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Allegations of Sexual

Abuse In the Home

10/12/2012 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

7:00 AM PT -- Octomom has just responded to the allegations of sexual abuse -- telling TMZ, they are "BLATANT LIES" concocted by bitter ex-nannies.

Two of Octomom's former nannies have told officials ... Nadya Suleman allowed one of her children to sexually abuse another child inside the home ... this according to reports.

According to CBS2 in L.A., the 2 nannies have been in contact with Child Protective Services ... and told officials they personally witnessed the abuse.

The nannies do not say Octo personally sexually abused the children -- but according to one of the nannies who spoke with CBS, "(One of the boys) would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her."

"She never did (anything). ‘It’s okay, don’t worry about it.’ That was her attitude." the woman continued.

According to the report, the nannies also claim they witnessed Nadya tie her eight newborns to their bed with cheese cloths around their waists to keep them from getting out of their cribs ... and also blocked the door to the kids' bedroom with a chair from the outside so she could nap peacefully.


TMZ had obtained photos of a chair blocking the door several months back -- Octo said the kids had an exit and were never in danger.

La Habra police have investigated the allegations and sent the case to the Orange County D.A., which will determine if Octo should be charged with a crime.


No Avatar

just because    


739 days ago


Why she still has those children at all is a mystery.

739 days ago


Incest is best

739 days ago


Absolutely believable. The poor kids! One them getting diddled was destined to be Nuttea's downfall, and I'm sure it was the little bast--rd who hit and kicked all the others on TV.

739 days ago


Quick, put that kid on the registry. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

739 days ago

Mary Ann McQueen    

Long overdue: Time to take the kids OUT of the home.

739 days ago


OctoSlut made the kids watch her horrible video now they are imatiting her, and she loves it.

739 days ago


She should have given up some of those children for adoption. There is no way a single mother can care for them all, especially a flighty woman like her.

As for the claims...I don't know what to believe.....employees can be sons of bitches, they can also be telling the truth.

739 days ago


She should of done something to stop that, kids don't know and aren't they extremely young? like under 4?, she should of definitely stopped that, DCFS will for certain take over now.
WTF Octomon, please say the cheesecloth and chair thing isn't true. poor babies. God please help them.

739 days ago


I'm not saying these allegations aren't true, but if they were true - WHY NOT CALL THE POLICE AS THIS STUFF IS OCCURRING? If I'm at a friend's home and I notice that she's locked her kids in the bedroom I'm getting out my phone, recording some of the action for a minute or two and CALLING THE POLICE. If a child is being abused in front of me and I tell the parent and I'm ignored - I'M IMMEDIATELY CALLING THE POLICE.

739 days ago


At what time does child protective services walk in and does an investigation. Where I live, Just an anonymous phone call is enough for child services to walk in your door and make your life a living hell. Yet there's police reports and no mention of their involvement?

739 days ago


Now let's see u & Dr Phil show how much u care for the kids ? Please both of you should of had the kids In child protection long ago. But the ratings are more important got to pay those bills shame shame shame!

739 days ago


She's offically a mom reject! Mothers make mistakes, but cheese cloth and chair on the door? c'mon that is
a bit much! I am a mother of two and no way would I
ever do something this horrible to my kids for selfish reasons!

739 days ago


It's not the first time those allegations have been raised. CPS ought to be ashamed that it took a news report before they finally got off their fat a s s e s and did something.

739 days ago


The kids are almost 4, why did the nannies wait until now to speak up???

739 days ago
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