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Nicki Minaj

PISSED at 'Idol' Producers

Stop Fueling Mariah!

10/4/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj is FURIOUS with "American Idol" producers -- telling her peeps they goosed Mariah Carey into starting beef on the set.

Sources connected with Nicki tell us ... she's convinced producers -- along with members of Mariah's team -- are conspiring to get under her skin ... because they think a pissed off Minaj will bring in viewers.

We're told Nicki is adamant ... she won't be anyone's puppet and if she feels she's being set up, she vows to "cut it off at the head." As for how, she says for starters, the next time Mariah "acts up," Nicki is walking off the set.

There's just one problem with her theory -- we know "Idol" producers were genuinely shocked and upset by Tuesday's outburst. Our very connected "Idol" sources tell us the big wigs were completely flat footed and they are doing everything they can to restore peace -- which they successfully did Wednesday.

As for conspiracies between producers and Mariah ... we believe in the grassy knoll just like the next guy, but in this case Oswald did it alone.


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Freaks and diva's. Never watch the clown show again.

747 days ago


This bitch Nicki needs to pipe down Mariah been in the game too long to just let come in and thing u r going to steal the spot light.... u had your 15 mintues of fame not sit back collect your money and groove Bitches get a little money and now they rule the world #bitchsitdownandchill and smokesomething

747 days ago


nicki minaj,, you have no talent and no no 1 songs,grow up

747 days ago


How can we expect our kids to grow up and be the way some are. They see it everyday from grown ups. Producers need to get a hold of their bearings and go back to what originally started their show "RESPECT"

747 days ago


PLEASE get rid of Nicki Minaj! She has no class whatsoever. I just hate it when people throw out the F word all the time and I hate drama.

747 days ago


Nicki Minage gives me fierce anime ninja barbie......

747 days ago


All fabricated for ratings, folks. The show has long since jumped the shark. Glad I don't watch anymore.

747 days ago


These two ridiculous divas or whatever they think they are along with the producers of this show need to remember the focus of this program. I will no longer watch this as the focus has moved from the contestants who work very hard to the judges who are providing nothing constructive to the program. I think Keith Urban should have walked off rather when stuct in the middle of this cat fight. Not ladies but girls grow up and get over yourselves. Take your trash talk and threats back to the ghetto.

747 days ago


First of all, Keith Urban is from Australia - secondly, he has way too much class to even be on that panel. Why did he ever consent to doing it?

747 days ago


Love Nicki Minaj, can't stand Mariah Carey!

747 days ago


NOW i Understand why they call this a reality show!!!!!!!! The REALITY is that Hollywood is filled with nothing but vapid, self absorbed, talentless bitches! The reality is has overstayed it's run as has pretty much most other shows in this "genre". There is a reason that I watch less and less TV per year.........I have no desire to watch or follow the Honey Boo Boo Childs of the world.

747 days ago


Puppet or Muppet? Just trying to be clear... In any case neither of these two weathy witches gets a pass. For God sakes ladies, carry yourselves with an ounce of self control and class. You are not in the hood. It's disgusting.

747 days ago

Listen Up25    

Only one puppet master "LIL WAYNE" can pull those strings.

747 days ago


they should hook up with madonna and have a threesome.

747 days ago


I think Nicki Minaj has a serious MENTAL problem!

747 days ago
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