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Randy Travis

Cops Find Overturned Truck

Owned by Country Star

8/26/2012 6:46 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Cops Find Randy Travis' Overturned Truck
Police in Frisco, TX found a smashed up truck belonging to Randy Travis early Saturday morning, but a lawyer for the troubled country star says Travis hasn't been in that vehicle for months. 

The truck was found on its side in a field just one day after Travis was cited for assault outside a church in nearby Plano.

A lawyer for Travis told WFAA that Travis is not the one who left it there and that Travis had not been in that truck for the past few months.

In addition to the church arrest allegedly fueled by alcohol earlier this week, Travis was arrested for DWI on August 7 after he crashed his car. Cops found Travis buck naked.


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Larry, I think he was fingering your sister and lost control.

726 days ago


Obviously Randy needs help! Because he is a celebrity , the legal system allows him to buy his way out. What a shame. Help the guy as you would anyone else, before he either kills someone else or himself.

726 days ago

Krispy Krentcil    

I don't care if he lives or dies but he needs to be stopped. He needs to be in jail. He is a threat to society with all the naked drinking and driving nonsense. Grayson county is pretty tough on DWI, hopefully he will do at least 45 days there and then maybe he will decide to quit. You kooks wouldn't be so forgiving if this was happening a few miles from you...

726 days ago

terri garnto    

Honestly i think they need to take his license i mean if this was me and got introuble how many times in the last couple months. Yeah, mine would have done been gone. And they need to give him the opinion of rehab or jail. He is gonna end up killin someone or himself one. Find out what his problem is and why he is drinking so much. I use to really like him but dang all you ever read is Randy Travis drunk and did this or that. I don't have time for a drunk.

726 days ago

hussygirl he has access to the keys as he own's the truck.... let's talk to the "help".... people.... randy travis needs to be locked-up..girlfriend to rehab. and girlfriend husband to jail for fraud and maddoff greed... let's get them out of the news..they are ALL texas trash,,,willie nelson is the orginal texas trash.. let him keep his crown....

726 days ago


Dang, he needs to be locked up in rehab, he's a danger to himself and others. Poor guy.

726 days ago

rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

726 days ago

rash on my ass    

this is funny watch lmao

726 days ago


Lying bastard. Very likely the reason the SOB was naked was he had blood or vomit all over his clothes, so he ditched them. Keep looking cops, I am sure the clothes are between where the truck was found and where that drunk was picked up.

725 days ago


Please someone get him OFF our roads here before he KILLS SOMEONE. We know how it usually ends with a drunken driver..the driver walks away with little or no injury and the person in the other car is killed. Weird thing is, before this latest string of stuff, there was never any rumors/sitings of this guy in Collin County..ever. I can't speak for Grayson County cuz I don't live up that way but around here, it's not like he has been on anyone's radar as far as "celeb" (or washed up former celeb) sitings/newspaper blurbs. Til he seems to be in the Dallas Morning News every week and the creepiness factor is escalating with each incident. Now it seems he is floating around the Plano-Frisco area (cities right next to each other--north of Dallas 'burbs).

725 days ago


first of all Sharmae you write to damn much for me to want to read, Randy Travis is a train wreck, I wish pray and hope to God if he is on a death mission he does not take anyone with him.

725 days ago


I'm calling BS!

725 days ago


I am not the one to judge Randy. I will pray for him. God will be the only one to turn Randy around. Until you have been married to an alcoholic, or have a family member, or friend who is an alcoholic you have no idea what Randy is going through This is a prime example of what the DEVIL is capable of. God is a whole lot more powerful...
Love you Randy and prayers going up...

723 days ago

Mel Gibson    

Randy is an alcoholic who needs help, but you cant force help on someone who doesn't realize they have a problem. Many celebrities can't handle money or success, many have died trying.

714 days ago
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