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Tries to Blunt Romney

Criticism Over Candy

10/17/2012 3:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN's Managing Editor sent an email around the office today, praising Candy Crowley and trying to blunt criticism that she was unfair to Mitt Romney.

The email -- sent by Mark Whitaker and obtained by TMZ -- is almost a series of talking points to address Candy's critics.

Here's the full email:

"Let's start with a big round of applause for Candy Crowley for a superb job under the most difficult circumstances imaginable. She and her team had to select and sequence questions in a matter of hours, and then she had to deal with the tricky format, the nervous questioners, the aggressive debaters, all while shutting out the pre-debate attempts to spin and intimidate her. She pulled it off masterfully.

The reviews on Candy's performance have been overwhelmingly positive but Romney supporters are going after her on two points, no doubt because their man did not have as good a night as he had in Denver. On the legitimacy of Candy fact-checking Romney on Obama's Rose Garden statement, it should be stressed that she was just stating a point of fact: Obama did talk about an act (or acts) of terror, no matter what you think he meant by that at the time. On why Obama got more time to speak, it should be noted that Candy and her commission producers tried to keep it even but that Obama went on longer largely because he speaks more slowly. We're going to do a word count to see whether, as in Denver, Romney actually got more words in even if he talked for a shorter period of time."

TMZ broke the story ... some honchos at CNN want the criticism to go away, even though it's shining a light on one of their most high-profile personalities -- and you just can't buy this type of publicity.


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Those right wing morons would be cheering to the high heavens if Candy Crowley went after Obama.

679 days ago


She was awful. On the second question -- the second question! -- she gave Obama not just his first two minutes and his follow-up two minutes, but basically a THIRD response time, and then acted all bent out of shape when Romney tried to point this out. And repeatedly said "We'll get to you, I promise, I promise" and never did.

I assure you if someone who graduated in Romney's MBA class, and whose wedding the Romneys attended, moderated this debate and gave Romney an additional 9 to 10 minutes and still served as "moderator" CNN would have a problem and be all over reporting the ridiculousness of both the moderator and the news outlet that pretended this was okay and was going to do a word count.

679 days ago


Republicans have to blame somebody so it's going to be the moderator. Time to make an issue out of nothing to distract people from the fact that Obama won that debate.

Honestly though.. who cares. These debates are really only for stupid people... er, I mean undecided voters. Anybody that doesn't know by now which guy they're voting for is a moron and probably shouldn't be voting anyway.

679 days ago


Oh so THAT's candy. I was wondering who the ugly fat guy was cheering for Obama

679 days ago


If the Republicans worked at governing as much as they spend time complaining about everything, we could solve a lot of problems.

679 days ago

Umm ok...    

I'm not sure what the Democrats are cheering about, from where I was sitting Romney completely won. Obama dodged questions about Fast & Furious, couldn't defend his record, had no answers for why 47 million people are now on food stamps even though the unemployment rate has supposedly gone down and when the moderator tried to tell Romney he was wrong about Libya, she was promptly forced to back-track immediately following the debate. Game. Set. Match. Romney won that sh#t!!

679 days ago


Fact is ....Romney has a record of success and Obama doesn't. Obama tried and failed. He had the majority for 2 years and is now whining that he can't get anything thru because of the republicans. Wah wah wah. Too little too late. Lets go with what works.

679 days ago


Romney supporters blaming the moderator when their candidate stinks up the room, result to name calling(she is a fat cow, no one can pull her weight) are just two examples.

679 days ago


Well if they wanted impartial they wouldn't have put someone who referred to Romney and Ryan as a "death wish ticket" and had criticized them pretty heavily prior to the debate. Either way I don't think it made a big difference. But it would be nice for an undecided/neutral person to host debates.

679 days ago


Are they ever going to have a REPUBLICAN moderator? Last night was BULL****...just like Obama himself! He's the shady one! Come on, do all the LOGO's out there really believe Obama just so happen to start liking the gays right at election time?! Come on people, you can't really be that stupid AND if you are...God help this country!

679 days ago


She and CNN are liberal lapdogs, PERIOD!!! No wonder no one is watching the Communist News Network anymore!! Come on November 6th!!

679 days ago


Hey, what if they picked Candy out of that binder? Shouldn't everybody be happy?

679 days ago


Try all you want, CNN - NO ONE IS BUYING.
We can chalk up this last debate as a circus. Despite the propping up of Obama by Cowley, most of o bama's answers were from former speeches trite, worn-out, used up phrases. And NO ANSWES to the really important questions, bEcause the important questions were never asked.
Whatta joke, Obama and CNN

679 days ago


I'm so NAUSEATED and SICK of the Liberal bias.. Weak minded individuals fall for the lies and it's wrecking America.

679 days ago


When we realize that the entire 'freak show" was designed to favor Mr. Obama, that on numerous times C.C. gave Obama the answers_hand picked the questions and the people asking_which i didn't notice myself _but Rush Limbaugh pointed it out today_watch the debate again if you can stomach it_see how biased it all was !


Why all three moderators Democrooks ? Not one Republican__YET ROMNEY STILL WON THE DAY__

He didn't lie _Obama told some whoppers_but the 47% will never notice until THEY GET A LITTLE POORER if Obama wins.

679 days ago
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