Anna Nicole Smith Case Howard K. Stern Acquittal OVERTURNED

10/18/2012 3:12 PM PDT

Acquittal of Howard K. Stern In Anna Nicole Smith Case OVERTURNED


Howard K. Stern
has just lost BIG in the never-ending Anna Nicole Smith case, because a court has just ruled the 2 convictions that the trial judge threw out can be reinstated.

Stern was charged with 11 felonies -- most involving conspiracy to fuel Anna Nicole with drugs.  At the end of the trial, the jury convicted Stern of 2 felony conspiracy counts but the judge threw both convictions out on grounds there was insufficient evidence to nail Stern.

A California appeals court just ruled the trial judge was wrong, and sent the case back where the trial judge could now sentence Stern to prison for the 2 felonies.

It's not certain what the trial judge will now do, because there are 4 options:

1.  The judge could sentence Stern to years in prison
2.  The judge could go as leniently as probation on the felonies
3.  The judge could reduce the felonies to misdemeanors
4.  The judge could theoretically dismiss the whole case on other legal grounds

The appellate court also reversed the trial court's dismissal of the conspiracy convictions of Khristine Eroshevich