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Kelly Rutherford


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9/4/2012 11:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0904_kelly_rutherford_02Kelly Rutherford's ex-husband set up a photo op at a French airport on Sunday where the actress arrived to visit her children ... violating a court order in the process -- or so Kelly is telling friends.

One of Kelly's close friends -- who recently spoke to the actress in France -- tells TMZ, the "Gossip Girl" star was shocked when she saw photos of her arrival at the airport in Nice this weekend surfacing on the Internet, and believes her ex is to blame for leaking her location.

The friend says Kelly believes ... if her ex Daniel Giersch really did set up the shot -- it would be a violation of a court order against exposing the couple's kids to the media.

In the photos, Kelly looks happy -- hugging her kids while they wave a sign reading "Welcome Super Mama" -- but now, she's super pissed.

As you know, Kelly and her ex are embroiled in a bitter custody war. A judge recently named Giersch the "residential parent," meaning the kids have to live in France because he's banished from the U.S.  Kelly still lives in the States, and has to fly to France to see her kids for her half of the custody share.

Kelly plans to fight the ruling. Reps for both Kelly and Giersch had no comment.


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Sin D    

I blame Kelley for the whole mess and all the problems...because well, she is a woman.

778 days ago


Quit your b!tching.

The judge gave the order, now FOLLOW IT!!!

778 days ago


bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.

778 days ago


Kids look pretty happy to me, doubt this approach is going to help her in her appeal, trying to take an awesome moment with the kids in a picture and turn it into something negative. Think the best advice she could take is to quit while she's ahead.

778 days ago


Bullcrappuckies, that doesn't look like the face of an annoyed woman staring into a paps camera. I call Shena****ns, she set up the photo op to blame him. Nice try, Kelly.

778 days ago


Ummmmm remember Kelley was the one that started the whole WAR with her unfounded accusations about him. Bet she regrets that now . . .

778 days ago

Who Knew    

Wondering what kind of plastic surgery that lying skank Kartrashian is having. She must be since she has been not on TMZ for a while. That's a good thing.

778 days ago


I'm going to have to agree with her. Look, when most people are in situations like this, when do the kids have balloons and signs waiting for the mom or dad to pick them up? He called the photographers. He's trying to make himself out to be the perfect parent. Quite possibly he is. Who knows? He needs to keep his kids out of the media.

778 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> Of course she didn't know, otherwise, why would she be Staring Right At The Camera?
> Her Ex made sure the kids had balloons, a sign calling her a "SUPER MOM", got them all excited about seeing her. Obviously, this man has a super sinister plan to make the kids hate her and to make her life miserable.
> I think the only person here who is embroiled in a "bitter custody war" is Kelly Rutherford, and so far all she's done is shoot herself in the foot.

778 days ago


Hold on! Would you rather the children grow up without their dad? Are you not being little selfish here? He can't visit the US, you can visit France yet you want to get sole custody of your children (your as in both of you)? Chic, that's just being too mean!

778 days ago


I am sure that she set that up. Half the world new she would be going to France ASAP after the court last week. She doesnt looked like she is surprised by the photo (she is smiling) plus her kids look delighted to see their father not horrified like she says they are when they see him!!!

778 days ago


BLOCK OUT THE KIDS FACES FOR GOD'S SAKE TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

778 days ago


Here she goes again....don't make claims without solid proof Kelley.

778 days ago


ROFLMAO...Look to the right of this page. The long shot they have of the family, "HE"S HOLDING HER PURSE?"
Man, that right there should put him in good graces with a judge.

778 days ago


Rutherford to Judge, "I wasn't expecting this, I have the proof in this picture. If I was expecting paps I would have put makeup on. See, HE SET IT UP!"

778 days ago
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