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I Wish Heidi Wouldn't

'Fornicate with the Help'

9/1/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_seal_video_2Seal opened up in a shocking way last night, accusing Heidi Klum of banging her bodyguard during their marriage and alleging that's why they broke up.

The singer says ... by "fornicating with the help," Heidi clearly shows she lacks class.

Klum has been seen with the bodyguard more frequently lately ... the two were spotted walking alone together in New York City just a few weeks back (see below).

Heidi separated from Seal in January and filed for divorce in April. As we first reported, Heidi's story is that she couldn't handle Seal's explosive temper. At the time they separated, we're told Seal was desperately trying to save the marriage.

Things change.



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buzz kill    

No wonder he has a temper, who wouln't when your wife is whoring around.

781 days ago

South Beach    

I'm sure the more successful she got and the more he faded the worse he became. Psycho temper loser be gone.

781 days ago


Heidi's not the only one who's said Seal has serious anger problems. People who are impulsive with their anger are also often impulsive in jumping to conclusions and letting their emotions cause them to lose touch with reality. IMO, this is a little taste of Seal's underlying rage. Heidi may be *********** with the help now, but I doubt she did it when they were married. His imagination is just running wild.

781 days ago


So Heidi gives up seals reputed foot long you know what, for a steroid user freaks shriveled uo little sausage.

781 days ago


This woman slept her way up. Come on she is not pretty enough to be a top model she was made to it by the industire for sexual faves . She had a lot of naked shooting . she knows how to get fast money

781 days ago

Melissa B    


781 days ago


So, Seal, that hot chick on the yacht from over a month ago, were you doing her during the marriage? WTF is up with this guy. This is the first I've heard of Heidi being out and about with a guy, he's already been seen with other women. Sheesh.

781 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Things are beginning to make sense. She couldn't handle his temper. He couldn't handle her getting too close to the bodyguard for protection. A perpetuating vicious circle of cir***stances. A catch 22. Sad and unfortunate for the kids that they couldn't seek help through a therapist.

781 days ago


Seal is jealous, plain and simple....Kinda hard to see the former love of your life moving on......Should've kept your anger issues intact.

781 days ago


Women usually don't cheat on men that are great in bed.

781 days ago


Sounds like Seal DOES NOT like being tossed to the curb. Maybe next time he should learn some self control. Heidi does NOT need to put up with a mean spirited bully. A person can only take so much before they break. You pushed her too far and you lost so do everyone a favor and move on Seal.

781 days ago


what a great voice! this guy needs to start doing narrations..

781 days ago


That's rich Seal...You were busing tables not SO long ago...Talk about the help..

781 days ago


Be thankful you took part in the show and had everyone's attention while it lasted. Be honest, you never expected it to last forever or more correctly wouldn't have wanted it. Just help and make sure those kids grow up in a balanced environment so that they can make their own choices. They kids deserve a chance. You owe it to them. Show some humility and honesty there.

781 days ago


Seal seems very passive aggressive. Very charming at first, giving the appearance that he is paying her a compliment, but then behind a calm voice and a smile, goes for Heidi's jugular. I dated someone like
this. As long as you did what they wanted, they were nice, as soon as you didn't appease them or disappointed them, boy they would shred you to pieces. Very dangerous people because they are punishing when they don't get what they want.

781 days ago
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