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The Game

Rapper to the Rescue

After Bloody Bike Crash

9/7/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0906_the_game_tmzThe Game snapped into hero mode earlier this week ... possibly saving the life of a man who badly injured himself in a bicycle crash on an L.A. street.

TMZ has learned ... Game was driving home from his studio early Wednesday morning when he noticed a man who was lying face down in the street ... with his bike on top of his body.

Game tells us ... he pulled over to see if he could help ... and when he noticed the man was unresponsive, he immediately called 911.

"I couldn’t just keep driving seeing a man in pain with his head on the ground."

Game waited with the man until paramedics arrived to the scene ... and says the man was transported to a nearby hospital.

Cops tell us the man is alive and is currently recovering from his injuries. Police also confirm that Game was the person who made the first 911 call.

Game tells us, "If that was me in that situation, I'd want someone to do the same thing."


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LMAO! So now he's a good Samaritan?

775 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Dude, you're the one who ran him off the road.
Phishie from Philly

775 days ago


Does this mean there's no more Grinch or Santa? My life is ruined, Thank You So Much!

775 days ago


I cannot believe he would risk life and limb, and put himself in harms way to make that call. You never know when an asteroid might be coming at you from the sky. We need more super heroes like Da Game...

775 days ago


Good job, most zombies, I mean people would of either walked/drove by or pulled out their cell phone and started recording the injured person in pain. I remember the shooting at the Empire State Building shooting not to long ago. In the news reports you saw American's and European tourist alike whose first instinct was to pull out a cell phone and stick it in the face of people crying in the street in pain. Good job!

775 days ago


Good for The Game, did the right thing, I go back and fourth with the guy, sometimes he impresses me, other times pisses me off, like the dude he pushed around on the last video, but redemption is about day to day and what we do right now, not what we did yesterday, far as I'm concerned you redeem yourself if you stop and help or save a guy...good on The Game

775 days ago


Don't faltter yourself. You did not do anything amazing by stopping to make a telephone call for a person in distress, it was an obligation of humanity, and it was just a fluke that you were first. It was not an amazing achievement or anything like that. Americans are so arrogant and self-agrandizing that it is almost pathetic.

775 days ago

She's baaaack    

The rider "badly injured himself in a bicycle crash"? Did his bike crash because he was beating himself with a rock or something too badly injure himself? Might you have meant he was badly injured when his bicycle crashed? I thought most high schools were back in session, but it seems that your staff didn't return to 11th grade this year.

775 days ago


Hero? um Not so much.
How much time or effort does it take to dial three numbers?
Not like he dove into a raging river to save a drowning man.
I suspect the hardest part was remembering what numbers to call.

775 days ago

John Basedow    

Racism is so blinding, it makes me sick. The guy did a good deed, granted he didn't do more than just pull over and call 911. Still, a good deed and still, racists have to badmouth him in the comments.

775 days ago


I was in a bike crash a couple years ago... as I lay on the ground, really messed up, my crumpled bike next to me, a number of cars just stopped to gawk then drove on... finally, a guy stopped, got out of his car and came over to help... I really appreciated my good Samaritan. Good one, Game... you did the right thing.

775 days ago


"The Game snapped into HERO MODE earlier this week ... possibly SAVING THE LIFE of a man "

@@John Basedow

Racism is so blinding, it makes me sick. The guy did a good deed, granted he didn't do more than just pull over and call 911. Still, a good deed and still, racists have to badmouth him in the comments.
4 hours ago


It is because of overinflated text in the story that has people making fun of Game Boy....get over yourself....any chance you are a sensitive Black person??

774 days ago

jason whitten    

Reminds me of when SHEMAR MOORE hurt himself on a bike. Now he back and moving in a gut busting new Parody ReRap music video with 6 PACK!

774 days ago


Great Job Game! You could of easily just drove off and kept going, Like some of these heartless idiots commenting, but your heart was in the right place, so you stopped to help. And don't let any of these haters down play what you did, because not everyone would have done that. Great Job.

774 days ago


Good Deed! Game!

774 days ago

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