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Anna Nicole Smith Case

Howard K. Stern Acquittal


10/18/2012 3:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Howard K. Stern
has just lost BIG in the never-ending Anna Nicole Smith case, because a court has just ruled the 2 convictions that the trial judge threw out can be reinstated.

Stern was charged with 11 felonies -- most involving conspiracy to fuel Anna Nicole with drugs.  At the end of the trial, the jury convicted Stern of 2 felony conspiracy counts but the judge threw both convictions out on grounds there was insufficient evidence to nail Stern.

A California appeals court just ruled the trial judge was wrong, and sent the case back where the trial judge could now sentence Stern to prison for the 2 felonies.

It's not certain what the trial judge will now do, because there are 4 options:

1.  The judge could sentence Stern to years in prison
2.  The judge could go as leniently as probation on the felonies
3.  The judge could reduce the felonies to misdemeanors
4.  The judge could theoretically dismiss the whole case on other legal grounds

The appellate court also reversed the trial court's dismissal of the conspiracy convictions of Khristine Eroshevich


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I am Spartacus    

Go to Jail, go directly to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200

735 days ago


Ya he used her and fed her drugs and knew what he was doing...Go to Jail!

735 days ago


Oh, freakin' please, they convicted the doctors that prescribed her drugs and there were three of them and they overtuned those convictions. AS IF anyone is going to do time for this whole fiasco. They need to start making these doctors ACCOUNTABLE for there actions. I hate this guy, but what the hell did he do to DEMAND from these doctors, or threaten them that would make them do what they did?

735 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He's a celebrity drug dealer. California does not prosecute those type of s***bags.

735 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

He will do ZERO time.

735 days ago

Jay W.     

What a nice pic of Anna. It has that Thirty Mile Zone touch.

735 days ago


Best news ever, that **** stain should definitely go to jail.

735 days ago


Just let it go! There are more important things for the courts to focus on! It's unnecessary for this to drag on any longer.

735 days ago


If this guy actually gets CONVICTED for what they are charging him with. I want to know why the THREE DOCTORS prescribing her all those drugs are doing walking free and still practicing. Why make him the scapegoat when you could have actually set a precedent and got those doctors either convicted or had their practices pulled.

735 days ago


He is a disgusting POS, and deserves to go to prison.

735 days ago


I always thought that judge over-reached. Just like in the Diane Whipple case in SF and then like Judge Clay Smith just did in Orange County.

735 days ago


Yet another pusher who gets a celeb addicted and then controls their life. Murray and the long line of doctors enabling MJ are no different.

735 days ago


he should go to jail.but the judge will throw them you really think he will admit he was wrong and sentence him on charges he threw out to begin with?fat chance./

735 days ago


I think he greatly had to do with the deaths of Daniel and Anna Nicole Smith. He's a cold !@#$% and I hope they throw the book at him (I would say "before he does that to anyone else" but I think that although he is greedy he may also be cunning enough to lay low for a while)

735 days ago


The fact that both Stern and the doctor...and others...contributed to Anna and her son's death...and these bastards walked is morally wrong. THEY ARE RESONSIBLE...GO FORTH AND DO NO HARM! Murry should have gotten life wihout parole. Where is the justice for the dead? It is about money, it is about educated people taking advantage of those that are not. Stern broke the rules; by claimg affairs....and nothing was done.

735 days ago
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