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Heidi Klum

He Guards My Body Good

9/1/2012 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_heidi_klum_bodyguard_GRPRHeidi Klum did not seemed fazed by Seal's claim she cheated on him "with the help" during their marriage ... because she seemed carefree as she had breakfast with the help/bodyguard in Beverly Hills today. 

Seal told TMZ last night at LAX ... she was "fornicating" with the bodyguard during the marriage and that's what broke it up. Seal added that Heidi lacked class.

Heidi -- who was joined by her kids for the Bev Hills meal -- claims Seal explosive temper torpedoed the marriage.


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The New Improved Sock Puppet    

She's probably so happy to have something white to look at. No offense to blacks but Seal was about as ugly as they come.

718 days ago


Likely guards it top to bottom - litterally..... Well, maybe bottom to top...... Hell, maybe inside and out..... Damn, maybe prostrate and erect..... May be onto something, bodyguard was protecting her with his erection....

718 days ago



718 days ago


Seal is a cassic mysogynist. Apparently, it's ok for him to publicly call the mother of his children names and make accusations about her character. He must believe all "men" should do that and wants to ensure that his sons are trained to act like "men" and that his daughters will end up with "men" like him. Heidi did well to kick him to the curb.

718 days ago

Eldridge Cleaver    

If either of them had an ounce of class, they wouldn't have gotten divorced in the first place. Thanks, hippies, for the skyrocketing divorce rate and the subsequent acceptance of it by society.

718 days ago


Heidi has years of Hell ahead of her. This angry man will most likely try to take the kids away from her and certainly he must be bad mouthing her in front of them regularly. He's scary.

718 days ago


It's funny that he says that Heidi lacks class! Seal is a tool and I'm happy for Heidi that she FINALLY wised up and left that jerk.

718 days ago


You can not turn a Whore into a housewife. Seal what a loser and half ***got you turned out to be. It was not enough that you played Captain Save A hoe when this pale, no ass, no breast, puffy face beast was left by the fat Santa Claus doppelganger from Italy, No. You actually married the ugly bitch and got her pregnant 3 times over.

What part of the game is this?

718 days ago


This is exactly what i wrote in my comment when TMZ first posted this story.Seal just proved what a low class piece of Crap he is.Heidi is a Beautiful woman with a lot of Class.Any man who would screw up a relationship wth her is a FOOl.

718 days ago


this is what i just said in my comment when YMZ first posted the story.Seal is just a classless and ugly piece of CRAP.Heidi is a Beautiful Sucessful woman with Class ugly Seal.

718 days ago


What if he had cheated on Heidi and she would talk about him like that right now? He'd still be the a$$... very fair. They're both classless idiots.

718 days ago


Looking at the kids makes me want to play the "which one of these isn't like the other" game......
After playing that game I then think about playing the "which one of these is the kid's Dada" game......
Wonder if the bodyguard has any stake in this?

718 days ago


"the help" - oh no he didn't!!

718 days ago


Seal the next O.J.
Hiedi protect yourself.
With his attitude towards women-he is probably ISLAMIC.many AFRICANS are.

718 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Have you seen Seal...Do you blame her for wanting to sleep with someone normal looking?

718 days ago
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