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Joe Jackson


And I'm Not Afraid to Use It

10/18/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Joe Jackson FLASHED A HANDGUN to a room full of people at a recent event in Vegas ... and told the crowd it's just like an American Express card ... he doesn't leave home without it.

The bizarre moment all went down while Joe was at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Vegas this weekend to be honored at the Black Music Awards (apparently that's a thing).

Joe was introduced by his friend -- Majestik -- who told the crowd a story about Joe confronting Michael Jackson's bodyguards two weeks before MJ's death.

During the alleged confrontation, Majestik says Joe flashed his gun at the guards and said -- "If I hear you all givin' my son drugs or doing anything illegal with my son ... I'ma kill all of you."

When Majestik turned the mic over to Joe -- JJ corroborated the story ... saying, "It's very true. Every word he said."

Then Joe told the crowd ... "I carry a piece everywhere I go ... I'm gonna show it to you."

Joe proceeded to open up his suit jacket, revealing a handgun holstered by his hip. Joe explained, "I've been threatened a lot of times and so I need to be safe."

We reached out to Joe to see if he is even legally allowed to pack heat -- but so far, we have yet to hear back.


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Someone would put 10 holes is your sorry ass while you were fumbling for your piece-bring it on

744 days ago


..................URBAN DICTONARY..........

"Wacko Jacko"

1. a term used by critics and the press to denote superstar Michael Jackson. He reportedly hates being called that. He scored big with megahit blockbuster albums like "Off the Wall", "Thriller" and "Bad". He landed several hits from these albums and more. He also has gotten into deep doo-doo and controversy, which we all know about.
"Wacko Jacko" was probably first used by the press around 1983 or 1984 or so.

2. Surrounded by "yes-people" all his life, it's no wonder he can't comprehend what's socially acceptable.
has to have an umbrella to keep out of the sun, and he looks like f***ing Dracula!!!
Mj's oopsies:

3. named his kid Blanket
dangled Blanket off a balcony
blanket's other name is prince, so he has 2 kids named prince!

morphed his face into a dead whitey
thriller video was crap-end of story
"it's not surgery! it's uummm, puberty!"
After 22(!) surguries, Mikey's nose fell off.
"Hi! I'm Wacko Jacko! Actually Dracula!"

4. A rare species of undetermined origins that is capable of changing it's entire appearance(color/hair/nose). Often seen drinking wine and watching porn with 10 year olds and a monkey.

5. Publicly known as Michael Jackson. Can either be one of two things:

A) A pale noseless demon from Hell who drops babies from balconies and does unspeakable things to male children who are left unattended.

B) malfunctioning cyborg which is falling apart thanks to years of neglect as a result of overriding its maintenance program with NAMBLA video seminars.
Oh ****! Wacko Jacko is heading to town. Hide the children quickly!

6. A sicko child molester who claims he's only had two plastic surgeries BUT he looks nothing like he did back in '71 and his face alone scares adults. He also somehow "turned" white because back 30 years ago he was black. He sings good music, but, face it, he's a freak.
If Wacko Jacko could turn back time 20 years ago he would be loved again.

7. A name given too Michael Jackson to express his strange behavior, Often used when refering too molestation allegations.
Wacko Jacko is a child molesting Son of a Bitch.

744 days ago


Oh lord, a crazy old man with a gun....that's all the world needs!

744 days ago

RABID...Pray It Doesn't Happen To You.    

Jackass Joe,so why didn't you use it on Dr. Murray when he was free?

Because you & the...RABIDS...are nothing but a bunch of cowards,Dr. Murray will be safe next month when he's free too!

744 days ago


Who in hell cares? What award did he get, father of the year? or maybe biggest loser?

744 days ago


That wife beating, child beating sociopath should use it on himself, and do his family and the world a favor. The only reason why he would seem to care about Michael's well being, is the steady cash flow he needed to keep coming his way.

744 days ago


No wonder Michael was petrified of him for most of his life!

744 days ago


Crazy pimp daddy carries a gun. Geez, what an idiot.

744 days ago


You've been shot by -- a codger criminal.

744 days ago

Spicy mag    

Is this guy immortal ?

744 days ago




744 days ago


So why didn't he shoot Dr. Murray?

744 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Joe did have a lot of death threats from:
Katherine Scruse Jackson
Maureen Reilette "Rebbie" Jackson
Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson
Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson
Jermaine LaJaune Jackson
La Toya Yvonne Jackson
Marlon David Jackson and Brandon Jackson
Michael Joseph Jackson
Steven Randall "Randy"
Janet Damita Jo Jackson
He's a lovable guy.
Phishie from Philly

744 days ago


The fact that he showed it in public speaks volumes. This "story" smells bad. CCW in Nevada has of which being it is illegal to carry a gun in a casino, However, the fact he wasn't arrested on the spot gives one hesitation about the validity of this "story".

744 days ago
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