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Jerry Sandusky

I'm the VICTIM

of Child Sex Conspiracy

10/8/2012 4:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jerry Sandusky recorded a dramatic statement from his jail cell -- on the eve of his sentencing for the Penn State child sex abuse scandal -- and accused everyone from his victims to the media ... to the university for orchestrating his conviction.

In his statement, the disgraced ex football coach says, "A young man who was dramatic, a veteran accuser, and always sought attention, started everything."

Sandusky goes on to say the initial accuser "was joined by a well-orchestrated effort of the media, investigators, the system, Penn State, psychologists, civil attorneys and other accusers. They won. I've wondered what they really won: Attention, financial gain, prestige… will all be temporary."

Sandusky also rambles about his attorneys not having enough time to prepare for the trial -- in which the jury found him guilty of 45 counts of child sex deviance -- and insinuates all his accusers came forward purely for financial gain.

And there's this odd claim -- on the recording, for PSU's ComRadio, Sandusky says his wife "has been his only sex partner that was after marriage. Our love continues."

Sandusky is scheduled to be sentenced tomorrow morning ... and faces up to 400 years in prison.

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While the judge has likely already decided on a sentence and written up the paperwork, it isn't set in stone until it is read in open court. He can still change his mind.

I guess no one told Sandusky that. Whatever leniency or mercy of minimum sentences the judge was going to fix have now all gone out the window. Also, he probably just bought himself a lifetime in a more secure facility. No more minimum or medium security for you now that you have made everyone even more certain than ever before that you would re-offend given half the chance.

743 days ago


A soap-on-a-rope is a good trade for a carton of cigarettes.

743 days ago


What a delusional idiot. He blames the accusers (all of them), the media, investigators, police (the system), Penn State, psychologists, attorneys--ALL conspired against him? Pathetic. Prestige he says? Does he think the accusers (no longer victims) found this process prestigious? I hope he never sees day light.

743 days ago


My mom was wrong...the boggie man does exist!

743 days ago


Taking responsibility for one's actions validates our lives. He refuses to take responsibility for what he did, therefore, his life will NEVER be validated.

743 days ago


Blah, blah, blah. Tell it to your prison mates.

743 days ago


False accusations do happen and they can ruin a person's life even if they are innocent.
BUT.... this is not one of those times. Too many people with too many similar and consistent stories make his claim completely implausible. Plus, if someone wanted to create a conspiracy like this why would they pick an assistant coach of a college football team? There are many other people of much higher profile they could go after. In short, he's full of crap and obviously has no remorse.

743 days ago


Narcissism is alive and well.

743 days ago


Narcissism is alive and well.

743 days ago


I hope he gets raped every single day for the rest of his miserable life. If I was a gaurd there I would find the inmate with the biggest d*ck and personally escort him to Sanduskys cell on a daily basis and tell him you got 30 minutes where no one will be paying any attention to what you do. Just don't kill him. Death is too easy of a sentence for him. Have fun!!!

743 days ago

David in Bangkok    

Every time this story comes up all I can hear is the slapping of man on boy sex in the Penn State shower as reported by the gay volunteer coach and co-conspirator. They should fry them. This is an attempt by a senior sex fiend to soften his culpability.

743 days ago


And this is what society becoming more "accepting" of homosexual behavior leads to. Creeps like this inevitably take it to the next level.

743 days ago


I doubt he's going to last very long in prison.

743 days ago


Bastard! I hope that this animal never has another moment of peace.

743 days ago

bring back recent posts    

GROSS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1...UM...NOT EVEN A MAN...GROSS WORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

743 days ago
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