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Game Show Contestants Sue


on $580k Question

9/24/2012 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Question: What is the most common computer password?
A) Password
B) 123456
C) I Love You

Answer: Depends on who you ask ... because two former game show contestants are now suing the people behind "Million Dollar Money Drop" claiming they guessed correctly ... but were hosed out of the $580k prize.

TMZ obtained a lawsuit filed by Andrew and Patricia Murray ... who appeared on the Endemol-produced game show back in 2011.

In the suit, the Murrays claim they wagered $580k after receiving the question: "According to the data security firm IMPERVA, what is the most common computer password?"

The Murrays claim they guessed B, based on personal knowledge of surveys and articles and having  read numerous studies on the Internet ... but they were told they were WRONG.

On the show, which aired on FOX, they were told the answer was A ... and the Murrays lost their shot at the money.

But in the suit, the Murrays claim they were tricked by Endemol producers ... because, "IMPERVA did not conduct its own objective survey of computer users but rather supports its assertion that 123456 is the most common password based on analysis of a hacking incident involving a website known as"

FYI -- the hacking incident referenced in the suit occurred back in 2009.

In the docs, the Murrays argue "If [they] would have known that the question was pertaining to a random, single incident ... they would have hedged their bets and played differently."

The Murrays argue that they were "tricked" -- despite the fact they were promised there would be no "trick questions." Now, they're suing Endemol, FOX, and others for the $580k -- plus punitive damages and other fees.


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Hell I KNEW the answer

760 days ago


For every job I have held in the last ten years, the DEFAULT password was "password" until I was prompted to make my own for the company I worked for, so I agree with the original answer "A."

760 days ago


Frivolous lawsuit, it will be thrown out immediately, or at the very least they will not win. Ridiculous.

760 days ago


The correct answer IS password.

760 days ago


As the saying goes, "Good luck with that one."

760 days ago


yeah, I said password as soon as I read the question. Everybody looking for a payday. smh.

760 days ago


I am an IT consultant for 18 years now, and I would say unquestionably the most common password is indeed "password". The main reason is that it is the default password for many millions of devices, and often people don't change them.

760 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

That's what happens when you go on a game show not hosted by Regis Philban.
Phishie from Philly

760 days ago


Funny. Place we work at (passwords are provided to the admin) - 95% of the people choose a short 4-6 password that consists of letters and end in "1". (ie drake1). The rest of the people end in a "2" or some other number. Personally I figure most people pick a "form of someone's name" friend/sweetheart etc - and may change letters like ls into 1s v. something stupid like 123456 or even a real word like Password.

760 days ago


well, I'm suing TMZ for having to see this....LOL what next??? since obammy mentioned no more frivulous lawsuits, alls I have seen is STUPIDLOUS all the time!!

760 days ago


I checked online. And it all depends on the site on which is first and which is second.
Tho they did say the most common password for 2011 is "password1" because most sites are requiring 9 letters and a numerator.
Tho my mortgage service required a punctuation mark as well. The first time I've seen that.

760 days ago


makes ya just wanna End-em-'all'..

760 days ago


The phrase "according to" in that question means the producers will win this lawsuit. Guaranteed.

760 days ago


The most common password at TMZ. Is it:
A) LiLo
B) Lardassian
C) Season1Harvey

760 days ago


This is a legitimate claim, due to the answer being statistical. Question being: based on which sample?

French will hardly choose "Password" as password. Internationally speaking, "123456" is a much more likely candidate.

760 days ago
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