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Chris Brown

I Love Rihanna

(and Karrueche)

10/5/2012 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100512_chris_brownChris Brown just released a hyper-produced propaganda break-up video ... in which he drunkenly says he loves BOTH Rihanna and his ex-GF Karrueche Tran ... and says, "I'm not trying to be a player ... I just care too much sometimes."

It seems to be an artsy-fartsy way to explain his decision to kick Karrueche to the curb after being seen with Rihanna this week.

In the footage, Brown tries to hammer home the point that he's wasted -- intercutting footage of himself poppin' champagne, partying in a nightclub and looking slouched over while smoking. At one point he says, "I'm a little drunk, so I'mma be honest ..."

 It's unclear when the footage was shot ... but two hours before Brown posted the video, Rihanna tweeted, "Ain't nobody bidness..... But mine and my baby!"

He never mentions either woman by name in the video, but there are shots of both RiRi and Karrueche spliced into the 1:27 clip.

At one point he asks, "Is there such thing as loving two people? I don't know if that's possible but for me I just feel like that."

So, is this Chris being honest ... or is he trying to BS his way out of looking like a jerk who was stringing Karrueche on while banging Rihanna behind her back?


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Could these people be any more self centered? They are like 6 year olds

713 days ago


Stories like this make me want to leave TMZ for good. Who cares about Chris Brown and who he's "in love" with? Give us some real stories.

713 days ago


All fun and games till Rihanna ends up in I.C.U. some of these B i t c h e s just love that **** and Rih Rih is one of them good luck to you and Chris is just a poseur !!!!

713 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

A'Hole Pig

713 days ago


This makes me wanna vomit. Grow up you self cetnered woman hitting ego manicad!

713 days ago


Chris & Rihanna have made a joke about abuse. Shame on you both. I hope the next time he beats your ass, nobody will listen. No more pitty partys here. Now it's your time to live and learn.

713 days ago


Crazy how u idiots who hate chris brown so much took the time to watch him "poor out his heart" on video hmmm i hate chris brown so much im gonna watch all the videos TMZ posts and comment them all too....sounds rational to me

713 days ago


what a waste of time.his cd is dropping and it's funny how they get all this publicity just so you can buy their cd's. and riri is grinning because she broke him and kt up. this guy is a loser and don't love anyone but himself. when that moment comes and beat the crao out of riri please don't waste footage and show the world at this point WHO CARES, they both are gargage and need to be dispose.

713 days ago


LAME! Grow up Chris! K needs to go find a real man, and Ri needs to go to therapy. Once an abuser, always an abuser.

713 days ago


He is a ******* you don't love to people at the same time you love the fact that they love you at the same time you.

713 days ago


there are many who 'love' cheating those who are 'closest' to them
such people only hurt, they love no one
G-d Bless

713 days ago

go home!    

He thinks he is waaaay too important. He & Rihanna are BOTH disgusting. He is a woman beater & she doesn't seem to care that he beat her so bad he gave her devil horns. Looks like it turned her on. It sickens me that Chris Brown gets any publicity let alone airplay. I turn the radio station every single time one of his songs comes on and have also been turning it when Rihanna comes on since she has exposed she still wants a man who beat her and gave her devil horns. They are both sick F U C K S and they should not be supported at all. Support people who do good for this world.

713 days ago


Okay, sure - it's nobody's business but theirs. So they're going to make it as completely public as they possibly can. PLEASE. These two idiots deserve each other.

What is a SHAME is that people - especially young and impressionable people - continue to look up to them, imitate them, defend what happened, and consider this normal behavior...all because of their celebrity status.

Victims (men and women alike) all too often return to their abusers; thanks a lot, Rihanna, for declaring to the world that doing so is acceptable and normal.

If it's "nobody's business," then shut the f up.

713 days ago


I believe his ex gf RiRI have a song called Rehab?...Maybe he needs that or he needs to be honest and say..hey am a douche bag.

713 days ago


Youthful ignorance. When he's older he'll be better equiped to pick the one who will be the better wife and mother of his children and leave the other one alone entirely whether he cares for her or not. Still has some growing up to do.

713 days ago
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