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Lil Wayne


In Deposition Tapes

9/29/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092412_lil_wayne_one_liners_launchLil Wayne ain't fazed one bit by the hilarious deposition tapes that surfaced this week -- telling friends, the footage makes him look like a BOSS ... and he's glad people got a taste of his twisted sense of humor.

TMZ posted the amazing clips on Tuesday ... in which Weezy answers multiple questions by a lawyer for Quincy Jones III -- the guy who Wayne's suing over a documentary film about the rapper ... a film Wayne called "scandalous" and wants to eradicate.

During the deposition, Wayne spouts off hilarious one-liner after one-liner -- calling one of the lawyer's questions "the stupidest ever," and recalling his own performance at some "crazy stupid thick" girl's birthday party.

Sources close to Wayne tell us, everyone in the rapper's camp thinks the tapes are hilarious.

We're told Wayne believes he answered the questions astutely -- and if anyone looks dumb, it's Quincy's lawyer ... who asked all the wrong questions in the depo.

As one source put it, Wayne "is still winning."


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I don't know how old he is, but he needs to grow up and act his age instead of acting so immature and thinking he's all that. A real gansta would wake him up to see reality. He thinks he's funny and the Boss-uhh NO!!! He literally makes me sick, and people like him are what gives this world the bad stench that it has!!!

753 days ago


Like most people who think they are bad ass, he really just comes off as ****tard.

753 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Anybody surprised the little boys at TMZ find that behavior cute? Acting like a jackass isn't funny, it's retarded.

753 days ago


that's one uglyyyyyy dude.

753 days ago


Both the depo and Wayne's perspective on it in retrospect are fine examples that ignorance is, indeed, bliss. Yo.

753 days ago


What is this guy's definition of "badass"? Uneducated, immature and an all around jackass? If so, then yes, he's a badass.

753 days ago


i seen the do***entary and the videos and it portrays him acting like a jackass just like his deposition so he just lost that case cuz if the judges see the doc he'll know that is exactly how he really is. he pulled the same **** on a reporter and kicked out of an interview saying he was asking stupid questions when the reporter asked him if he compared his rap to poetry. seemed like a legit question to me. this guy acts like his **** dont stink. no matter how much money you have you shouldnt treat ppl like ****. i remember on time he was adressing his fans and he was like im probably ****in your bitch. who does that to the ppl who make him rich. i hope he falls from the top and he breaks his grill on the way down.

753 days ago

Latch Johnson    

Tmz, you have the wrong clip up, he said its hilarious but the clip you have has a homeless guy acting retarded. Wait no, it's the right clip. He's just that trashy and ignorant.

753 days ago


The funniest part is...... he probably really believes it ! LOL

753 days ago

Kev the Realist    

The sad thi9ng is that he is so stupid he doesn't even know how to behave. He is nothing but a pitiful street thug who thuinks that money can buy you some class ( it doesn't and you have none) This idiot gives every rapper a bad name, not that they need it and convinces most americans that rappers in general are mere uneducated, ghetto rats, who have no talent and have convinced todays generastion that spewing expletives to a rhythm is music ( it isn't) and time will tell what happens to these low lifes. Most of them get in trouble, get arrested and or either die from ignorance, drugs, or do something that gets them incarcerated. No loss to society at all. he is a pathetic loser.

753 days ago


Entertainment business sure is weird huh? Look at this little creepy guy. Not much talent, ugly as hell, attitude up the yingyang, and making money hand over fist. But then some of us posting here have made great money too, but not all of us lack the dignity and humility this pitiful creature does. Money ain't for s&it if all your friends are secretly saying to themselves that they hope they don't grow up to be like you.

753 days ago



753 days ago


This idiot is proof you can become famous without looks or talent.

753 days ago


It's good to see a special needs person who is accepted and was able to become a rap "star."

I remember the days when the retarded weren't treated so well. Inclusion is working as made obvious by Lil'Wayne and his success. Good for him!

753 days ago


Badass? More like a dumb-ass (or a smartass) with a bad memory and a bad attitude.

753 days ago
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