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Screw Porn, I'm Getting

Paid To Debate

10/7/2012 9:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

's porn days are over -- at least for now -- because an internet company is actually paying her to debate important, intellectual topics online ... yeah, seriously.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ ... the mom of 14 landed a new job with -- a site where people can set up online debates about any topic, any time and argue their faces off.

We're told Octo will be raking in several thousand dollars to debate twice a week for 90 mins with anyone who wants to challenge her about anything ... including all her haters out there.

In the video (above), which is pretty hilarious,  you can watch a showdown between Octo and Michael Lohan -- who is also joining the site for cash -- on the topic "Do children need both parents?"

All we have to say is ... two heads -- NOT always better than one.


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LMAO is all i have today

749 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Question: Should people be allowed to have children if they are incapable of providing for them?

Do children need both parents? No, but the chances of raising a family oriented child is greater.

749 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Yeah. Pass.

749 days ago


As millions of families continue to live poverty stricken and starve this bitch again receives another free ride. God bless America. No wonder the rest of the world hates us. Between this , teen mom , jersey shore, anything mtv and honey boo boo it's only a matter of time. We are doomed.

749 days ago


This is a joke right? How and why would anyone consider anything out of her mouth to show any kind of intelligence. No thanks!

749 days ago


Michael, Michael..he's our man, if he can't do it no one can!!! goooooooo Michael!

749 days ago


The intellect of both of them combined would be the equivalent of an IQ of about 8.

749 days ago


What makes her think I want to hear her opinion on anything?

749 days ago


Next headline will be that these two losers will be hooking up to do porn for the cash.

749 days ago


This proves the economy is so much better if people are paying for this type of crap.

749 days ago


Seriously? Does anyone in the world want her advice on child rearing? If she raised a goldfish, it would turn into a piranha under her guidance.

We've all seen enough videos of the older, out of control children and the frightened, dazed and unhappy octuplets.

She is still delusional, still on her relentless quest for 'stardumb'. She'll never understand that the world is not interested in her, never has been and now have no interest in the octuplets since, under her mentally unstable rule, she has caused them to behave like children from Romanian orphanages.

It is just too depressing to see or hear anything about the 'tups. Soon it will be too late to repair the damage she has done to them.

749 days ago


TMZ, this debate contract story, and Nadya's debate with Michael Lohan, is an old story from September 13. You have already reported on it, and in fact it's so out of date now that Deeyon doesn't even have that debate on their website any longer. Why are you repeating such a stale story? Couldn't Gina find anything new about Nadya to tell/sell you? How about getting off your fannies and doing some reporting on your own --like reporting on Gina and Nadya going out nightclubbing in Palmdale on Saturday night, October 6? People who saw her at the Crave nightclub were tweeting that Nadya was so drunk she could hardly stand up straight. They also said she arrived in a limousine and had three bodyguards, plus Gina (who apparently paid for everything). Quite a contradictory display for Miss Humble "I'm a mom just like you other moms out there" and for someone who insists that all she drinks is "a half glass of red wine a couple of times a week." Get the truth out there, TMZ, not just the press releases Gina wants you to take!

749 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

These two again? Ugh..

749 days ago


Excuse me, she just said she doesn't go out and party. What about the pics her manager tweeted last night of her drunk on her ass. Local patrons were tweeting she could barely walk. What is with the exhibititing every time there's a camera around? Is that healthy around preteen boys you idiot!

749 days ago


With those two debating the question should be "Is it worse to have two terrible parents or just one?"

749 days ago
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