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Dina Lohan to Dr. Phil



9/22/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan
is telling friends ... she knows she looked like a total train wreck in her recent Dr. Phil interview -- but she insists she's not an out-of-control drunk ... and she wants to prove it in a SECOND Dr. Phil interview.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ, she doesn't believe the interview that aired this week on Dr. Phil's show -- in which she appears bizarrely fidgety and paranoid -- is a good representation of her (no duh).

Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview -- she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindsay's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ... which begs the question -- How could she think Phil wouldn't ask her about those things?

We're told Dina has reached out to Dr. Phil for a do-over to prove she's not "the worst mother in America."

So far, it's unclear if Dr. Phil will take her back.



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Trooper Tom    

STOP giving this woman media time she is nothing but a media whore hanging on to the coat tails of her daughter for fame an attention

725 days ago


I didn't see the whole interview but the clip I watched she seemed nervous about what she was talking about, I would be if I were talking about being abused, esp on national tv. She may have problems but who doesn't and the fact that people have named her "Worst Mother in America" is awful. Obviously people don't know about the types of mothers out there that abuse, molest, abandon, etc their children. Everyone needs to get real. Yes she needs help but she doesn't need to be attacked...that's not gonna help her. And isn't that why she's with Dr. Phil to get help? Isn't that what he's 'supposed' to do? I don't think he was being compassionate in the clips I saw I thought he was being callous toward her. Get her help if she needs it don't sit on high moral ground and look down on her and judge her as if everyone else is so perfect.

725 days ago

Tommy G.    

Dr. Pill could play uncle festus on a remake of the Adams family without any are a ffpos.

725 days ago

Dina Lohan    

I totally deserve a second chance. I am a great loving mother and an amazing manager. Like my beautiful Lindsay, I don't drink because I'm a vaginatarian! On the day of the interview, I did not consume any alcohol. I only took ecstasy and viagra! Don't hate and get your facts straight!

725 days ago


@ZEPHYR, just had to come back and tell you this. Asked my husband if he had ever heard of Chips and Salsa. Its nice to know I am married to an innocent. I just corrupted and grossed him out with your definition of it. ROFLMFAO. Back to play my games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

725 days ago


For those on here that say Dina was nervous, didn't want to talk about Lindsay and abuse, etc. Apparently you've forgotten that Dina co-hosted a radio show where she did exactly this same thing!

725 days ago


Drunk or not, her behaviour was appalling and can see why her daughter is messed up.

725 days ago


She is off the wall and doing something.....

725 days ago


I wonder when we'll hear anything about the hit and run and leaving the scene of the accident. I don't know if the probation department even works on the weekend.

725 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

> Huffington Post thought that the Dick 'n Linds poster didn't really say what it should have, so here is a link to their version:
> And here's a TinyUrl link if TMZ screws up the one above:
> I have a feeling that there will be more of these to come - lots more.

725 days ago


"Dina says she was in an extremely emotional state during the interview -- she says she was taken off guard by questions about Lindasy's drug habits and Michael Lohan's alleged abuse ..."

I agree with the assessment that asks how could Dina not know these questions were going to be asked!
Dina blew it; nothing that she will do can help her look any better than what she is-- a wreck just like her daughter.
Dr. Phil, if his only concern is ratings, will have her come back. If he doesn't care about the ratings, he probably wants nothing to do with her.

725 days ago


Enough coke head, enough.

725 days ago


@ZEPHYR, just read those other two off for him. He said GAWDDDDDDDD and just shook his head. I think we are both sufficiently educated, k? LMAO. Off to get some sleep, was awakened at 1:30am and again at 4:40AM. If I have nightmares, you are to BLAME, LMAO.

725 days ago


She just wants another $ 50,000 plus whatever the other stations on the circuit are willing to pay her.

And Dr. Phil is a big enough media whore that he'll do it.

That leaves us who are dumb enough to tune in to see what will happen.

Is this fcked up or what?

725 days ago


Dina wants another chance because she feels she was denied her customary practice of giving hand jobs to the staff and crew in all the confusion.

725 days ago
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