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Candy Crowley

CNN Ducking Controversy

10/17/2012 1:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

You'd think CNN would be thrilled with all the controversy over Candy Crowley's performance at last night's Presidential debate, but we've learned network honchos are NOT happy she's become part of the story.

Multiple sources connected with CNN tell TMZ ... the honchos think Candy did a good job, but they're freaking out over allegations that she was pro-Obama and harsh on Romney. As one source put it, "They want to make all of the publicity over Candy just go away, because it calls into question CNN's impartiality."

Another well-connected CNN source scoffs at the reaction, telling us, "It's typical. This type of publicity is great. More people know who Candy Crowley is than ever before, and CNN is blowing the chance of exploiting it."

A CNN source says putting Candy on the network last night immediately following the debate was not because CNN was bragging about her performance ... it was "damage control." 

The source added, "What CNN cares about is the brand.  It's all about the brand." 

So 1980.


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Candy Crowley needs to dig a very deep very wide hole and go live there

698 days ago

Jimmy Mack    

Candy Crowley needs to go on a HUGE diet! Terrible example for America's young girls.

698 days ago


OMG I have just taken the time to read through all of these comments and not only did the comments get downright disgusting there were also many incorrect statements. Let me say I am an independent voter and have voted both republican and democratic. I am appalled by some of the horrible comments I have read most of them coming from Romney supporters, it is as if they dont have anything intelligent to say so they resort to name calling, Ronnie Vz ,Josie Wails, Card, Ldawg, Will, Diane, and Throwback kid are just a few of the ones spewing hate, they attacked Candy by making disgusting remarks about her looks which should not have anything to do with it but I guess if you cant make a point intelligently then why not act like a child and call her names. Rob J goes as far as to say Candy sucks black ---- and that is why she is fat, now that statement did nothing but show that Rob J has nothing to share but stupidity. Then you have someone like Will that just repeated "Crawley interrupted Romney 28 times Obama just 9, it was like as if he had Tourette' syndrome(I know I am now acting like them, but believe me this nothing when compared) As many times as you want to claim unfair because she interrupted Romney more did you take into account how many times Romney interrupted everyone. I will agree that it did seem to lean to Obama but not to the degree you claim. I also think that Romney was rude and arrogant. Now if you are going to make statements like she helped Obama lie on the terror question then backtracked on it, get you facts straight she did not backtrack what she did was try to clarify it for those that couldnt figure out what she was really saying. Okay now read slowly-Romneys precise comment was false. Obama did mention act of terror 2 times in 2 days following the attack, now if you want to waste your time arguing the words act of terror and how they were said I cant stop you but it has been determined when they were said. By the way no need to come back at me with insults and tell me I am wrong about Candy backtracking because that is a fact I saw with my own eyes. I also believe that Romney did not lie I think he truly believed what he was saying and just said it wrong, by the way this does not mean I dont know he has lied and flipflopped on many other things I am sure I will get at least a few nasty replies even though that will just prove my point. Please try to argue with some intelligence, just because I dont agree with you doesnt mean you need to tell me to go make my man a sandwich or go collect my welfare check like I have seen others do, I actually am a nurse but that shouldnt matter. I have to say I did have a good laugh when I read a statement saying that Fox News is fair and balanced.

698 days ago


President Obama was given an unfair advantage.Candy Crowley gave him 4+ minutes.If this was the Super Bowl how much money would that time cost to advertisers?This is the Super Bowl of politics and each debater should have had equal time in addition Candy was not there to comment but to moderate.

698 days ago


I think an unfair advantage was given to President Obama.He was given 4+additional minutes to speak. If this was the super bowl how much would that time cost to advertisers?This is the super bowl of politics.I groaned when i heard Candy Crowley of all CNN reporters was moderating the debate.C'mon CNN you can do better then that.

698 days ago

ll elms    

its very sad that a big fat woman is one of your best...that is why i watch the fox network...the women on there are eye candy.

697 days ago


Crowley was a horrible hyperpartisan moderator that found it impossible to remain impartial and frankly should not be selected to moderate again. As with the first two debates the Obama/Biden ticket got more time to speak-- this time more than 3 1/2 minutes. Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times - twice very rudely, Obama 9 times and never rudely. Crowley stopped Romney on several occasions when he was about to really hit Obama hard on damaging issues - never did that to Obama. The issues raised were not what mattered to voters (jobs, economy) but what the Obama campaign wanted mentioned, Lilly Leddbetter, immigration, gun control, how Romney compares to Bush - Even though it was supposed to be equal time Obama was given the last word almost 3/4 of the time. And the cherry on top???? Crowley incorrectly siding with Obama about his 9/12 Rose Garden speech where he generally referred to terrorism after spending 6 paragraphs discussing religious tolerance and protests and the anti Muslim video that they blamed for the Benghazi attack and Ambassador's murder.

But the bottom line is that the Republican party had representatives that negotiated on their behalf with the Presidential debate commision and whomever the RNC allowed to do this that agreed to 4 out of 4 liberal to very liberal moderators and a town hall in a very blue state (it should have been in a swing state) were derelict in their responsibilities and should not be allowed near this process in 4 years.

697 days ago


Looks like we know what side of the fence she sits on. You colored the debate with your miss information! Very disappointed. You shouldnt be allow to participate in that role again.

697 days ago


Looks like we know which side of the fence you are on! That was unprofessional and you colored the debate. I dont want to hear your apologies. Frankly, you knew better.

697 days ago


Disgraceful, ignorant, disgusting, stupid, uncalled for,etc.
Candy Crowley tried her best to ensure that President Obama will get re-elected all by herself during the second debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Resign from CNN(which is going down the drain anyway) and this kind of action as moderator just hastens the process.
You should be through as a journalist if you act this way (by establishing your own rules). No real loss anyway!!!!!!!

696 days ago


A moderator is supposed to be both professional and neutral. Candy Crowley, a devoted “Obama Groupie,” was neither. Very disappointing, CNN. She seemed to make light of the use of the word "terror" and "terrorist activities" when the issue of Libya were briefly raised. The president even joked with her about repeating what she had just said, and they both laughed. She must remember that Congressional hearings are currently being held to determine the culpability for well-do***ented evidence of impending violence at our consulate and embassy being ignored, resulting in the murders of 4 Americans. This debate was more of a "game" to Ms. Crowley, and her bias was so obvious that several people watching changed their votes at the end of the poorly moderated debate. However, Ms. Crowley should never forget that there is no shortcut to professionalism and compassion, which go hand in hand for a successful and sincere journalist and moderator.

695 days ago

M.M. Saussy    

Obama needs to get the facts straight. As far as the last debate, he must have won on his persistent pusheness, not getting any of the facts right by accusing Romney of falsehoods, later to be determined that Romany's comments were accurate and correct. Also, why doesn't someone make known all the millions of dollars Michelle Obama has cost us on her lavish trips, taking her children, her make-up artist, her hair stylist and 68 secret service members with her on one of those trips, staying at 5 star hotels..Millions of tax payer dollars dwindled. It's a real shame....Check her travel records.

693 days ago

Deb Gray    

What planet is Candy Crowley from? She states the auto bailout is popular. Is she that jaded? All O'Bama did is raise the national debt. Romney had a plan for a structured bankruptcy that would keep the doors open and allow the companies to dig theirselves out of a hole while paying off their debts. I don't believe, also, that Romney would've left our people over in Bengahzi without help.

681 days ago
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