen pix of the other houses she's lived in with her brood; have watched her actively ignore her kids (Today interview anyone?) while being filmed for TV; and have read about her inability/unwillingness to pay her bills.

I wouldn't rent her an abandoned crack house, let alone a NICE house!

699 days ago


If she can afford to pay 7 months in advance, why can't she afford to buy a house??

699 days ago


If she really needs a place for all 14 of her kids, I heard that foster care has lots of homes, and they have a nice refrigerator box set up for her in the alley behind Sears.

699 days ago


Either she found someone to rent to her, or she found some temporary place to stay, because she said on her twitter that she is moving with the kids in one week: "Nadya Suleman @BecomingNadya
STRESS! Movin14 kids out w/in 1 week, took 11 kids food shopping (5 OVERFLOWING CARTS!), register for school; time to shower and BREATHE!
1:34 a.m. 25 Aug 12 Twitter for iPhone"
I wouldn't be surprised if no one will rent to her. She defaulted on the rent payments on her last house for over a year, and she allowed her kids to tear the place up with holes in the walls and grafitti everywhere. And kids pooping in the back yard on potty chairs, how gross, would you want that on your property? Even if she paid someone a year's rent in advance, the landlord would still need to require a HUGE damage deposit from her. Also the new neighbors would have to put up with the loud noise her kids make at all hours, not to mention a few paparazzi hanging around (although most of them are ignoring her now). She said she doesn't want to leave Orange County because she has her little circle of freinds who do [free] childcare for her, but she really needs to leave the friends behind and move to a cheaper state. She can't sponge off those friends forever. She is going to have to hire paid help again at some point. She will also have to give up paying private school tuition for her older kids. How much you want to bet she's enrolled them at the same Whittier Christian private school again? Thousands of bucks a month for that luxury, when she could send her kids to public school and use the money she saved for rent and food. Well, I guess that's too much to expect from "My kids deserve the best" Superior Octomom.

699 days ago


She is unemployed, filed for bankruptcy, defaulted on her current mortgage and then completely trashed the house...these landlords aren't biased they are taking care of their assets. Nobody wants to float the mortgage on their rental for the years it would take to evict her...ask the man who owns the house she squats in now.

699 days ago


Move to the south, find a house with a couple of acres for around a 1000 a month problem solved.

699 days ago


I wouldn't want to rent to her on the wear-and-tear factor of that many kids.

699 days ago


What she needs to do is find some acreage out in the country where her "circus" will bother no one....

699 days ago
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