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Michael Lohan


With Lindsay's Head

10/12/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan has played mind games on her daughter to cover her own misdeeds ... this according to Michael Lohan.

TMZ had Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Live Thursday for 18 minutes.  During the interview, in addition to saying she lied to Michael when she said Dina was using cocaine, she swore her dad was now dead to her.  Lindsay sounded enraged that Michael recorded their phone conversation -- which ended up on TMZ.

Michael is adamant ... Dina is pulling the strings, claiming, "This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay.  Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Michael thinks it's ridiculous Lindsay is now covering for Dina even claiming her mom was fine when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" and the good doc was "vile and disgusting," accusing him of manipulating and berating Dina during the interview.

Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying."

As for Lindsay's vow to never talk to Michael again, he says, "I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much."


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I guess Michael was lying when he said that Lindsay told him to record the conversation. This family is full of liars...

744 days ago


Why is it Michael has to threaten people ALL the time? Is that a Italian New Yorker thing? He sold her out and yes, Dina is weird too, but Michael is the crazy one of the two. I feel sorry for Lindsay because she has crappy parents, but I think she is an attention whore. Lindsay craves getting into trouble because it gives her attention.

744 days ago

OH NO!    

Still would!! Maybe one day she will climb back over the fence and stop eating clams at the sushi bar. Nothing hotter than a crazy chick.....except a lesbian crazy chick. Here kitty kitty.

744 days ago


Grifter family of the year. How proud you must be.

744 days ago


Kill the mom and dad. Save lindsay.

744 days ago


I don't like either parent, but props to Michael Lohan for his actions. Lindsay is just mad at him because he exposed the truth by sending in the audio recording. Then on TMZ live Lindsay had to lie to cover up for her mom, and it was very obvious that Lindsay was high during the interview. Who do you think she learned that one from? I could not believe how many times Lindsay interrupted Harvey while getting defensive. The simple task of a phone interview is apparently too difficult for her to be professional, and it's no wonder why she doesn't get major movie roles anymore. That TMZ live interview was enough for me to say, "I wouldn't want that crazy bitch working for my company."

744 days ago


I feel bad for her. Yes, she is an adult who makes her own decisions now, but I can see that she had to deal with pathologic dysfunction all her life. I now know that she never had much of a chance, especially in Hollyweird. That's beyond sad. She needs continual professional help, to banish the parasites, and love them from afar. Both Dina and Michael are just as toxic as Lindsay. In fact, they are the source.

744 days ago


I agree with Michael Lohan. Dina is a drug addict. Remember the years she insisted Lindsay didn't need rehab because she had no substance abuse prob? I think Dina uses coke and alcohol. And she's circling the drain but now Lindsay is back peddling and covering for her. That's not going to help Dina just as it didn't help Lindsay when Dina did it for HER.

Either way, Lindsay saying she lied today is absurd. It's clear Dina has talked to Lindsay and brainwashed her.

744 days ago


I don't blame Michael one bit for exposing Dina on tape. He has been saying how wacko she is all along and nobody ever believed him. Dr Phil proved it and this latest tape proves it as well. Now Lindsay tries to cover and throws blame on her father? It is like shooting the messenger because you don't like the message. Throw the entire Lohan clan in a rehab for one full year ... Then Harvey... do your interviews. Quit giving the Lohans a platform to air their dirty laundry. There are much better stories out there that people would be interested in.

744 days ago


Lindsay KNEW her dad was going to public with it. He's done so EVERY time! She can't blame him. SHE called HIM! If Lindsay wants to be mad and blame someone she can blame herself and her mom. I can't stand her dad but he almost has 0 contact with her while her crazy, substance abusing mother/friend is with her all the time. Lindsay needs to own up and take responsibility for her life and stop blaming everyone else.

744 days ago


LL: "I've figured out how to live my life differently."
ME: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

744 days ago


Stop giving this idiotic family headlines and interviews already! The only press these people should get is when they die and even then it should only be a short blip in the obits of the local newspaper. Not a single one of them is worth anything more than that.

744 days ago


Lindsay has given her father so many chances but it seems like she has reached the end with him. She asked him if he was recording their conversation and he said no, then he sells it to TMZ. He is not a dad, he's a manipulative scheming money whore who would sell out anyone and everyone connected to him for the $$$.

744 days ago


When is this drawn out soap opera ever going to end!!!!! This clan puts Days of our Lives, Young and the Restless and The Bold to shame.

744 days ago


I'm sure she didn't know that her dad would record her conversation, but he's done that kind of thing before. Her mom wasn't drinking?! What was she doing at a nightclub till 4:00 in the morning, and if she was hard up for cash, why rent a limousine instead of driving her own car back to Long Island? Lindsay thrives on the attention and media notoriety - how else does she explain calling in to TMZ after her last embarrassing situation of getting hit around in her hotel room two weeks ago? Neither one of her parents would ever get picked up by the media if it weren't for her. She's clearly supporting her mom in her high-profile lifestyle. The whole family is white trash!

744 days ago
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