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Kim Zolciak's Mother

Waging Legal War --

My Grandkids NEED ME!

8/31/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831-kim-zolciak-tmz-courtIn true "Real Housewives of Atlanta" fashion ... Kim Zolciak's getting dragged to court by her own mother -- who's DEMANDING the right to see her four grandchildren, TMZ has learned.

Karen Zolciak filed a Petition For Visitation in GA Superior Court this week -- claiming she used to hang out with her two granddaughters all the time ... baking cookies, making sundaes and spending Christmas in the Bahamas.

Karen's petition also includes her two grandsons -- one of whom was born 2 weeks ago  ... and has yet to meet grandma. 

Karen claims "Bravo TV needed drama for Kim's show 'Don't Be Tardy For the Wedding'" -- so they "portrayed her as a bad person" to strain the mother-daughter relationship.

Granny Z says it got so bad -- Kim and her new husband -- Kroy Biermann -- had the cops kick her out of their wedding because she used an indoor bathroom, instead of a porta-potty.

Now Karen is fighting back -- telling a GA court that NOT seeing her grandkids will cause "emotional or physical harm" to the kids ... claiming "the girls live such a crazy, abnormal life being on T.V ... they need a normal haven to relax."

A judge has yet to rule on the petition.

We reached out to Kim ... no word back yet.


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Granny vs. Tranny

785 days ago


Kim is totally a drama queen.... And Kroy should have ran the other way....

785 days ago


Sorry, but I just don't think Karen has any right to see her grand-kids with such selfish and foul behavior. She needs to seek mental help first. While, I, don't like Kim or Troy for acting vile towards Karen (wedding planning) I still think Kim and Troy were wrong in many aspects too. Blah to these creatures.

785 days ago


Karen may not be perfect - but no one is. She has been married to Kim's dad her entire life unlike her daughter who has 4 children by 3 different men - and went on reality TV flaunting being the mistress of a wealthy married man ... all while taking luxury vacations with this guy, letting someone else care for her daughters.
So, this is the same delusional, immoral, drunken selfish prima dona that refuses to let her own mother into her house during her wedding - is now refusing to let her kids have any contact with Grandma.
Look in a mirror, Kim ... someday your own kids will be refusing to let YOU - their own crazy, drunken, selfish, superficial, narcissistic mother- use their bathrooms or be anywhere near them.

785 days ago


I think the saying "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" applies here. Both Grandma and Kim are NUTS! What is sad is that the girls did have a relationship with Grandma now they don't. When Kim was hooching with Big Daddy was it not Grandma taking care of the girls? I definitely agree Kim is trash>

785 days ago


I saw the episode and what this woman did on her daughter's wedding was so disrespectful. After causing drama in previous episodes this time she tried to sneak in with Kim's aunt to the upstairs bathroom after being told not to because the baby was sleeping and the noise would wake him up and also b/c the luxury porta potties were for everyone's use equally including both sides parents. So what do they do, they sneak in, lock themselves in, make noise, call Kim among other things a b*t*h and woke up the baby. One should always respect one's parents but I think it applies the other way around as well.

785 days ago


I watched her wedding with my mom and omgoodness, Kim's mom is LOONY! Kim should have no problem winning this case, lol.

785 days ago


The wedding was televised. EVERYONE who watched it had to have been totally nauseated at the behavior of this woman. Can you say white trsh, Karen? Kim and Kroy had really 'elegant' outside bathroom facilities; far from the dirty porta-potty leather faced karen complained about. This leathery faced female evidently assumes she is ENTITLED to whatever she wants and that rules don't apply to her. She had what I assume is her sister with her. She was told by security numerous times that NO ONE was allowed in the house and she claims that didn't include her. She made such a huge messy fuss. I was SO humiliated FOR Kim. Kroy's family seem to be so elegant and have so much class. This leathery faced alcohol fueled pathetic excuse for a mother came extremely close to ruining the entire wedding. She shouldn't have ANY ACCESS TO THOSE CHILDREN. She had no regard whatsoever to her ruining her own daughter's wedding. Her behavior is disgusting, as she looks. I wouldn't let my children be in the same city with her. What a wonderful example she would be. I hope if she drags this to court the judge and/or jury watches that wedding episode. NO. She should NOT have ANY rights to those kids.

785 days ago


WOW. TMZ, really? I link to you every time I use you as a source. And you use my EXCLUSIVE with no source reference? Not classy.

785 days ago


I am a Georgia resident who has been involved in child visitation and custody cases, so I know Ga family law pretty well. There is no visitation rights for grandparents in Georgia. At best the grandmother would get supervised visitation for a 6 month period. At the end of the 6 months the case is re-visited and the judge will decide how to go from there. Chances are that no judge would allow the visitation because legally the grandparents are not considered to have "parental rights" as such.

785 days ago


Why can't TMZ give credit to the sources anymore? You guys used to be good about it and now not so much. :( Tamara Tatltes broke this story yesterday morning.

785 days ago


This is as disturbing as watching Kim and her husband go after her mom for using the inside bathroom. Shes your Mother! Show some respect for godsake! If she wanted to use the bathroom, you should have let her! Kim and her husband looked like a couple of self rightous spoiled holier than though asshats.

785 days ago


I think kim and husband acted a litlle bit off.... I would never do this to my mom, she wanted to use the bathroom, she should, kroy also was senseless about it. He a bit rude with his wife mother.

785 days ago


I feel so bad for the kids because they are stuck in the middle. I watched them on the RHOA and they were very close to their grandparents and they did a lot for Kim. Shame on her for making her MOTHER use a port a potty show some damn respect for the woman who brought you into this world and was there for you when you were nothing. Now you married someone who has money and you forget what they did to you? The kids need all the support they can get because their mom is a hot mess!

785 days ago


Kroy is in the Kris Humphries / Chad Johnson class of dumbasses for marrying that broad.

785 days ago
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