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Michael Lohan


With Lindsay's Head

10/12/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan has played mind games on her daughter to cover her own misdeeds ... this according to Michael Lohan.

TMZ had Lindsay Lohan on TMZ Live Thursday for 18 minutes.  During the interview, in addition to saying she lied to Michael when she said Dina was using cocaine, she swore her dad was now dead to her.  Lindsay sounded enraged that Michael recorded their phone conversation -- which ended up on TMZ.

Michael is adamant ... Dina is pulling the strings, claiming, "This is just another manipulation by Dina to control Lindsay.  Dina is just using Lindsay to cover her tracks."

Michael thinks it's ridiculous Lindsay is now covering for Dina even claiming her mom was fine when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" and the good doc was "vile and disgusting," accusing him of manipulating and berating Dina during the interview.

Michael says, "Why is it that every time someone nails Dina doing something wrong, either on camera or on tape, they are always lying."

As for Lindsay's vow to never talk to Michael again, he says, "I know Lindsay loves me and I love her very much."


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If Romney wins the secret service wont have to travel all the way to columbia to plug Hookers..they can do it right here in america..and be a hellova Lot cheaper..
thats a way to help the deficit..

679 days ago


How could this idiot possibly think he was helping his daughter to sell this tape? He's disgusting and if he cared one iota about those kids, he'd do something about them being there. But the fact is, Dina IS the better parent. The one who stuck around, and that ain't saying much because that chick is crazy.

679 days ago

Gotta love Canada    

Is this like most other stories on the website a surprise? really??? Fame and fortune has destroyed and values and morals left in your quickly eroding country you call USA.

679 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Video on X17 shows Lindsay repeatedly trying to hand off her can of Mr. Stink and just be photographed alone. Looks like they weren't too pleased with that!
Mr. Stink should sue her for showing up to "work" TRASHED

679 days ago


Shoutout to Lindsay, for swallowing all those unborn Taliban babies last night.

679 days ago


The only reason this **** is endorsing Romney (Jesus H....WGAF who this nitwit is endorsing, but she thinks it's important soooo) is because during the initial Obama run in 08 she wanted to get involved, just to self promote her freckled ass, just to promote it, and he and his people told her to pi$$ off. She could give 2 cents about anything political. Does she have the brains for anything in that subject? She can't even figure out was pole vaulting is. It amazes me for anyone on here to say they feel sorry for her because of this spat. That's exactly what they want because they know Liz and Dick is off the charts terrible but maybe the public will understand that Lindsay has to deal with a lot so all this drama has caused her work to suffer. And I didn't post this but I knew Red Cloud would come out and start blasting about her being like rich beyond belief when 40 grand was mentioned. She's deeply in debt, the 40 grand was around January when she got a check from Playboy (not for a million by a long shot either) and I'm sure she didn't pay anyone she owed money to before she started shelling it out to Dina, buying a Porsche, and running up a tab at CM and blowing them off. RC you tell me how you know she's paid any of her debts? Oh hell, what do I care? She'll be dead at 28 anyhow. I don't wish death upon anyone but come on, with her death wish of a lifestyle. Please.

679 days ago



Compare this -

To the untampered version of Slug Face the daily mail has -

And check out all the naivelettes saying stuff like she's looking better oh wow, she must be using stem cells. I can't believe people don't know "candid" celeb pictures are often photoshopped!

679 days ago


why did Milo Jr. have to babysit? isnt it Alis Turn again or is she recovering from liposuction and stomach Ban surgery...Next dont want her past 68lbs

679 days ago


The Lohans goal is to be just the right amount of crazy to make everyone else doubt their sanity.

679 days ago

John T.    

Through all the things printed about Dina have you all noticed this woman has no shame. What kind of mother expects her daughter to support her lazy drunk coke behind year after year. We even see she pays for her brothers stuff. She laughs about it, clearly she is so stupid it go's over her head as long as she doesn't have to work. She gets the award for the worst mother ever. Who clubs with their kids while the young one is home? Can't make her house payments but has money for booze. What a loser. Noticed she never has any boyfriends, who would want the sponger.One day Linds will wake up and smell the coffee that Dina will use her till the day she drops dead. Sad that her own mother steals and takes and takes from her.

679 days ago


Yo Michael Lohan Ur A ****in ***GOT!

679 days ago


Seems to me that both parents are the worst possible role models any child could have. How could her father seel her tape to the media? What a pig!

679 days ago

Who the Hell is Khloe    

So they finally made it back to the front page. For a while I saw Mariah and Nikki stories...Good job Lilo

679 days ago


I think BOTH parents bear culpability for the way Lindsay turned out. BOTH parents were not present when Lindsy started acting out as a teenager. She did not have any parental guidance and was allowed to make choices that a minor should not have been given.

679 days ago


on a side note:
Blo is a Mitt Romney booster, but whether she'll be able to cast a vote for him is another matter—at least until she gets her voter registration straight.

The Los Angeles County Voter Registration office has stated that since she moved from her previous house in Venice, the starlet has yet to register and that voter material mailed to her home had been sent back.

679 days ago
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