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Nick Cannon

Mariah's Feud with Nicki

Is 'No Big Deal'

10/6/2012 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Nick Cannon
is doing his husbandly duty to downplay the beef between his wife, Mariah Carey, and her "American Idol" judging partner Nicki Minaj ... telling our photog the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

Nick broke out his thesaurus when we caught up with him at the Santa Monica Pier today as he tried to deflect attention away from the confrontations between Mariah and Nicki.

As a host of a talent show of his own, he managed to turn the question around and try and direct the focus on the good things that come from shows like "Idol" and "America's Got Talent."

Despite what Nick thinks, Mariah takes this beef very seriously. She told Barbra Walters earlier this week that she has hired extra security after Nicki threatened to shoot her.


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Dude, Nicki Manaj is jsut cool like that, face it!

748 days ago


I liked Nick before he was with Mariah. He really smoothed her down and they seem like loving nice parents. I enjoy the pics they do for us without the payout. As for A.I., I stopped watching as the judges became the focal point of the talent show.

748 days ago

Leave It Alone    

I'm having a hard time believing that anyone in this situation actually fears for their life.

748 days ago


Who cares? Just shut up about it!

748 days ago


I wonder what it's like to be one of Mariah's lap dogs. She basically married one of her fan-boys... I mean, who else would put up with her crazy? She has the maturity level of a 5 year old girl who enters beauty pageants...aka spoiled, high maintenance, immature, self-absorbed, etc. and of course he is downplaying it, he probably has to listen to her bitch and moan every second of the day about it...he probably regrets having children with her because now he has to take care of 3 children...she married him because he was a star-struck fan boy and she needs to be with someone who will constantly feed into her self importance and she knew he would be perfect for that. He probably has to tell her she's beautiful and she's perfect on a constant basis or she blows her top and needs her antidepressants to be adjusted if he doesnt constantly tell her shes great. She probably is constantly jealous of younger women and can't stand the fact that sh'es an old hag. She probably needs to be reassured constantly that she is loved and needs constant attention just like a child. She is probably an awful person to have to be around on a constant basis and I feel sorry for him that he is with such an old haggard washed up insecure mess. Good luck with that!

748 days ago


Nick missed his calling. He should have been a diplomat or ambassador. Or a politician! I like him, but I think he should start dressing like a grown-up.

748 days ago


Why should anyone listen to you speak on a fake event? You speaking is a conflict of interest and you need to stop acting like 21st century version of Cuba Gooding. [Stop COONING!] And you, like the Dream are wearing out that hat like. You're too old and that ish played out years ago.

748 days ago


A bit late for damage control. It already blew up in AI's face. Their ply for rating didn't work. They blew it, they lost viewers and that is that. I won'*****ch that stupid ugly bitch Minaj a **** EVER. I don't care for Mariah but at least she doens't go around looking like a frickin freak for attention and at least she can sing and write songs. Minaj a **** is ridiculous, ugly, and MOUTHY. I can't stand her, and apparently most people agree. Sorry AI, you ****ed up.

748 days ago


WOW I can't believe that Nick Cannon thinks that what Nicki minaj said to his wife Mairah is NO BIG DEAL? IS HE OUT OF HIS MIND? She verbally threatened Mariah, if what was said had come from someone that is not an actor, that person would be arrested. Nicki NEEDS to be arrested because it was a VERBAL threat. ARREST HER PUT HER IN JAIL!!!!!! OR fire her from the show.

748 days ago


Nicki's all talk she 90 lbs soakin wet ,and without a weapon she could'nt fight her way out of a paper bag!!

748 days ago


If she threatened to shoot Mariah that is a bid deal and a big security guard won't stop the bullet. I stll think they need to get rid of Nicki and all of the problems would be solved.

748 days ago


Nick is a PU$$Y Whipped loser. He Pariahs Bitzh

748 days ago


American Idol, Mariah and Nicki are no longer a "big deal".

748 days ago

Throwback kid    

Nick Cannon failed as a rapper and failed in his career as an actor. Did anyone see Nick in Drumline, or Love Don't Cost a Thing? He has about as much natural talent as his ex girlfriend Kim Kardashian. He is very lucky to be still working in Hollywood, he is pretty much below average in everything he does

748 days ago


Ok, lets settle this, they both get naked and we inspect from ALL angles.

748 days ago
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