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'Real Housewives of Miami' Star


For Nut-Punching Hobo

10/10/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

"Real Housewives of Miami" star Peter Rosello was arrested for battery today after socking a homeless man in the balls last week, this according to law enforcement.

20-year-old Rosello -- the son of housewife Alexia Echevarria -- was arrested for simple battery, which was categorized as a felony on the police report because Rosello attacked a homeless person.

As we reported, Florida has a law that classifies attacks on homeless people as hate crimes, meaning they carry stricter penalties.

He's currently being held on $5,000 bond.

TMZ broke the story ... Rosello stupidly posted video of the incident online last week, showing him sneaking up on a sleeping homeless man and punching him in the groin. The homeless man was contacted by police shortly after and the man decided to press charges.


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For moment I thought he kicked Honey Boo Boo, but it's just a hobo. Oh well, maybe next time.

746 days ago


This arrogant, entitled a**wipe deserves whatever he gets in jail. I hope his mama doesn't buy his way out of it because he's just gonna get worse; I guess that's possible but this is so hateful...

746 days ago


That ****y little pretty boy with his long hair will lose that swagger of his once he leaves the "holding" area ofthe jail and hits the mainline:)

746 days ago

News Flash     

Omg anything but don't hurt the penis. They'll have the whole police force looking in the bushes for one of those. Hey, it could happen. Oh it has happened. Bobbit off

746 days ago

joseph fowler     

o my god who the hell cares

746 days ago

joseph fowler     

o my god who the hell cares

746 days ago


The police should handcuff Peter and let the homeless man punch him in the groin. Peter should never do anything that would cause him to go to jail because dude looks like a lady.

745 days ago


punishment is to cut his ridiculous looking hair

745 days ago

BB not bb    

I waited a long time before clicking on the video because I find the idea so disgusting. This was a vicious and unprovoked attack. Why do people think it is fun to pick on the weak and helpless? The kid himself looked all weak and helpless at the camera before doing it, maybe it made him feel powerful somehow?

This sleeping man could be suicidal and barely hanging on to life as it is. Then someone comes and does this to him out of nowhere. People are often very psychologically cruel to the homeless and poor, but this is just taking it up a nothch.

I am sure this kid has had a rich and priviledged life. I once saw a gang of prep school kids harassing an old wino at the train station. I really don't understand it. Are they jealous of the poor who are suffering while they live in luxury?

It is very sad how evil some people are to others who are elderly, alone and destitute.

745 days ago


what kinda a$$hole does that? give him a large fine, community service and whack his balls twice a day for at least six months. what a punk.

745 days ago

Jack Asserson    

Whats worse than being punched in the nuts is being punched in the nuts by a snot nosed, rich, douchbag, kid like this. I hope that he is placed in jail and is punched in the nuts daily by some big dude and gets to feel the hopelessness of some of these homeless people.
I have to ask, did the homeless man get the $5? I bet that he gets more than $5 now.

745 days ago


He is a sorry person an his parents didn't teach him very well.sad thing is he will get away with it cause his family has money will hire a major lawyer an get it dropped to some crap like disordley conduct the homeless man should sue his ass

745 days ago


Let him spend the weekend in gen pop, let them know what he's in for, and he'll be sorted by Monday.

745 days ago


Somebody needs to de-nut Rosello.

745 days ago


He's an entitled, little rich boy. Thinks it's fun to hurt people, film it, post it and then laugh about it later with his friends.
Hope he meets up with Bubba in jail who will make him his bitch.

745 days ago
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