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Dr. Paul Nassif

I Did NOT Do This

to Adrienne

10/15/2012 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Paul Nassif
's lawyer tells TMZ, his client absolutely, positively did NOT inflict the bruises and marks depicted in disturbing photos released by Adrienne Maloof's personal chef.

Adrienne's chef Bernie Guzman -- who has appeared on several episodes of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- just posted the eight photos on his Facebook page, strongly insinuating Paul is responsible for the injuries.

Bernie wrote several messages on his wall as he posted the photos, saying, "ADRIENNE MALOOF WAS PUSHED TO THE GROUND. PUNCHED & BEATEN ... HE IS A BEAST."


Dr. Nassif's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ, "Any suggestion that the photos show my client struck Adrienne Maloof is a complete fabrication."  Singer goes on, "No physical assault ever occurred."

As for how Adrienne suffered the injuries, Singer said, "I can't speculate how these marks occurred.  I know the woman does martial arts."


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Miss Thang    

I watch the show. I believe this. If you notice Paul has moments of anger and agitation. I remember the pool scene with his boys and they were a little misbehaving, you saw Paul really restraining himself from going off on those kids. I thought to myself, if the cameras weren't around I could only imagine what he'd do.

Yes, Adrian comes across as being a tough girl but these photos don't shock me. Paul and Adrian were ALWAYS, ALWAYS bickering. So, I'm not suprised that it would sometimes end in violence.

All that said, Adrian was CONSTANTLY, CONSTANTLY, whining, arguing, belittled, critisized, and put Paul down all the time. She talked too him like he was a servant. You could see Paul trying to restrain himself. I'm not suprised that off camera he let loose and things got violent. NO, that doesn't make it right but it doesn't suprise me.

738 days ago


I recant what I said before about no one caring about this. It's obvious that I fail to understand how TV works and why anyone watches these stupid shows.

738 days ago


Golly, she is following the Taylor Armstrong book of lies to the T. Maybe a police officer might have been a better person to photograph these injuries, instead of your chef who is a known liar, since he was caught last season lying about Lisa Vanderpump. Maloof is a nasty bitch.

738 days ago


I'm sure she would have pressed criminal charges against him...if he did this!

738 days ago


Shouldn't the question be why is the chef taking pictures of her naked? No gf from the show could do it?

738 days ago


I don't believe for one second that Paul beat up Adrienne. For all we know she hired a makeup artist to paint bruises on her so she could take pics and release them through the hired help. Adrienne is not some housewife living in a trailer in Fargo. She's worth several hundred million dollars. Does anyone seriously think she would need to put up with an abusive husband? I hope Paul files a defamation suit against her.

738 days ago


I have serious trouble believing this. For fans of the show they will remember season one when Adrienne was taking martial arts classes. Why would her Chef be posting the photos on his facebook if she didn't put him up to it, he could be sued for doing something like that.

738 days ago


She is going to shoot herself in the foot for making up these false claims against him - it always backfires Adrienne, you need to stop. You want people to believe that Paul did this to you and you didn't call the police but instead, your friggin CHEF got the pictures? Yea, ok.... My chef always takes pictures of me naked to prove injury too...

738 days ago


I actually was the victim of domestic violence and I did what a normal person would do: I called 911, filed for a restraining order and divorce. He went to jail, I got sole custody of our kids and we are divorced with no contact. I can't say for sure that she is lying but if she is, she deserves to go to jail for what she is doing not just to her husband but to their kids. I can't stand people who lie and use their kids as pawns. It's really messed up. If on the other hand she is telling the truth, having her chef post pictures of her on FB is completely inappropriate! She needs to think of her children and the long term damage she is doing to them. This matter needs to be handled privately in family court where CPS records are sealed! I really think she is just looking for sole custody and to ruin Paul's reputation and run his practice into the ground. I used to like her on the RHWBH but now I think she's gross for all of this public mud slinging!

738 days ago


Probably more effective if she went to the police station and had them take the pic and take a record, then put a restraining order on him. Instead she has the chef take pics. what next......

738 days ago


What sorry bitch strips down to next to nothing so that her hired help can take photos of her instead of calling the police imediately and then a good girlfriend to come over for support during the police investigation?

Answer: No one but a gutter whore with a few dollars in her pocket.

738 days ago


Another thing that bugs me about this story is that Bernie wrote this as though he saw it happen. If so, WHY the hell didn't he 1) step in and help her? 2) Call 911? I'm calling BS...yes pictures are important for court but you know what's even more compelling? Pictures from the CSI team when they come out and take pictures of your injuries as they handcuff your husband and haul his abusive ass off to jail.

738 days ago


Who puts that sheet on facebook? WTF is wrong with everyone? Has everyone gone funking crazy? Facebook, the new cops. People are arseholes. Seriously. It's disgusting. Idiots.

738 days ago

average jane    

I'm not saying he didn't do it but I thought she was a black belt???

738 days ago


Looks like rug burns from doing the cook on his cheap carpet. This woman has a fully staffed house and the one with pictures makes hot dogs for her kids, loll

738 days ago
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