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Amanda Bynes

Friends Are FURIOUS

Her Family Isn't Helping Her

9/22/2012 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0922-amanda-bynes-tmzSources close to Amanda Bynes tell TMZ her friends are fuming mad with her family ... wondering why they aren't doing more to help the troubled actress before something REALLY bad happens to her.

According to our sources, Amanda's friends do not understand why her family is not being more aggressive when it comes to her wellbeing. We're told her friends are perplexed why they are just standing by and watching Amanda self-destruct.

Our sources say her friends (who feel they have done all they can) want her family to literally break down her door and drag her to get to help.

But that's a problem ... because we're told Amanda has slowly cut off communication from her entire family -- dad, mom, sister and brother -- to the point where she has ceased all communication entirely. 

As TMZ first reported, Amanda's family recently moved from Texas to California to be closer to her. According to our sources, they are having the same level of success helping her now as they did before.



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It's hard to help someone that doesn't want help. She's an adult and there's really nothing they can do if she cut off all communication. Look at Lindsay Lohan, Her family has no control. Now , the family needs someone to help them.

760 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

If they're so furious why DON'T THESE DEADBEAT MOWOODERS help her? Typical liberals, let someone else do the heavy lifting while THEY criticize everyone else's efforts or non efforts. It's called tough love. NO JUNKIE DRUNKIE will change until they're ready. Her parents thankfully aren't idiots like Lohans. I mean look at her. NO ONE DOES JACK to help her and her parents milk her like everyone else. But there comes a time when an addict either decides "life is important to me" or doesn't and dies. Sheen got the message when his checks started bouncing, but my bet is he's just refilling his bank account and then it's back to the pipe. All you have to do is look at his body and face and see the damage he's done. Even if he quits he's a dead man, you can see it written all over him. I know, I went to baseball camp at Mickey Owens with the guy 30 years ago and he was a great guy THEN. Now he's on death's doorstep sadly, I hope not but again, I as a former user myself can see it written all over him. He's aged 20 years in the past 4 years. DRUGS KILL and DRUGGIES KILL when they're jacked up and this chick, Liho and Sheen are the three stooges of Mowood junkies right now. : ( Very sad what that town does to human beings. Chews em up and spits em all out.

760 days ago


Her so-called friends have a better chance in making her get help.She's a grown ass spoiled woman.

760 days ago


oh, your sources told you this? her 18 year old friends?

760 days ago


Have those so called "friends" contacted her family about it BEFORE yapping off at the mouth to TMZ?

760 days ago


You go meth head
Exercise your freedom of speech
God Bless America

760 days ago


Amanda is in alot of denial over her addiction problems I am sure, she'll need to be told by a judge to either get treatment for her addictions or if not she'll be going to jail and serving time for her actions!

760 days ago


Instead of being furious about it, why not intervene and do something, this girl is in dire need of help!

760 days ago

She's baaaack    

I call bull_shlt on at least half of this story. I doubt if those people uprooted their lives to go to another state where their adult daughter lived so they could hang out at the beach and ignore her. Who are there "friends" who have such concern they aren't trying to get a mandatory three-day psych stay? This makes no sense.

760 days ago


The family's excuse is just that, an excuse. Sounds like these people are more afraid to be cut off the payroll than anything else? Stop treating your daughter/sister like a celebrity, and man-up/woman-up and do your family and moral duties. I said this last week, and I know they, the family, are reading these posts, so if they didn't know then, they know now, it is called a 51/50 hold, that is all they need to ask for to have Amanda held by doctors and medically evaluated. Meanwhile, all they need do is go to court and ask for a conservatorship over her, allowing them to restrict her movements and who she associates with--and if they are smart, they will act before she winds-up in even worse legal trouble than she already is, overdosed on drugs, or tries to leave the country to a place where they will have no influence on her at all.

760 days ago


No one is in the position to judge her parents. She has been of legal age for 8yrs. If her friends are complaining, what about them stepping up. Ever heard of a citizens arrest...they could have done that re her driving after suspension of her license.

760 days ago


A. What exactly are her parents supposed to do?

B. Who cares!!! So tired of seeing stuff about her everywhere.

760 days ago


ANYBODY can call the police to say she's acting strangely. She'll be taken to the ER and a full psych workup will be done. All you have to do is CALL. You don't have to wait for family to do it.

760 days ago

Jason Wright    

I say lock the bitch up.damn if it was anyone els they ass would hsve been in jail....she wanna think she above the law ok will lets show her...**** a rehab jail time bitch....

760 days ago


Yeah, I bet she's hooked on coke or some other hard drug, thinks she's set with her dealer hookup and will not see the need for help from her family and others until she hits rock-f**kin bottom.

760 days ago
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