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Honey Boo Boo Family

TLC Gave Them


10/1/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of the clan got an enormous salary raise from TLC after the second episode and they didn't even ask for it ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very familiar with the situation tell us ... the family received between $5,000 and $7,000 an episode at the beginning of the series. We're told after the second episode it was apparent to TLC they had a big hit on their hands, so network honchos approached the family and told them they were boosting their salary. Our sources would not be specific ... but they say the increase gave them somewhere between $15,000 and $20,000 an episode.

We're also told TLC volunteered to cover various expenses, including a bodyguard/driver for Sugar Bear, who was incapacitated after his ATV accident.

And there's more.  We're told TLC even offered to help the family find a somewhat larger, more secure home, but June refused.  She said she wanted to stay in the house because she makes a big deal over Christmas -- decorating the house for the community.  June is heavily involved in her town.

And one more thing on the money front.  We're told agents have been "swarming" around the family, trying to sign them but June has turned them away.  She says she doesn't want to make money the sole object of the show and she's worried if she signs with an agent that person will talk her into making various appearances that will take her away from her family.

Gotta say ... the family feels like the real deal.


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The family of Honey BooBoo should use that extra money to join Weight Watchers. They are ALL obese and it has been suggested that allowing children to become obese is child abuse. Get those kids on a diet for Pete's sake!

722 days ago


Never thought I'd say this, but sounds like Honey Boo Boo's parents have common sense.

722 days ago


6 chins 6 belly rolls - one for each member of the family

722 days ago


This family is the most disgusting, fat, homily, and filthy pieces of crap. How in the hell do they get to have their own reality show? It just goes to show that anyone can have a reality show. The uglier, and more disgusting you are, I guess your right up front for a show....It's totally SICKENING....UGH>>>>>

722 days ago


Is TLC STUPID???????????? WHY would ANY network pay these fat, slobs who don't have a clue what healthy eating habits are. This family obviously doesn't care about their health or the fact that the food that they shovel into their mouthes is ALL unhealthy. EVERYONE in that family will end up with multiple health issues and will die before they should because of it. "Honey Boo-Boo" is turning into a short version of her VERY OBESE mother. That's criminal and ALL the minors should be taken away from them. Disgusting!!! TLC I have lost ALL respect for you.

722 days ago


What a bunch of slack jawed morons. And, if they have an attorney, he/she should be immediately fired, as other reality shows with similar ratings (like the losers on Jersey Shore) paid their "stars" up to $50,000 an episode PER STAR. Or, they could be trying for Whoretrashian type money; over 6 figures per star per episode..

722 days ago

Theresa Q    

I know so many people like the Thompsons here in Georgia. Rough around the edges and lacking in refined manners - check. However, the Thompsons are good people to the core - they will help anybody they cross paths with. Contrast that with the Real Housewives of Who the Hell Cares - completely self-centered, plastic, don't bother with the riff-raff gotta get to my shrink and botox appts. Give me the Thompsons any day of the week! Anyway, no matter how high browed you feel you are, most of us aren't but several generations away from family that lived just as simply.

722 days ago


Mama June can say 'no' to the big house, etc. now, but its inevitable they'll have to make a move pretty soon. Their house is just too exposed, anyone watching can find it and with all the sickos in the world, they'll move for safety reasons if nothing else. If only TLC could just convince them to load up the truck and move to Beverly...Hills that is.

722 days ago


Well imagine that, folks would rather watch what you call "fat, dumb and lazy" instead of watching you! And you're so smart, fit and not lazy at all! Why don't you just leave this family alone? If YOU don't want to watch them, then don't, it's that simple. I'm surprised that as smart as you are, "croc", you haven't been able to figure that out. Talk about dumb, you really are.

722 days ago


People, stop being haters, if you don't like the show cause you think it's stupid, then don't watch it, it's so simple. It makes me, and I'm sure others, laugh at YOU, cause it's so obvious you're watching it ! Ha Ha Ha. That's how Mama June and Family are gonna laugh all the way to the bank :) I say good for them. You go Mama!

722 days ago

small asian penis    

She sounds like an intelligent person who knows better than to take advice from Kate Gosselin.

722 days ago


I think people just like saying 'Honey Boo Boo.'

722 days ago


They do things that really gross me out, but they seem like they love each other, I can't hate them like some of those other Reality TV; Housewives.

722 days ago


They seem classier than the Kardashians, and they have a lot of love for each other. it's easy to throw insults their way, but I have respect for them. They aren't at night clubs whoring it up, and seeing how far the family has gotten, I am sure that they are not that stupid either.

722 days ago


is sugar bear the new baby daddy?? GET ON IT TMZ AND TLC

722 days ago
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