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Christina Aguilera

Plump $3 Million Offer from

'BIG' Women Dating Site

10/21/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera's Rubenesque physique could pay off in a huuuuge way -- TMZ has learned she's been offered $3 MILLION to be the face of a dating website for "big and beautiful" women.

The person behind the offer is former "America's Next Top Model" winner Whitney Thompson -- the first plus-size model to even win the show.

Whitney now runs -- and fired off a letter to Aguilera, saying she's extremely interested locking down Christina as the spokesperson for the website, which is "specifically designed for women with curves."


As part of the deal, Aguilera would agree to at least one TV commercial, one radio commercial, two photo shoots, and four public appearances. She also wants Christina to sing a jingle for the website.

Christina has previously said she's proud of her new "curves," but it's unclear yet if she's too proud to take the money.


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This sounds like a looser deal on the surface. If the deal is like TMZ i think Christina should turn it down and re negotiate much better terms, The terms in this deal are awful and christina is worth much more than what this company is offering.

731 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

Wow... talk about a publicity stunt. LOL @ this ****. Christina is a NORMAL WEIGHT... So tired of people calling her fat. THIS is why women have weight issues. Christina was UNDERWEIGHT for the majority of her career and now that she's her proper weight, she's getting called fat. But, THIS is just ridiculous. This lady is just looking for attention, CLEARLY.

731 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Put the booze and the chips down long enough to realize--
this offer is so NOT a compliment!!!
"Dirrrty", indeed!

731 days ago


Those aren't curves, they're DETOURS!

731 days ago

Spicy mag    

I'd smack that all night long.

731 days ago



731 days ago

Sidney Rocks    

Oh dear hahaha this is so not a compliment. XXL-tina needs to lose weight is what they are saying

731 days ago

TMZ Superfan    

My bet is that 80% of the people in this forum that are calling her "fat" are either fat themselves, or are married to a fat chick. If people think Christina is "fat", what the hell do you think Adele is? Adele is "fat", Christina is a normal size.

731 days ago


If she's happy with her weight why does she need to try harder by posing like that and to prove to the World by talking about her weight. You could just ignore every negative comment you get. Any isn't this World full of FAT women....and yes i said FAT.

731 days ago

just because    

i love how christina auiglera was always skinny, but now that she is fat she claims she has always been fat.

731 days ago


The story is not Christa it's the fat chick the model let her be the face of her web site & save the $

731 days ago

curvy biatch    

When are people going to realize that "curves" aren't the same thing as "rolls".

731 days ago


Do you know how to have sex with a fat Christina?
Roll her in flour and then find the wet spot.
I wouldn't pay that fat ugly bitch to have sex with my enemy. I don't hate anyone that much. Not even my worst enemy.

731 days ago

BB not bb    

Christina was very beautiful when she was thin. This extra weight doesn't look good on her. Yeah this is flattering to get so much money, but I think she should still lose weight. It is not right to celebrate gluttony and being sick from it. She probably has a fatty liver and trouble breathing.

It is better to be thin or normal weight. If they want women to feel better about themselves for being obese pigs by letting fat ladies be models, it is probably just so they can sell them more food and make more moeny.

I don't think fat women were ever considered beuatiful. I think they kings were fat greedy pigs and they had the money to give the painters to paint their fat women. Just saying. . . so before you go ripping my head off for insulting fat people, remember evertime someone is thin how people call them every dirty name in the book and say they are disgusting rails and toothpicks.

731 days ago


Our society, exemplified by TMZ, is full of crap. She Might weigh ( Gasp) 130 pounds for a 5 foot tall woman. NORMAL. Effing give us a break already, Dammit. Not all chicks should be a hundred pounds. Signed, Ticked Off Shorty that sez EFF YOU!

731 days ago
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