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There's NO BEEF

With Kim Kardashian

9/8/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian and Beyonce don't hate each other's guts -- despite reports -- in fact, they're BFFs.

There was lots of speculation this week following a story in which Bey allegedly confronted Kim at Jay-Z's recent Made in America event in Philadelphia -- asking Kim to stop posing for the cameras because she was stealing Jay-Z's spotlight.

Director Ron Howard was at the event too -- and according to reports, Kim approached Ron to cast her in one of his films ... another detail that allegedly pissed off Beyonce.

But sources close to Beyonce's camp tell us, there was no confrontation whatsoever -- in fact, when Kanye performed with Jay-Z at the event ... we're told Beyonce and Kim watched their men together backstage, laughing and hugging the whole time.

As one source put it, "They love each other -- they talk fashion, family, Beyonce's baby all the time."

As for the Ron Howard thing -- we're told Kim never uttered a word to him the entire day.


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Spicy mag    

Opie don't play that.

737 days ago


Honey Boo Boo and fam are kicking the Kartrashians ample butts with their new show. How insulting for the K's, who feel so superior to everyone, to be taken down by a 6 year old redneck. I'd rather watch Alana and family (as disgusting as they can be) over the KKKs anyday. Tired of Bey's royal ass, too.

737 days ago


Gee, I wonder who could be the source for all this positive news about Kim?

737 days ago

Kev the Realist    

Is anyone else sick of the KRAPDASHIANS. They are true media whores and will make up any story to keep getting press. STOP COVERING them and maybe they will just disappear. They should pack up their gypsy wagon and take their skanky whoring asses to some island somehwere...

737 days ago


Please Beyonce stay away from her...You dont want trash around you and ur family...oh and keep an eye on her she might just try and bone ur man..

737 days ago

Bitch please    

Good to know KMZ. Know the whole world can sleep better at night knowing these 2 ass turds are OMG like friends!!! Hooray!!!! The world is a better place now. F'ck the recession we're in. F'ck the highest unemployment rate in history if the US has now. F'ck everyone who is fighting for their life because they have an uncurable illness. F'ck the starving children. F'ck all the dead or permanently disabled soldiers who fought for our freedom. F'ck that, just f'ck all of that because these 2 are friends!!!!!! Ho ho hooray!!!!!

737 days ago

Bitch please    

Kim= "like B like i'm like such a fan of your like work, lets like take pictures together so i can look like i'm your friend cause i love your work, like i'm serious" Beyonce to Jay Z= "baby why arent my albums not selling no more" Jay Z to Kanye= " yo KANYE peace out n'gga, we done homie" And thats how the friendship will end between Jay Z and Kanye folks. LOL Kim brings too much unnecessary BS on everything and anything she does.

737 days ago


I think their a perfect match their both fake. I lost my respect for Beyonce years ago when she sold her soul to the devil and when she faked her pregnancy when it was so obvious her bump was fake. Shes just as vile as Kim.

737 days ago


Beyonce's voice is about as good as jennifer other words: Terrible. And judging by a recent appearance on Letterman, she has a competely bland personality as well with nothing interesting to say. It seems that she should work less on her career and more on getting her manager/father to stop cheating on her mother. Oh poor beyonce and your fake pregnancy-all done for fame and $$$$. What an empty life....=(

737 days ago


TMZ would NEVER post this if this didnt come from Beyonce's people. Cry Kim haters. LOL

737 days ago


Laughing and hugging? That's where you lost me.

737 days ago


Who the hell cares. kim whoretrashian is a piss princess sex tape slut; her being alive or dead means absolutely nothing...

737 days ago


That was the question when Kim Kardashian's appearance at Charlotte, North Carolina's new Club Hush drew less than 50 people on a night

737 days ago



737 days ago


The only people this interests is the staff at TMZ.

737 days ago
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