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Lindsay Lohan

Unpaid Hotel Bill

Not My Problem

8/29/2012 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0829_lindsay_chateau_01Lindsay Lohan's passing the buck -- telling friends she thought the producers behind her recent Liz Taylor movie were going to pay her $46,350 hotel bill ... which is why she never offered to cover the tab.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ, Lindsay claims producers agreed to cover her stay at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont while she filmed "Liz & Dick" earlier this summer -- so she was shocked to learn there was an outstanding 5-figure bill in her name ... and even more shocked when she was banned from the hotel when the bill went unpaid.

0829_lindsay_subasset_launchWe're told Lindsay is currently trying to sort the problem out with producers -- and if they refuse to pay, Lindsay will happily cover the tab.

We reached out to Lifetime for comment -- so far, no word back.


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Grandma Cracker    

Hey Gavin! Got any copies of Lindsay's collection notices? How about Insurance cancellation papers? Impound papers for the Porsche? How about wage garnishments?

731 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I think that Lindsay should ask Suge Knight for the hotel bill. She can even offer to meet him somewhere in Compton to get the cash.

731 days ago


she asked the Chateau if she could cover the bill with 6126 leggings for all the staff, and carvel for a year..
she would even throw in her Vintage underware..and A liz taylor ring

731 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I think it is absolutely hilarious that Wogue Wawwiow has been jumping up and down saying "Wook at Me, Wook at Me", yet everyone has been ignoring him.
Not only is no body bothering to answer him, but he can't even get anyone to click on "hate".
Such a pathetic douche. Don't forget to "hate" me Wed Wectum.

731 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

DaH8turds think they have to point out the obvious while I just keep shoving my foot up their arses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

731 days ago


LiLo just can't keep out of trouble. Not a week goes by that we don't hear of something she's done that's on the wrong side of the law.

731 days ago


Will Lindsay Lohan Ever Get It Together?

Aug. 29, 2012

By Ryan O'Connell

When news spread that Lindsay Lohan stepped out on her Chateau Marmont bill and might’ve been involved in yet another jewelry heist, my heart sunk. It seems like whenever the troubled starlet appears to be on the mend, she does something royally stupid that brings her back to square one. Can someone truly be so self-destructive? Will she ever hit a rock bottom and get it together? I decided to go to the source herself and ask the hard-hitting questions no one else was asking. Just kidding! Lindsay loathes Thought Catalog so I decided to make it all up.

Thought Catalog: Hey babe. How are you holding up?

Lindsay Lohan: I’m great actually! I just wrapped The Canyons and now I’m in New York taking meetings and such. I’m just so happy to be working again.

TC: Um, I mean, how are you doing with all of these accusations flying around about you stealing over $100,000 of jewelry from a house party in the Hollywood Hills and not paying your bill at the Chateau Marmont.

LL: As far as the Chateau goes, that hotel pays ME to stay there. I keep its infamous reputation intact. The stealing accusations are pure slander and lies! The D.A. just dropped the case.

TC: Okay, but still…

LL: Look, I’m an artist of many things. I am not a klepto.

TC: Well, you did plead no contest to stealing that $2500 necklace a year ago…

LL: That was research for a role.

TC: In 2008, you stole a model’s mink coat.

LL: It was a sick coat.

TC: In 2010, you stole a $35,000 Rolex.

LL: I love knowing what time it is.

TC: Okay. I mean, I don’t know, honey. All signs point to Winona Ryder.

LL: I love Winona. She’s a total inspiration to me as an actress. Like Marilyn Monroe or Ann Margaret. Ann Margaret wants to work with me, by the way. We’ve had meetings.

TC: Cut the soundbites, Lindsay, and just admit it. You’re freaking crazy.

LL: LOL, yeah okay, I’m a total psycho.

TC: Why?

LL: My health care plan doesn’t cover Lithium? There are a lot of reasons. Have you seen my family?

TC: Who hasn’t?

LL: So you get it. I didn’t stand a chance coming from that line of freakshows. I tried to get Meryl Streep to adopt me when we did A Prairie Home Companion together but she was like, “No.”

TC: Oh bummer, that would’ve been so cool.

LL: I know, right? Love Meryl Steep as my mom.

TC: So what are you going to do? Do you have any interest in getting better?

LL: Maybe. The other night I was on Ambien and writing in my journal, as I’m wont to do, and realized that I’ve been spent like a combined year and a half of my life in jail and rehab. Isn’t that crazy?

TC: Yes.

LL: I’ve packed a lot in though. I got into a high-speed chase with my assistant’s mom in Santa Monica, ditched my court date to party in Cannes, became a lesbian for a hot minute, stole a bunch of clothes, fell into such a deep sleep that seven EMT’s had to wake me up, got into 5,000 car accidents, slept with the occasional gay guy… what else is there to do?

TC: I don’t know. Act?

LL: If you’ve seen Just My Luck or Labor Pains, you’ve seen what I can do. I really don’t know what else I can give to the public — emotionally, spiritually, or sexually.

TC: So that’s it?

LL: Ew, no! You’re acting like I’m all ready to die and stuff which is NOT true. I have major plans, babe. Just you wait.

TC: (noticing that my watch is missing) Does one of those plans involve stealing my watch?

LL: Gotcha!

And that was it. Fearing that Lindsay would steal even more my personal belongings, I aborted this interview.

731 days ago


Her Imbd For "genital Hospital" is in preproduction...
they went as far as to cast Ron Jeremy, and Nina Hartley for this Oscar contender.
she got a raise and she is above minimal scale..she will be up to $7,000 for 20 days...
natalie portman eat your heart out

731 days ago


Well I'll make one comment on Rougie. He can take his moth ridden Memba's Only jacket and collection of 80's music and shove them up his ass. Then of course wrapping up the day by putting his boy toy though a headboard.

731 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

DaH8turds keep getting rear ended in their high speed pursuit of, the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LMAO @ u douchebags, you just don't get it, that's WHY TMZ exists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

731 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

I mean if you know your ass is broke then don't stay at rich hotels ! Bitch take your ass to the super 8 trash like you can blend in !

731 days ago


She was working on the movie and drinking like a fish? How did she manage to work the movie drunk? or could anyone tell the difference?

731 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Typical LL. It's always SOMEONE ELSE'S fault. At this rate, maybe LL stands for Lifetime Loser.

731 days ago


Tonight at the Chateau is "GOOD RIDDANCE LINDSAY" Party all Night..
All the celebs from the past that avoided the place because of Lielo have now walked the red carpet to enjoy them selves with out broken glass and piss and puke covered floors..the Valets dont have to carry Tazzers anymore...
and the bathroom stalls got a make over with the holes patched ..
real glass is being used..
and you dont have to have LOJACK on your purse..
men can unhook the chain from their wallet

731 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Gavin, just a thought here for you.
Do you really think that Lohan is going to pay you for all of those months of back pay? Let's face it bud, you're never going to see a penny of that - in fact, admit it, you been paying for Lohan's cigerettes, pinch pints of vodka and all the rest.
Ready? It's real simple to do. Just go into Lohan's private paper while she's drunk, then take them to a Kinko's, then sell them to the hightest bidder. Piece of cake, right? Even better, get that laptop that Lilo owes to the Chateau, and return it. Their give you a nice finders fee for it. BTW, did I mention to make a copy of the machines hard drive first?
Anyway Gavin, with just a little extra thought, you should be able to at least make a little cash out of this whole travesty.

731 days ago
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