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Amy Winehouse

Singer Gets Second Billing


9/21/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0921_amy_winehouse_SplashAmy Winehouse's gravestone has been unveiled in London ... and even though she was a worldwide superstar, she didn't get top billing on her final marquee.

Amy is buried alongside her grandmother Cynthia Levy, who passed away 5 years before the 27-year-old singer ... and the two share a gravestone, with Cynthia's name on top. 

The stone reads, "In loving memory of Cynthia Levy ... and her beloved granddaughter Amy Jade Winehouse."

The inscription continues, "Forever in the hearts of their devoted family."

Winehouse died on July 23, 2011 after a hardcore alcohol binge. 




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HRH Prince Michael    

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732 days ago

Spicy mag    

That headstone looks like a Facebook wall.

732 days ago


that is a beautiful stone. very well and nicely done.

732 days ago


She was Jewish?

731 days ago


I miss Amy Winehouse. She was such a fantastic singer. May her soul rest in peace.

731 days ago


RIP love x

731 days ago


It is a beautiful headstone. Why even write about it if your going to demean it by something stupid like Amy Winehouse gets second billing. It's death not a movie or a popularity contest. What is wrong with you people at TMZ.

Died of a hard core alcohol binge. She died of an disease, it got the better of her. Addiction is no different than cancer, you either beat it or you don't. IF you can't beat it , it'll get you in the end. And anything TMZ or anyone else writes should give the same dignity to the death of someone who dies of their addiction, as they would of someone who died of cancer. Both are tragic and especially when they claim the young.

731 days ago


OMG there is absolutely nothing wrong with that headstone, it's written properly. If it was intended to be a huge thing for Amy then she should have had her own separate headstone that only had her name and tribute on it. But since it's a family headstone and her grandmother died 5 years earlier then the way it is is the proper way to have it.

731 days ago


This is so stupid... of course she gets second, its not a show, its a family grave, her grandma dies first thats why she got first in the stone...

731 days ago


Why dog TMZ for reporting? I have never heard of a mutual stone, with one name above another. Must be a custom over there. Thanks for educating me TMZ!

730 days ago
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