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Matt Lauer

There is NO BEEF

With Al Roker

9/12/2012 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Matt Lauer does NOT believe Al Roker is trying to sabotage the "Today" show ... despite his crazy antics ... telling TMZ that any talk of a riff between Al and the show is nothing more than a "rumor."

Matt was on his way home from the gym in NYC yesterday when we asked about all of the drama with the "Today" show ... including the fact that rival "Good Morning America" has TAKEN OVER as ratings leader in the morning news war.

"We feel the heat every day," Lauer says ... "but we have for the last 20 years that I've been there."

"We're just trying to do the best show we can do every single day ... and I think we're doing a good job right now ... and I think the cycle will reverse."

As for Al Roker's pattern of bizarre behavior on the air since his good friend Ann Curry was fired from the show ... it's clear Lauer doesn't seem too concerned about the situation.


No Avatar


He's as unbearable as Bryant Gumball was.

740 days ago

She's baaaack    

Why does NBC continue to worship at the altar of Lauer?

740 days ago


matt only beefs with women...conceited azz ole!

740 days ago


Matt Lauer is a mangy-headed hack journalist and all-around tool. How the hell could anyone be dumb enough to watch him??

740 days ago


I will not watch the Today Show until Matt Lauer has been fired. I cannot stand him. Matt is a back stabbing narcissist that everyone hates.

How unbelievably incompetent are the execs at NBC? That ridiculous pandering to Jay Leno over the Tonight Show/Conan debacle, and now obsessively backing Matt Lauer at all costs. The NBC execs should be fired along with Matt Lauer for making one asinine decision after the next.

740 days ago


I cant stand Al. He is the one with the 'whats hapening in your neck of the woods" chatter that makes me change the channel. I love Matt and when/if Ann was on I would simply not watch that day (her voice gave me the willies). Dont worry Matt, only the haters on TMz post all day long, the real fans/ aka people with a brain, are all at work so they dont have time to post. I bet 10000000 dollars, these posters dont watch GMA either, and if they are trained to hate, write bad stuff, heck, they would write bad stuff about Diane sawyer if the story was about her. I love you Matt, you are the only reason I watch and will continue to watch.

740 days ago

dirty curt    

that dude is so disgusting....I'd love to be outside the today show and just clobber the crap outta that douche bag, then pick up his mic, hand it to roker and tell him America loves you, not this conceited prick

740 days ago


agree with the overpaid, egotistical puke. so he gets ann curry fired, gets a cute young thing as a co-host..olympics over bud, can turn you off. Might just be your great "fan base" has see your true colors. Turn him off. Good Morning America has more down to earth anchors.

740 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Matt Lauer is 4'8'' of pure super masculine manly manliness. He sweats pure testosterone. When he takes a leak the toilet bowl gets pregnant. That's how manly he is! Hellz 2 da yeah!

(Seriously, what a ridiculous, arrogant, self-absorbed, balding midget!)

740 days ago


Matt is the kiss of death to the Today Show, that coupled with not observing a moment of silence for victims of 9/11 and opting to interview whore Kris Jenner, not to mention the letting go of Ann Curry, all spell doom for Today and NBC.

740 days ago


Wishful thinking, Matt. Don't look left or right for someone or something to blame. The problem sets with you.

739 days ago


I used to think Lauer was a good guy. Obviously I was wrong in assuming I'm a good judge of character.

735 days ago


the problem seems to be with Matt Lauer ... typica "Jewish Prince." Too bad they let great people go and kieep this di... head.

726 days ago


I'ts obvious that Al Roker does not seem the same since Ann Curry was let go. It was unfair and wrong what they did to her and Al seems like a great Guy. Matt is to blame!!!

633 days ago


Let's hope that Matt doesn't want to get rid of Al next!! Al is the only one there that I like now.

633 days ago
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