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Paul Ryan's Ex-GF

Served Prison Time

For Wire Fraud

9/1/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_paul_ryan_girlfriend_getty_wsjNow we know why Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend was so tight-lipped yesterday when we asked her about the VP hopeful ... turns out she was indicted by the Feds back in 1999 and spent months in prison for committing wire fraud ... TMZ has learned.

Deneeta D. Pope -- who made headlines recently as Ryan's African-American GF in college -- was indicted by a Grand Jury in November 1999 for allegedly swindling her former employer -- Ernst & Young -- out of $77,000.

Pope pled guilty in 2001 to stealing a lesser amount, but admitted she inflated expense reports, fabricated receipts and turned in phony invoices. She then used a wire transfer to move the money from a bank in Delaware to a different account in Chicago.

Pope created the scam by claiming she attended an educational course for work.  Turns out ... the course didn't even exist.

Pope served 5 months in Federal Prison.

FYI -- Ryan dated Pope approximately 10 years before she was indicted. They met at Miami University of Ohio in the early 90's.


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This obviously shows that Ryan isn't fit for the job. If someone can't refuse to date another person who has the possibility of committing a criminal act in the distant future they simply don't have the integrity to serve in the public domain. Can you tell there's a little sarcasm here?
Of course I'll have to admit it's a little refreshing to finally see a minority commit a white collar crime.....

760 days ago


Seriously? THIS is what you have to report? You are really hitting the bottom with this kind of non-story. I understand you HAVE to be Demtards, but do you HAVE to be so slimy about it? Very disappointed in you TMZ. Where are the stories about Obama's checkered past? The dope smoking, the coke snorting, the radical white hating racists involvements? Where are they TMZ?

760 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Bring it! I want to hear all the dirt. Obama has pretty much been dirtied from his last four years but Smarmy and Smarmier have a long way to go. Yeah baby, dig, dig, dig. Bring it. That's the only thing that is going to make this election interesting because neither Obama or Romney are worth s**t

760 days ago


Who cares what SHE did? Why link Paul Ryan to this story? He didn't do it & had absolutely nothing to do with it. Just another way for you to sell your propaganda?

760 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Let see here,?? We have a president that was a "community organizer" Whats THAT?? A janitor like position-?? We still dont know if he was born in the USA- Go see 2016 and learn about his young years as a pure NOBODY!!! He has so many hidden things about his questionable past the it UNREAL of a presidents past??? He has accomplished NOTHING in the past and LESS from then up to NOW!!! He is like a Dogcatcher working his way up to the presidency with people who have hidden everything in his past!!! The people who voted and will vote for him{ SAD TO SAY} are uneducated, Illiterate poor souls who are only backing him for FREEBIES that he promises them!!! What has this country come to???

760 days ago

Renaldo HImmelbleiberIV    

Thank you for pointing out that the O camgaign has jumped the shark.
Heres the funniest part.
This story will actually make Ryan COOLER in the eyes
of independent voters.
It does for me,and this will go on the big Os political
tombstone,near You Didnt Build That.
Not smartmpushing this story.
Thats why they are going to.

760 days ago


Wow! Anyone who works for E&Y makes or will make decent money. I am sure she wasn't the only dbag that inflated expense reports at the company. Maybe racism has something to do with why she was aggressively prosecuted vs just fired, but she did the crime.

760 days ago


Um, your story says she was indicted in 1999, yet also claims she and Paul met in the early 90's and dated for 10 years. This would indicate that he was dating her at the time she stole the money. So either your story is wrong or he dated her while this was going on. Other places are reporting that he dated her while it was going on, so...

760 days ago


Really...Who cares??? She isn't running for office. Leave her alone!

760 days ago


the man is obviously gay

760 days ago


TMZ is some racist bastards. If she was white would she be called his white ex-girlfiend? No!!! But obviously it's important to point out her race because she is not white. It's the media in this country that start 1/2 of the racist bull**** in this country. And now you're trying to ruin this girls life for not reason. Hidden racism is alive and well.

760 days ago


and she is a Obama supporter,I wonder is that because he is black like her or a criminal like her or a liar like her or all of the above

760 days ago


Leave politics to the pundits TMZ and stick with what you know best - the Kardashians.

760 days ago


The Caucasian man becomes successful in life.

The African American woman becomes a convicted felon.

Isn't this the American dream?

760 days ago


Harvey who gives a flying ****.. leave her alone.. If she did it then she done her time.

Harvey how would you guys like it if I started doing backgrounds on everyone working in TMZ? its only fair right? I have access to all those databases.. I am sure you all have **** in your closets..

760 days ago
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