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Usher to Ex-Wife

Get Outta My House!

9/30/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0926-usher-tameka-getty-1Usher wants to make it clear to his ex-wife ... the days of freeloading are OVER -- because TMZ has learned, he plans to sell the mansion she currently calls home.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ, Usher's lawyer sent Tameka Raymond a letter informing her the 12,000 sq. ft. Georgia home -- which Usher owns -- is going on the market and she needs to find new digs.

Usher has allowed Tameka to live in the home for the last few years -- but per their 2009 divorce agreement, Usher has the right to sell the pad at any time as long as he gives 60 days notice.

According to sources, Tameka didn't take the news well, seeing as she has no income of her own and has been financially dependent on Usher since the divorce.

On the flip side, we're told Usher feels he's given Tameka plenty of time to get her act together ... and enough is enough.

Fun fact: Usher purchased the home in 2007 for $3 million. Unclear what he plans to sell it for.


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That's what you get for trying to get as much money out of someone as you can. The woman is just not having much luck lately, I almost feel sorry for her.

751 days ago


Her son just died. This seems like an inappropriate time for eviction. I think it makes Usher look really bad.

751 days ago


Who didn't see this coming. Usher is one lowlife MoFo and karma will come a calling.

751 days ago


Usher is doing what any other man in his shoes would do. This woman needs to move on with her life and provide for herself. The meal ticket has run its course. I have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

751 days ago


Place that trash on the curb where it belongs.

751 days ago


I have a hard time feeling sorry for her either. She is still trashing him... Entertainment Tonight just recorded a 3-part special, where she is airing their dirty laundry again. My sympathy is reserved for people who are actually trying to co-exist peacefully. She has not only tried to get every dollar she could from Usher, has accepted his generosity (i.e., plane to see her ailing child, rent free mansion, or credit lines at highfaluting stores) as her entitlement rather than as the kindness of someone whom she loved. The fact is, if she was really acting like a grieving mother, in any way, a lot could be forgiven (not only by the public but also by Usher). However, she has too much bitterness and what seems to be outright hatred for that. It spews out in every media appearance that I have heard, granted I know try to avoid her interviews with a passion. I can not imagine how toxic this situation is, especially for the children, and I not only would not want her on my property, I would be concerned about liability of having her on my property. That's right, I wouldn't put it past her, her family, or associates to feign an injuries for the sake of suing Usher. I wouldn't put it past them for allowing the utilities bills to be excessive (if Usher pays for them too) just for spite. I wouldn't be surprised if they damage stuff either. Her evil and vitriol seem to know NO bounds. After all of that, I wish her the best and just want her to move on. Become a productive adult like most of us. Supervised visitation, and then unsupervised visitation, with their children is what she should be entitled to, not a meal ticket for life.

751 days ago



751 days ago






751 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Come out of the closet already Usher. I know you stayed at the Never Never Land ranch as a kid.
Phishie from Philly

751 days ago


Usher you are such a disappointment to me,"enough time to get her act together" she burried her son not even 6 months ago..I hope you don't push her over the edge and then have these little boys with no Mother !

751 days ago


I have lost all respect for Usher as $3 million bucks is chump change to him.
He screwed her bridesmaids took her babies from her as she was burying one of her kids and now he is leaving her homeless.
He is a very cruel little man to do this to the mother of his children.

751 days ago


Usher was really nice to her and she took advantage of him...I say GREAT Usher sell your house and let her take care of herself!

751 days ago


Just how long was he supposed to let her live there, rent free, after the divorce? Beotch ain't homeless. She's fully capable of supporting herself. However, she chooses to suck off the teat of someone more successful.

751 days ago


Has everyone forgotten that her son just died? Have some compassion. I can't even imagine having my act together after something like that.

751 days ago


I don't blame Usher one bit. If this was the other way around, Tomeka would have done it in a heartbeat! Stop using this woman's son as an excuse! She claims she's no gold digger and she's a "hair stylest" well find a job and move the hell out!

751 days ago
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