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Did She Call Drake

an 'A-Hole' at the VMAs?

9/7/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Now, we're not professional lip-readers ... but we could SWEAR Rihanna referred to Drake and his posse as a bunch of "a**holes" when they won an MTV VMA award last night.

Check out the video ... moments after Drake, Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj and the rest of the crew walk to the stage to accept the award for Best Hip-Hop Video ... the camera cuts to a close-up shot of Rihanna.

Rihanna mouths some words to the person sitting next to her ... it appears she says, "I hate these a**holes."

Rihanna -- who was sitting just a few seats down from Drake -- also refused to clap for the rapper when they announced his name and even turned her head so she wouldn't have to look at him.

No surprise since Rihanna is tight with Chris Brown ... whose face was busted up during that crazy NYC nightclub brawl back in June.

Then again ... maybe she was just talking about "these rascals?"



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Too hard to tell for sure what she's saying.
But since Rihanna does like to antagonize men with her abusive personality, it's not a far stretch to think she may have said something insulting ;)

744 days ago

what she said was, "Im feeling gassy and bloated today, dear sir".

744 days ago


There was also a report that was tweeted that said, Nicki Minaj told Rhinna to sit down when she got up to give her a hug last night, Rihanna disrespected Nicki while hugging her a year old so back grabbing on her bottom, maybe it had something to do with that

744 days ago


KP's face! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She's like "Yeah...wait, what? Said it before, will say it again: she def didn't deserve getting beat by that *******, but if she gets beat again, she'll just prove Joan right: IDIOT!

744 days ago

Jay W.     

Katy is the only thing I see...

744 days ago


Rihanna is a douche!!! Next time you get beat up by Chris Brown sorry to say you deserved it...IDIOT!!!!

744 days ago

Jay W.     

Idiot Rih can say whatever the hell she likes.

744 days ago


Yeah, all her and Katy perry did all night was try to be hot, gossip and make bitchy ass comments. By the end of the night, I disliked them both.BTW Katy, if you don't like that you weren't nominated for best pop video, don't show up. Also sticking your tits out as you kiss young, barely legal boys...straight up creepy. Yeah, over both those girls. Suprisingly, Ke$ha's comes off the best out of all of them (desperate Gaga BFF with firecrotch, hot mess Rihanna, the creepy "do you think I'm hot in my mini shorts and awkward dancing" Taylor, fame whore Miley and bitch face Perry). On a side note, the 90s/2000s artists like Pink and Green Day had the best performances. Sad, sad night all around!

744 days ago


God, Rihanna is such an idiot. Don't see the facination. There are a lot like her at the housing projects.

744 days ago


All of these " music stars" are acting like a bunch of little high school children.

744 days ago


She doesn't like Drake because he's a good guy with white education, not the the typical black criminal from the ghetos, like her and Chris. She doesn't like guys who trat her well.

I understand why Chris beat up Rihanna. I would smash her face even harder!

744 days ago


But the A$$holes are her favorite type of guys.

744 days ago


Maybe you have too beat her up for her to care about you. If so how sad is that?

744 days ago


Ok she says it with a smile on her face...We are not in her life, we dont know what has happened and what types of words were exchanged between her and Drake after that whole club fight. Im sure Drake is no angel either. Im sure all this will blow over in time...Her and Drake will speak again. I also heard Nicki Minaj told her to sit the f*uck down after she won her award cuz Rihanna was gonna hug her....she should just stfu with her fake azz.

744 days ago


Wow, it must be nice to have all that money and still be in grade school.

744 days ago
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