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Green Bay Mayor to Commish

You're Crushing Packers'

Shot at a Super Bowl

9/25/2012 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt fired off an angry letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell -- as promised -- claiming the labor dispute with referees is threatening the Packers on-field success ... AND putting the entire Wisconsin town in financial jeopardy.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter ... in which the Mayor claims the NFL's elite status is being "threatened by less than qualified officials who are not quite at the same level as the rest of the league's representatives."

Mayor Schmitt, who's also a shareholder of the publicly owned Green Bay Packers, continues ... "last night's game creates a negative perception on the NFL brand, which in turn jeopardizes the Packers' chance for success as well as the potential to negatively affect our local economy."

All in all, it's a pretty polite way of saying it totally sucks that replacement refs cost Green Bay's greatest commodity -- the Packers -- a victory last night.

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The call was made.and it was stated that it would remain that way...does this idiot azz ole of a mayor hear or read the findings....quit your bitching and move on, you're nothing but a lil bitch crying! And Green Bay elected you mayor...says a lot about them! You're embarrassing your own city...cry baby!

759 days ago


I think this Mayor lost a huge amount of money he betted on Greenbay....most like public funds were used by this useless idiot, why else would he be whining like a lil girl!

759 days ago


STFU! Your team lost end of story. Both Coaches look at the video so please can we let this go on the the next game I having so much fun watching Green Bey lose. The lost the SuperBowl last year and fired the Quarterback with was loved by the fans.

I sick of these stories. By the way TMZ you do have a sports section.

759 days ago


This coming from the union-busting mayor of Wisconsin? Who's now asking that the NFL cave to the referees union? This is priceless!

759 days ago


no mayor.green bay will cost themselves the super bowl.fact is the packers should have left no doubt.instead their game came down to one play and as always with refs a bad call was made.to much is being made about that call.its more of a union loving media is using that to put pressure on the NFL to cave to the union.stand your ground NFL

759 days ago


Maybe QB Aarogant Rogers shouldn't have started the game by shooting his make-believe gun like he'd done something great. Karma didn't like it either and that beeotch bit him in the azzzz.

759 days ago


You'd think GB was the only team to ever lose by bad ref calls. It happens to all the teams, but they just suck it up. GB is not used to it... They are usually the team that benefits from refs and are truly behaving like sore losers. Congrats to Seahawk fans. Your team laid Rogers on his back for almost the entire game. You deserve the win and shouldn't have to apologize for it.

759 days ago

Saints fan    

Green Bay wasn't the only team that had a bad call affect the outcome of their game this weekend. They reversed 5 calls in our game and took away points that could have won the game. That doesn't excuse the Saints awful play in the second half, but those points would have given us the win. I just hope everyone now sees Roger Goodell for the inept ******* that he is. He needs to be fired.

759 days ago


Calm down people. It's just a freakin game! They'll get to play more.

759 days ago


He just wants the old refs back so his team will get all the favorable calls again like they did last season. And considering replacement refs got the td call correct they unfortunately missed the interference call that allowed the td.

759 days ago



759 days ago


All orchestrated by the union mafia...paying off the replacement referees to make horrible calls and then sending press releases to float rumors of safety issues for players...to get the public riled up and pressure the NFL into caving in so the mafia dons I mean the union bosses can make their profit$

759 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seriously a politician is firing off letters to the NFL commissioner? Its only a game you jabronis

759 days ago


Well, let's not forget the Seahawks were ROBBED of the 2006 Super Bowl because of the hideous officiating and those guys were not replacements. Nonetheless, I've lived in Seattle all my life, love my Hawks with all my heart, but still think they lost the game last night. Sorry, boys but I'm not sure how you move past this error without wearing it around your necks the rest of your lives. Is it too late to give it back?

759 days ago


Bad calls happen, part of the world of sports, so those cheeseheads just need to get over it!!! Greenbay seems to be full of a bunch of soar losers. So what one bad call happened be at the end of the game, but no bitching for the calls that hurt the Seattle earlier in the game??? Seahawks FTW!!!

759 days ago
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