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Some A-hole

Egged My House

10/16/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

got a nice little house-warming gift this weekend -- when her brand new pad was PELTED WITH 3 DOZEN EGGS ... by some mystery vandals.

Sources close to Octo tell TMZ ... the mom of 14 wasn't home when the prank went down late Friday night -- she was in NYC attending a drag queen show at XL nightclub -- but her children were.

We're told Octo discovered the mess outside her Palmdale house when she came back Saturday morning -- with eggs covering her van, garage door and front drive-way.

Not only that ... we're told the eggs sat for so long, they attracted a ferocious army of ants, which fed off the rotting goo.

As for the damage ... we're told it cost Octo $100 to clean the eggs, and another $100 to kill the ant infestation.

Bright side ... Omelets!


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Zombie Whitney Houston    

$200 to clean that up? What a moron.

$4 for a can of Raid Ant Spray + a water hose to spray everything down and clean off the egg in about 10 minutes

739 days ago


The bitch was at a drag queen show in N.Y. while someone was baby sitting her 14 kids in California?!!!!! I thought she wanted kids......So why is it that she's not home taking care of them. She reminds me of women that have kids to continue their genes but has some maid take care of them. What a low life creature she is.

739 days ago


Why does this lazy bitch pay someone $200 to run a hose for ten minutes?

739 days ago

Bitch please    

Whatcha think about them apples dumb a§§ owners who rented the house to Octo§lut. Thats just the beginning of plenty more to come owners of that home. Next time it will cost you thousands. What a great mother Octo§lut is for going to a Drag Queen Show at a Nightclub in NYC 3 thousand miles away from her children. I know she looks like a drag queen herself but doesnt this bitch know she have 14 kids. Great mother ......NOT! Dumb ugly bitch. All for fame huh stupid c u n t.

739 days ago


Moneybags. Get a life. Black men are always dating white women and marrying them. Yet, Blacks continue to call White people racist. If white people are so bad, then stop dating them and date your own race. You don't see many white men dating or marrying Black women. But you do see many Black men dating and marrying White women.

739 days ago


More eggs on her please.

739 days ago


the way this woman and her CHILDREN are treated is awful. she had the kids, everyone should get over it, and leave her and kids alone. she is getting punished by people over and over again. there are people in the world beating and killing children who dont get as much hate as this woman (and her children). the kids are most likley aware of all the hate their mother receives.i i never see the doctor who made her (a woman with seemingly mental problems) getting this kind of hate. why isnt he paying child support since it is most likley his sperm, that created these children. its really sad to see her and hear all the hate, she receives.

739 days ago


Those kids must have been frightened, poor kids.

739 days ago


And who published pictures of her house to make it super easy for anyone to find? Why that would be you, s***bags! You have the nerve to put her down constantly and make her life a living hell, but you sure are making the money off her. aren't you?

739 days ago


What a good Mother go out of town cross country for a drag queen event and blam vandals because her own kids egged her house,

739 days ago


you all on here are freaking nuts posting as you are ! not one of you have said anything without hate and rage ! wow

739 days ago


This is just a bad PR stunt by OctoSlut. It is LA or a suberb of LA everything is phony especially bad PR pranks.

739 days ago


@MONEYBAGS comment #2. Obviously you are some dirty fat white man sitting in your trailer in a yellow/gray wifebeater with food stains on it snorting with laughter out of your nose with nosehairs hanging out of it stirring up racial threads. I ASK YOU COMMENTERS TO PLEASE IGNORE "MONEBAGS" because every time you reply, like, or hate you are encouraging he/she/it. Ignore it and it will go away.

739 days ago

:Þ Wacko The Zombie :Þ    

Oh,leave Octo alone,let the woman live her life in peace.

739 days ago


Now that I have that out of the way. The most disturbing thing about this story is that there is a home that comes under a pelting attack with 14 sleeping children inside and no one heard anything. Dear Lord, I hope there are working smoke detectors in that house. Perhaps a few perimeter lights would help.

739 days ago
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